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Add to Cart. I will be using this on a regular basis to replace pasta. Previous page. It's small and fits in any drawer and with very little practice, I was zoodling woox my hearts content with zucchini. It comes with a small brush which is helpful in washing it. All other vegetables need to be cut to fit into it.

Excess moisture levels are bad news for homeowners because of the way moisture affects building materials like wood or drywall. A moisture meter is a handy tool for carpenters to detect excess moisture, and to spot and fix problems before they become expensive headaches. Utility knives are multi-purpose tools that carpenters can use to score and snap a piece of drywall, or to cut away old caulk or paint when doing renovation work.

These tools are also useful for opening tough packages, and can he handy to keep around even when you aren't doing work around the house. A carpenter who fails to clean up the job site after finishing a project is unlikely to find himself with repeat customers.

Between wood dust and drywall sand, carpentry work leaves plenty of a mess behind. A basic shop vac allows you to leave no trace, resulting in happy customers. Circular saws use toothed discs to cut through plywood, lumber and other pieces of wood. Both table and chop saws are types of circular saws. Power drills make it much easier and faster to remove and replace screws compared to non-powered hand tools like screwdrivers.

They come with a wide variety of bits to meet the needs of various applications, including drilling holes and removing specialty fasteners.

The jigsaw, or scrollsaw, uses a reciprocating blade with a push-pull mechanism. It's the ideal tool for creating curves and details in a piece of wood, and can be used in very delicate pieces with finesse. Table saws use a round blade to cut through various types of wood. They range from bench top units, to heavier contractor models, to industrial cabinet models used in wood shops.

Miter saws can make more complex cuts than most other power saws because they have a pivoting arm. This cutting flexibility makes miter saws ideal for cutting things like crown molding so that it fits perfectly together. A router is a power cutting tool used to hollow out a section of wood. It features a blade that drops down, or plunges below the tool to cut mortises, trim and specialty items like cabinet doors.

If you ever wonder whether you really need to wear your safety glasses, do a quick Google search to find videos and photos of people who really, really regret not donning those safety glasses on the job site.

Framing walls, installing roofing or laying flooring requires a surprisingly high number of fasteners. Sure, you could pound every nail in by hand -- or you could use a nail gun to shoot thousands of nails a day with less effort. A carpenter's square or speed square is a simple tool shaped like a right triangle. It allows carpenters to quickly determine if corners of interior and exterior walls are perfectly square.

Ladders allow you to easily access areas that are out of reach. This tool is essential for any carpenter who might be working on a roof, or refinishing a ceiling. A chalk line consists of a length of string coated in a chalky powder. When stretched across a surface and snapped, the line leaves behind a guideline of chalk, which is useful for laying tile, installing trim or hanging cabinets. Carpenters work in all kinds of conditions, and there aren't always working electrical outlets on every job site, especially in the early stages of a project.

An extension cord allows you to bring power to where you need it for drills and other tools. An air compressor is an important piece of equipment for any carpenter who uses pneumatic, or air-powered tools. Things like pneumatic angle grinders or impact wrenches are common among carpenters. A jointer is a piece of specialty carpentry equipment that is used to flatten the surface of a piece of wood. Wood can also be fed through the jointer to square off an edge that is uneven or not square.

A drill press is a fixed drill mounted to a stand or table. It can be found in many wood shops, where it's used to cut and drill holes, as well as sand and polish wood using bits and attachments. A planer is a machine that is similar to a jointer, but offers one key difference.

After the jointer flattens a sheet of wood, the planer ensures the wood is of equal thickness from end to end.

A lathe is used to spin wood. It can range from very small, like versions used to turn a pen, to larger models used to spin things like table or chair legs. There's a really good reason hard hats are required on so many job sites; falling tools, even small ones, can do an incredible amount of damage if you are unlucky enough to have one land on your head.

Don't tempt fate -- wear your hard hat any time you are on site to protect yourself. For all the attention paid to safety glasses, hard hats and steel-toed boots, safety gloves get surprisingly little attention. Carpenters should invest in quality gloves to protect hands from splinters, metal shards and chemicals used in stains and finishes.

A metal file is a useful tool for any carpenter's tool belt. It can be used to smooth out burrs or widen a door strike plate opening when the door isn't latching exactly right. Allen wrenches, also known as hex keys, work almost like screwdrivers, but are designed specifically for screws with hexagonal heads.

They come in sets of various sizes, and are a handy addition to any toolbox. Slip-joint pliers are adjustable to grab nuts and bolts of various sizes. They are used to tighten and loosen larger fasteners, and can often replace a more elaborate set of wrenches for certain projects. There was a problem completing your request. Please try your search again later. Spiralizer kit. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Color: HandHeld Verified Purchase. I had another handy "zoodle" making gadget that wasn't really handy. It took a lot of force and cleaning was a pain so it sat in my cupboard collecting dust until I eventually threw it out.

I missed having zoodles though so I went on the hunt for another one. I was using the "pinto" version before and now I feel like I've upgraded to a Lexus version without paying too much for it. I'm noodling everything from cucumbers, zucchini, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots Then when you're done, it comes with this tiny brush to clean it all out. I think I should point out that I was NOT paid for this review nor did I receive the item for free in order to provide a review.

I really am that happy with my purchase. This is my first Zoodler, and I've literally had it for three days, so I'll have to update this review down the line. But first impression?

This thing is aces, man. I do recommend using a fork stabbed into the back end of the zucchini to get the most out of it. The blades are nice and sharp, the shape is easy to handle, and the resulting size of the zoodles also: zoodles is a super fun word to say, I recommend saying it a lot is excellent. I have to admit: I was wary about buying a specific kitchen tool that does one thing if I could use a standard tool to get a similar result.

We'd been shredding zucchini with a box grater, and it was tasty and all, because zucchini is tasty, but the zoodler result is vaaastly better. Thicker and more noodle-like. No, zucchini will not taste like spaghetti all of a sudden, and anyone who tells you differently is a dirty liar. No lie, I strongly recommend it. And this thing. I just figured wow that's expensive!

I can make these myself! I used this as soon it arrived. Loved it! Super easy to use. It does leave quite a chunk of leftover zucchini at the top but it's so cheap at the produce market I didn't mind it.

I'll just use the leftover piece and cut it into cubes and at it to my eggs. The peeler was a bonus cause mine had recently broke and I really needed one. Plus the small included brush is perfect for cleaning out the blade. Really glad I purchased this product. This is my first zoodler and I love it! I bought it about 8 months ago and I use it all the time. For 8 months, it is still in good shape. I used to use a small Julienne Peeler to make zucchini noodles and it would take me forever but it now takes me a minute and the more I use the zoodle slicer, the better I get at it.

I have only tried zucchini with the zoodle slicer but I really like how it allows me to make the noodles quickly and easily without having to buy a large spiralizer machine.

I usually cook the noodles in a skillet with some olive oil, salt and pepper and top it with either a tomato sauce or pesto. It's really easy and although it's not spaghetti it's still a delicious and healthy meal. The only con is that I sometimes find it hard to clean the blades. However, it does comes with a little brush which makes it a little easier. I would still recommend this product though!

Images in this review. This gets 4 stars because I really didn't think I'd like zucchini noodles as much as I do! The reason I didn't give this 5 stars is, the "holder" that they provide to use does not work at all.

You have to use your hand and pay attention, as the large gash on my finger warns! Either way results in about 1. And, it really doesn't work well on hard vegetables like sweet potatoes at all. Having recently joined the Keto movement, I wanted to find other ways to eat healthy but wanted something that was going to retain my interest in this "lifestyle". I'm not a fan of zucchini so I a little skeptical of this device and all the hub bub of zoodling.

I didn't want a huge kitchen appliance with levers and gears and my kitchen is small so I opted for this product.

It's small and fits in any drawer and with very little practice, I was zoodling to my hearts content with zucchini. It's easy to clean and if there are any remnants in the zoodler, the small brush will easily remove them. Honestly, a confident stream of hot water will usually do the trick.

I haven't tried the ribbon side of this product yet, but I'm certain it will be just a good as the zoodle side. I love this product so much I have purchased one for a friend and recommended it to several other friends. It's a great price and a great device. Received it today, already have used it on zucchini and yellow squash. It shaves the veggie to look like a very large pencil.

Cuts very well, in strips or noodle form and I simply added it to soup. Just great, and Cnc Wood Carving Machine Ebay Jobs a terrific price. You can place it on a cutting board to use or you can simply hold it. It comes with a small brush which is helpful in washing it. I thought I would need a larger unit, but that is not the case ,, this small one works just as described. Had I known about this before Christmas I would have bought it for all of my friends.

It makes a great gift. The blades are sharp, be aware of that. I will be using this on a regular basis to replace pasta. This is a great way to add more veggies to your diet. I used the Zoodle slicer on zucchini This is an absolutely awesome product. I used the Zoodle slicer on zucchini slicing the noodles right into a pan with a little olive oil and stir fried them for about 10 minutes. I had made a cherry based sauce and added shrimp which I poured over the noodles. It was wonderful.

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