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Use a Stanley knife Stanley FatMax my favorite to mark the spot. With a bit of patience, practice and the right advice anyone can learn basic carpentry skills , one of the oldest and most useful trades of them all. Common graduations are in inches, with lines representing sixteenths and eighths of inches. Cutting crown molding can be frustrating. PM tells you how to build a your own circular saw guides.

10 Woodworking Tricks the Pros Use: I'm always looking for shortcuts in my work, either to save time or make my life easier. Over time, I've come across a new way to do something I've done a hundred times before and wonder why it never occurred to me to find an easier way. In an effor. Welcome to carpentry tips and tricks! This site is full of useful DIY tips, tricks and trade secrets to help professional and DIY carpenters. There are step by step guides, tool tips, carpentry-tips-and-tricks. Aug 05,  · Measuring tips and tricks for carpentry is one of the most important things you need to know as a woodworker. Accurate measurements are essential for all successful woodworking or carpentry projects. Table of Contents hide 1) Woodworking Measuring Tools ) Measuring Tape ) Folding Wood Carpenter Tool Tricks Quote Rulers 2) Measuring Tips and Tricks It’s important to select.

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