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Your browser does not support the video tag. Sign Up for Our Newsletter! He has an excellent understanding of the fundamentals of land acquisition, financing, business, construction specialties, entitlement, development, build-out completions and sell offs. Following that sale of that property, she knew immediately that she had a passion for real estate. As the sales manager, she oversees the carpenters vice for sale guitar team in her area helping her sales associates acquire and retain long term quality clients, and helping those clients realize the dream of luxury modular homeownership. While carpenters vice for sale guitar his focus to include buying and auctioning wale types of properties, Brian met John Rowland, CEO of Rowland Development, in April and started farpenters the concept of building efficient modular homes.

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Born and raised in Orange, California, John embraced the art of home building at a young age, learning from his father who built spec homes in Southern California.

Shaping his career as a real estate developer, John attributes his expertise, successes and work ethic to his father Marvin Rowland. In , John moved from Orange County to Murrieta to entitle and develop land in the Inland Empire while training his two daughters, Lauren and Ashley, to carry on his legacy.

John is a licensed real estate Broker in the state of California, a Licensed GC in the state of California and the premier engineer for energy-efficient homes in the state. As a self-made entrepreneur, business visionary and successful team builder, he began his real estate career by specializing in commercial sales in Five years later, Brian opened his own company, Brookshire Investments, a boutique commercial office, which represented retail and multi-family projects in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Throughout his career, Brian has been part of several commercial real estate ventures. Brian leveraged the OwnACondo. The housing-crisis of caused Brian to shift his priorities and use his unique expertise to help various banks auction foreclosure portfolios REOs. In , after learning extensively about the liquidation process, Brian purchased the domain RealEstateAuctions.

While expanding his focus to include buying and auctioning other types of properties, Brian met John Rowland, CEO of Rowland Development, in April and started discussing the concept of building efficient modular homes.

He has more than 20 years of experience as a commercial and residential real estate broker and launched Braden Realty as a residential brokerage specialist in Sacramento. Larry has had a significant impact in several of his positions throughout his career. A few years later, Larry was chosen to join Vulcan Inc. He regards Paul as one of the most brilliant men of his time, and was honored to work alongside of him. As CRO, Dean is responsible for the execution the current corporate strategic plan, focusing on the expansion of different business verticals, customer segments and partnerships, while ultimately strengthening operations.

As part of the CXO team, Dean works closely with all divisions of S2A Modular to create future strategic plans with the goal of boosting revenue streams.

Dean also oversees investor relations and the team that helps guide investors into the factory expansion opportunities, as well as developers who want to join the Factory Discount Program. He learned early in his career that hard work and motivation were key ingredients to success, and the value of forging relationships with colleagues and customers to create a powerful network.

Leveraging his network, he started his career in technology with Merrill Lynch in Chicago in data center operations at the Board of Trade. Within three years, Dean opened his own technology firm developing apps and solutions for various industries including banking, finance, insurance and real estate.

Advancements in technology and the internet caused him to shift his focus to front office operations, specifically marketing solutions like CRM and early Marketing Automation.

He later added web design, more advanced automation and digital lead generation to his list of professional services. During this time, he also provided his clients integrated advertising solutions across radio, television, print and outdoor. In , Dean founded tech company Delcom System which provided hardware and telecommunication services, in addition to expanding his CRM services to call center solutions that handled both inbound and outbound calls for companies like such as Sears, Discover, Blue Cross, State Farm, Citi Corp and others.

In , Dean transitioned his focus to digital marketing, CRM and the newest of evolution in social media on new platforms like LinkedIn. Using its proven influencer methodology, Social Jack guides organizations to humanize their brands using employees, partners, and connected advocates. Dean is a highly sought-after speaker who brings his expertise, enthusiasm and energetically drive to his popular B2B influencer-themed podcast, The Influence Factory.

He has had significant roles in a variety of projects throughout Southern California — ranging from small residential designs to large commercial designs. He specializes in renewable business development and is an expert in combining the smartest, greenest and most superior solutions in the industry.

Affordable PC quickly grew to become a computer network leader in Orange County. After six years of running and growing the business, Ryan sold his client base and moved to Temecula, CA where he helped pioneer managed network services in Southwest Riverside County and North San Diego — from there, Temecula Technologies was born.

Ryan was able to recognize the extensive benefits of energy efficiencies and smart-home technologies, leading him to obtain his BS in telecommunications management. He began programming Crestron Smart Homes and merging renewable energy solutions in homes and businesses, saving his clients thousands of dollars.

With close-knit relationships with world-renowned vendors and suppliers, Ryan creates large-volume sales which ensure the best and most competitive pricing in the industry. As CTO, Ryan constantly reviews all legislation related to technology on a daily basis to quickly implement the latest improvements in products and services.

He is a regular attendee at all top industry trade shows and using his large network of colleagues, he contributes to several thought leadership user groups and industry think tanks. Ryan is a team builder with the unique ability to educate clients and communicate effectively throughout the duration of a project.

In addition to this, his keen attention to detail and transparent communication has established him as the consistently referred and recommended choice for colleagues and customers alike. From small-scale beginnings with Terrace Homes in Central Wisconsin, Lance Lowrey is accomplished and renowned for his custom modular design expertise, for both residential and commercial real estate sectors.

His home designs and architectural masterpieces can be found coast to coast in the United States and in Canada. Hands-on from the start, Lance has systematized construction methodology in manufacturing plants to expedite the building process, shorten lead times, and eliminate materials waste.

He has helped develop and implement a CAD system enabling engineers and architects to frame buildings before production. Lance has left no stone unturned, having worked on tiny homes, classrooms, large custom homes, professional office buildings, churches, apartment buildings, residential neighborhood subdivisions, and hotels.

His generosity with his time and experience illustrates his indiscriminate reach and extensive capacity to meet all design needs. Lance is instrumental to the Executive Team and will help troubleshoot, devise, and tighten the entire modular construction process from inception to completion.

Lance is one of the best-known and most highly respected modular home designers in the United States. Lance loves to engage in his creativity and articulation in the modular design process and likens this to putting a puzzle together.

Lance and his wife Stephanie have two grown daughters, Keira and Jordan, and a grandson named Roman. Lance is an avid collector of high-end sports memorabilia.

He is a established leader and professional in industrial production, design, engineering, problem solving, customer relations, safety, quality assurance, human resources, and multiple location supervision. This process includes determining building requirements, production line needs, equipment and movement of modules, establishment of quality control processes, material storage and offline fabrication areas.

Gary has a comprehensive understanding of buildings and building-systems and can quickly recognize potential issues so that require prompt, innovative solutions. Gary also served as the production manager for Champion Home builders in York, Neb. As a production manager for Champion, he increased production rates by 50 percent over a six-month period.

Sharon Amezcua is the chief growth officer for S2A Modular and is responsible for developing and implementing growth strategies across all areas of the company. With more than 35 year of experience as a serial entrepreneur and serial investor, Sharon has created, built, incubated, accelerated, invested in, syndicated and exited hundreds of companies across the globe while working closely with a team of sector specialists.

ESE and SSG both have a strong focus on traditional industries converging with new technologies particularly in new media, healthcare, wellness, alternative energy and fintech.

She began with founding a company akin to Craigslist specifically for WeChat users, providing a platform of human capital and resources to one billion users worldwide. Weiwei is based in Palo Alto, California and in her spare time competes in Chinese dance and enjoys hot pot.

As an investment partner consultant and realtor, Ruben is an all-around knowledgeable seasoned business owner, realtor and tradesman. He has an excellent understanding of the fundamentals of land acquisition, financing, business, construction specialties, entitlement, development, build-out completions and sell offs.

As a southern California native, Ruben is well educated and knowledgeable on local areas and markets. His journey in the industry began in as a commercial construction union carpenter working with Kiewit Pacific Co. Kiewit Pacific Co. While working with Kiewit Pacific Co. Prior to working union, he was enrolled in the Association of General Contractors of America Apprenticeship program. These experiences lend him a competitive edge with a profound education of the industry.

Ruben began practicing real estate as a new licensee in and after training with a top realtor, he decided to venture on his own, earning various awards with Prudential California Real Estate. When the real estate market dropped from , Ruben devoted his time to his passion for cars.

Being an entrepreneur in the automotive industry, Ruben used his innovative personality and mindset to develop new ways to reduce fuel expenses for company vehicles and equipment. He successfully created his own hydrogen generators, while looking for ways to provide power supply for electrical tools through inverters and small, personal battery power packs and gas-powered generators.

Ruben began working real-estate auctions and selling residential homes with John Rowland at Real Estate Auction Service in , while still working in general retail real estate. This is also when Rowland Development was beginning to implement the construction and development of smart home projects. Discussions with John Rowland on the electrical power and battery storage and usage with solar panels further evolved into creating and implementing a solar company using the best products available on the market.

Prior to joining S 2 A Modular, Cat was an account executive at IMPACT in Chicago where she used her leadership skills to manage all aspects of small and large-scale events which included contract negotiation, finances, venue setup and all pre- and post-event tasks. She tapped 6 Inch Jointer Planer For Sale Design into her creative skills to create traditional and social media-based marketing campaigns and was in charge of training and coaching new team members. Cat also worked at Coghlan Law LLC in Chicago as a paralegal, assisting attorneys with case work, updating lien balances, contacting insurance adjusters and opening new files.

She worked directly with clients of the firm and communicated with insurance companies about health insurance plans. Outside of her corporate life, Cat has worked with more than 30 different non-profit organizations to help them meet their fundraising goals. She likes to spend her free time exploring new recipes, wine tasting, creating social events for friends and family and visiting her family in Colorado.

Bekah Lloyd is the director of sales operations for S2A Modular and has more than 20 years of experience in communications, administration, and project management. As director of sales operations, her focus is on sales team development and support to ensure all sales systems and operations run smoothly.

She also provides support to many of the key priorities of S2A Modular and Greenlux Properties, including strategic opportunities aligned with growth, development and performance. Some of her other responsibilities include overseeing strategic sales initiatives from development through successful execution under the guidance of the chief revenue officer, managing the day-to-day responsibilities for sales operations, initiatives and goals and performing an array of various administrative and customer-related tasks.

She also creates and maintains cross-departmental relationships to enable sales leadership success and facilitates communication and collaboration with executives in decision-making, program management, and initiative implementation. She also worked in project management for Charter Construction, Inc. Bekah studied business administration and management at the University of Oregon and Portland State University.

She finds refreshment in life by dancing, traveling and writing. She has been this position since early and prior to that, Laruen worked as a feasibility study research analyst for Santa Rosa Development Consultants, LLC. Lauren is pursuing a degree in psychology, is a licensed notary public in California, and holds an Oregon real estate brokerage license.

She spent most of her life in southern California but has recently relocated to Bend, Ore. The items she discovers today will impact the sale of various pieces of property to ensure developments can be started and completed on time. Ashley assists with real estate transactions of residential and commercial projects, as well as Opportunity Zone projects, which require detailed administrative functions and transparency to investors, local, state and federal government agencies.

Ashley has also developed work experience by volunteering at a local elementary school where she helped manage after-school programs and understands how to be a team player after playing team sports at a high level for many years.

As a California Department of Real Estate licensed salesperson, she is currently attending college courses in real estate to expand her knowledge of the industry. When not at work or school, Ashley enjoys cooking with her family and spending time at the beach with her favorite vacation place being Hawaii. In this position, Bryan oversees and directs all the various onsite construction activities for all S 2 A Modular MegaFactories around the country. Those tasks include the management of different construction teams, subcontractors and laborers, as well as overseeing the delivery and safe storage of construction materials.

Bryan has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry serving as an onsite superintendent, project manager and general manager for multiple large construction companies. He most recently served as a senior superintendent with Van Daele Homes where he managed the construction of single- and multi-family homes on critical timelines to ensure the rate of construction and build quality met company standards.

Prior to that, he was a project manager for Silver Creek Industries where he focused on job estimations, coordinating construction actions as well as preparing and submitting various bids for the company. The critical aspects of his role as the owner centered around contract development, coordination of workforce and subcontractors, as well as conducting all forward planning and value engineering to ensure projects were completed on schedule and under budget.

His experience and vast background in the construction industry is critical to S 2 A Modular as he oversees the construction of 35 MegaFactories over the next five years. The economic development programs are designed to help shorten the timeframe it takes for companies to become operational by helping streamline land acquisition transactions, permitting and by providing economic incentives that speed the creation of hundreds of new jobs.

He also conducted preventive maintenance on the process line to resolve production problems and minimize equipment downtime. In addition to his experience with Boston Scientific, he also has more than 11 years of retail and sales experience with various companies, including the gaming industry. Jonny attended the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu school of Culinary Arts in the City of Chicago and is currently studying to get his real estate license.

When not at work, he enjoys playing his guitar, gaming and spending time with his girlfriend of 8 years and their cat. Yanik Gozlan is the information technology director for S2A Modular and has been actively involved in the information technology industry for more than 20 years throughout multiple industries.

He has always had a passion for computer technology as well as a fascination for what makes businesses of all types successful and to know that every day he is playing a vital role in their growth and success. Their vision is simple — to be the most trusted and respected information technology firm in Southern California with a reputation for reliability, innovation, and a commitment to customer service.

That vision remains just as strong today as it did when the company was founded. Xtreme Business Solutions has always strived to hire the brightest and most talented team members they could find who share this vision. Gina Hansen is the director of feasibility for S2A Modular and has more than ten years of experience in real estate, investing, commercial construction and project coordination.

As the director of feasibility, she is responsible for discovery and due diligence, including analysis of the proposed development locations and conditions impacting the project. She also manages the budget for land development of all S2A Modular projects, including single family residential, multi-family and commercial projects. Prior to joining S2A Modular, Gina worked in commercial construction as a contracts and projects coordinator for multimillion-dollar development projects.

She is also a licensed real estate agent and national mortgage loan servicer. Gina has more than ten years of real estate experience and manages a small team of agents to effectively reach quarterly and yearly goals. Prior to working in the real estate industry, she owned and was vice president of an energy drink company where she managed product development, marketing, and sponsorship relations with major customers like Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC , Affliction Clothing and NASCAR.

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