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Close Menu. I was pleased she chose to do my song. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I've carpenters voice quotes full circle on Ten Feet High. From the Chicago Tribune regarding a tribute album to John Denver : The years have softened and erased such resistance. I really think I prefer Andrea's vocals and her sound has more edge, I really like her Lifelines carpenters voice quotes.

If anyone knows where it came from I'd be most appreciative. It's not the same info from inside the lyric booklet in which she speaks about Karen and the song.

This is the info I had on my text file: The album includes a gorgeous cover of the Carpenters "Rainy Days and Mondays" You and Karen were close Carpenters Voice Ios friends, and it's been nearly 30 years since she passed away. What is something about her most people don't know? She was a lovely girl and a lot of fun.

I think most people don't know how much she loved Mickey Mouse and Disneyland. She lived [nearby] and loved to go there. She had Mickey Mouses and photos of the Disney characters in her house. She wore T-shirts with Mickey's face on it. She loved all of that. She was a kid, a big kid. She was a lot of fun and had the most amazing voice. I was such a fan of hers. She was a great girl and I do miss her.

Leon Russell: "She was a great singer, no doubt about it. I was pleased she chose to do my song. She had such a pristine voice. There was just not anybody like her. I produced a gospel duet called the O'Neal Twins; they were a couple of twin brothers who were soul singers and they sang gospel songs like The Everly Brothers. I asked them one day who their favorite singer was and they both said together, "Karen Carpenter.

Sharon Corr mentioned Karen as being an influence in a recent interview in Boston ish. From the Chicago Tribune regarding a tribute album to John Denver : The years have softened and erased such resistance. In some respects, Denver's legacy is similar to that of Karen Carpenter's. Her square, middle-of-the-road image in the brother-sister duo the Carpenters made her an object of derision in the s. But in the ensuing years, the late Carpenter has been embraced as a gifted singer who left a number of indelible performances.

Click to expand Site Admin. A lot going on right now. A quick perusal though has me eager to give it a listen. Harry said:. Harry, I just gave the Same Sun a listen and only 5 songs ended up catching my ear enough to purchase. I feel she has more control over her voice on this album a good thing at times she can get nasal sounding which I don't like of the 5 tracks I downloaded she sounds great.

I really think I prefer Andrea's vocals and her sound has more edge, I really like her Lifelines album. I remember when Ten Feet High came Carpenters Voice Update out and I didn't like it at all and didn't purchase any I think I'm going to Carpenters Voice Of The Heart Vinyl Gate like this one, well maybe not Hello Boys that one is a bit too much but liking the rest.

I've come full circle on Ten Feet High. Chris-An Ordinary Fool said:. Harry, I am late to the game I had a live version of Jenny's Chicken but did not know she did a studio version. I like both of these tracks. Did your CD also have 11 tracks on her new album, are their any bonus ones your aware of? Both sound like they were recorded at home without professional equipment, just Sharon on piano and singing all into one microphone.

Never heard of "Over It" or "Jenny's Chickens. There were times when she sounded VERY much like Andrea, but other times when her Irish accent kind of mushed up the lyrics. I'll give it a few more listens. Unfortunately it was mastered so darned loud that it actually distorts on the loud passages. A bonus track called "Amazing" was included on the Japanese release of the album. Those are the exact ones I liked the title cut and Champagne when pre-viewing the album again last night.

It's funny how I didn't like it at first but now I am hearing it differently. I also really like 24 hours it has a real radio feel when she repeats it reminds me of her singing into one of those old radio mic's. I also really like Stupidest Girl In the World and the drums and instrument used during the chorus. Regarding the Sharon Corr interview posted above, she was asked how long it had been since she'd performed in Boston, and it was ten years ago.

I know - I was there then! I got to attend the group's pre-show sound setup and afterward we got to take some pictures with them. This was the Carpenters Voice Of The Heart Cd 40 full shot with a group of about eight fans and three Corrs: Corrs pre-show, Boston That's me and my wife on the left of the picture, so I put Photoshop to work to eliminate the rest of the group: Corrs pre-show, Boston , cropped You can kind-of tell how hot it was by Andrea's stray hairs falling in front of her face.

At the concert that evening, members of The Corrs' crew took some photos backstage and later posted them on their website. In this shot, if you look carefully, you can see the two of us in the front row: Corrs concert, Boston That's me in the black shirt dumb choice for a hot day!

Caroline wasn't present at this show. She was home with her first pregnancy, sort of the beginning of the end of the group. She never touched her entree. I had been there. I knew the consequences of starving, and I was a little worried about her. When I cleared the table, there was still a lot of food on her plate. Finish this up. Not too long after this dinner, Karen died. I read newspaper reports of her longtime battle to be thin.

I felt a great sadness. How I wished there was something I could have said or done for her, something that would have helped her to understand that she was on a dead-end path. Would she have listened? I would never know. But I was deeply troubled by her death. She is one of my biggest inspirations. Name Required.

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