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This is true for both exterior and interior site acclimation, but really is more critical for interior due to being so dry. Board ends are painted to blend cosmetically more than for longevity. There may finally be an answer. Note the face nails—black-painted but scuffed by the nailer plunger. Restoration Work at Mount Vernon Preservation of Mount Vernon is an ongoing process that began in the 19th century and continues today.

Solid Wood Siding. Give your home, cabin, garage, or business a unique look with our solid wood siding. We have available log siding, tongue and groove, clap board siding. Our log siding is run in 6" and 8" with tongue and groove and ship lap options. The clap board siding is run in 5" and 6". Douglas Fir Siding Natural Wood T Panel Siding (in x in x in) SmartSide SmartSide Primed Engineered Lap Siding (1-in x in x in) SmartSide 76 Series Primed Engineered Lap Siding (in x 9-in x in). Apr 23,  · Wood siding statistically has the best Life Cycle Analysis when compared to other cladding options, but it moves a lot since a natural, breathable material fully exposed to the weather. Depending on conditions, siding moisture content can range 5% to 35%, surface temperature cycles the full atmospheric range, and each field’s UV exposure.

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