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By Patrick Evans-Hylton. The Virginia Opera season includes a masterclass series, live performances of "Trouble in Tahiti," and a virtual Spring Gala. By Elizabeth Wagmeister, Variety. Virginia Beach-based Spectrum Parents Events, a support group for families with children on the autism spectrum, is holding its largest fundraiser yet on Saturday and it will feature speed painter Michael Israel.

The virtual event will showcase Israel painting one of his world-famous canvasses in one of his electric and messy art concerts.

Proceeds will help Spectrum Parents cover the costs associated with the variety of events for families who need support and whose children need safe activities where they won't feel bullied or out of place. By Denise M. He was By Ellise Shafer, Variety. By Sonaiya Kelley. Obviously more than one way to skin a cat but still good to know.

The span divided by two equals — the Run. Span is vert I mean horizontal all the time. Vernacular is the key — As I learned Pitch in the Early days , it was the Rise of a building over its entire run , The denominator was not usually The term Pitch when used over 12 became to be understood as the standard , and is commonly called the Pitch of the Roof.

The Construction Master folks wanted us to know what that key was for, so they used a Vernacular term. Sorry Mom it is now……. Mike, Just to confirm we need to add the HAP to the ridge height so the pitch does not alter. Nice article Mike. Article is well written and the sketchup diagrams make it easy for anyone to understand. I still step off my rafter cuts with a framing square and stair buttons like you show.

Mike H. Perfect timing. Thank you gentlemen. I have a very fancy screened porch to build next week. This will be practiced in shop tomorrow and done on site next Tuesday. Thanks again, Yannis N. I love how you take a complex task and break it down to simple parts. Thanks for sharing your insights. If so, looking forward to learning more from you and Gary. Ben at BuildCalc has done an excellent job on the user interface of BuildCalc and it is the best construction calculator for smartphones.

Android tablets are a great alternative to smartphones. I can see android tablets replacing handheld calculators as the price of the android tablets keep going down in price. Which would make an excellent topic for a follow up article, hint, hint. I am waiting for the right project to come along to order mine.

If I do build the house, the roof will be designed with rafters, for loft space. While the Pythagorean concept is basic, the application to actual roof construction brings a boat-load of questions for someone in my shoes. The article seems to clarify the whole thing. Sincere appreciation to Gary Katz and all contributors, who make TiC the great web-site it is.

What is great though was using the calculator to find the post height. Thanks for the great article! The information was presented in a readily digestible manner that helped me to really understand where to go with it.

Thanks again, Chaim. Sure beats complaining. Screwed up many a rafter and still do. However you get there is how you get there caveman style, calculator, or book. I use a little of all three. Sometimes forget column is for basics to never ending pursuit of perfection. Might try my hand at an article soon, thanks.

While there are a dozen ways to skin a cat, and do rafter cutting, the best way I have found is the way they did it before phone apps, and that is with the Reichers framing book.. It will give you everything you need, and no worries if you hit the wrong button, whether it be the X , or divide the only way you could mess this up is incompetence, and then you might look for a job at Wal Mart.

It will also give you lengths on the valleys and jack rafters This book is bible, and if you spill coffee on it, it will still work, no need to go to Radio shack for another calculator. I learned roof framing the hardest, and most maddening, way possible —— from H. Actually, these were compilations of articles he wrote, about years ago, in the union magazine. He was a xenophobic man with a condescending attitude, but he did know his roofs or rooves, as a lot of the guys here like to say.

He was way off, though when it came to the definition of pitch, IMO. An old misunderstanding of the code regarding the seatcut is being repeated. The limit at the other end of this is, the level portion of the seatcut should not extend inboard of the wall. The misunderstanding stems from viewing this bearing cut as a "notch"… and I've opened another can of grammer. The one thing I do different is I use a straight peice of 1X and clamp it to my square instead of using square dogs.

And I think the straight edge will span any irrregularities in the 2X better. Using a CM to figure rafter lengths without knowing the basics can lead to a ton of headaches when cutting complex roofs, especially bastard hips and true valleys.

Keep in mind that all the numbers a CM spits out are mathematical points and not the actual measurements. You have to where to add and subtract for material thickness. I will try to better explain what I mean, but please keep in mind that I am a carpenter and writing is not my strongest skill. For now, lets forget about bastard irregular pitch, for simplicity I will use a common gable roof.

However if we use the CM to figure how much to shorten the total mathematical length, we end up with a different number. The plancher cut is the 45 cut at the top end of a jack rafter. Remembering that all mathematical points are center lines, this is what you would add to get the real length. When I hand cut my roofs, I take my ridge thickness off of my total span before deviding total span in half.

This is the best way I have found to cut a roof in. As his example states.. And it is referred to as a Birds mouth or seat cut in many places. The only laudable smartphone app for unequal pitched gable roofs, that will give the correct length of the rafters, is Rafter Tools for Android. See my help file for the correct way to deduct for the thickness of the ridge for unequal pitched gable roofs.

Sim, Yes! That is what I was trying to get at, I used a common gable with regular pitch for simplicity. I felt that getting too much into bastard pitches took away from the original article.

The first step to a good house is a good foundation, the same philosophy goes for skills to build it! Just my experience. Good trick, as long as your hip stock is the same as your rafter stock. I caught a guy making a related mistake when we were building a timber frame with a hip roof. I showed him how to square around to the other side, step back the thickness of the stock to mark a plumb line, then connect the dots on the edges.

Yes, the risk of measuring along the wrong plane is greater when using a calculator —— the rafter itself is such an excellent visual aid. By doing that, a guy could catch himself if he made the mistake of measuring along the top edge.

This was and still is my bible, dating back to I enjoy these historical tidbits and pay homage to them daily. But the problem is, they were published in That means some of the information may still be applicable and some may not: terminology, building materials, and tools have changed a lot over the years.

In there were no circular saws, no nail guns, no cordless drills, no Titebond II, no power miter saws, and no construction calculators that are far more accurate and efficient—especially when you consider cumulative error. The purpose of this magazine is to provide comprehensive articles that help carpenters improve the quality of their work, speed productivity, Carpentry Set For 10 Year Old Phone and hopefully add a little enjoyment to a sometimes difficult career.

I have to say that my biggest pet peeve in forums and blogs are the guys who want to bring up insignificant details and argue how the author is wrong and they are right. Like they are trying to show how much better they are than the author and want everyone to know it. When it comes to terminology most framers I worked with used pitch and slope as the same.

Maybe they are using incorrect terminology but everyone on the crew knows what each other means. The article is titled Common Rafter Framing not the definition of pitch. Great article! I taught carpentry for a few years. I taught stepping off with a square, reading from a rafter book and using a calculator. For that a good understanding of a framing square is invaluable. This is the first article that makes sense to me. Everything I have read about using the Pythagorean theorem was so aggreivating because when using the outside of the wall and the rise from top plate to ridge is not where the rafter actually sits because there is not a seat cut yet and of you did use the exact measuremts than you would have no tails as they would be removed.

Hi everyone, can someone please elaborate on the use of wooden shims between Carpentry Set For 10 Year Old On the ridge beam and the rafters? Specifically, I understand the need to make minor adjustments without having to cut some length off but I have received mixed reviews on this from a number of people.

We are having new construction done and several of the rafters are not laying flush to the ridge beam. I thank anyone in advance who can offer some commentary on my question.

I subtracted for the ridge ahead of time. I believe I did everything correctly. What did I do wrong? Is this some mathematical anomaly? I have a hip roof with a pitch on the main side of the roof while the end is an pitch. How do you figure the length and angles of the cuts on an uneven roof for the hip rafter??? Enter pitch 12 inch 3. Then clear calculator 6. Enter the rise height from above 7. Then enter 8 inch pitch 8.

Ben, Thanks for the response! Why is the full 1. Robert- If you follow the procedure carefully — Notice the Ridge is deducted from the ENTIRE width of the structure first , than the result is divided in half to get the actual rafter run.

I have struggled with getting rafters right forever! After each pod is used, it is wiped down and made ready for the next person. The hours of operation for the hub will be determined, in large part, by the amount of vaccine that is available. The hockey hub model is considered to be so innovative that Dr.

Arra is receiving requests for information and meetings from across the province, Manitoba and even Australia. New landing page on GBPH website On March 12, the health unit announced a new landing page, or opening page, would be introduced going forward to assist viewers with finding the information they are seeking. The page went live on Monday, Mar. Spacing between doses announced On Mar. The interval between first and second dose has been extended to 16 weeks.

Based on the limited supply of vaccine, the extended time will allow more people to get their initial dose of COVID vaccine. The change is in line with direction from the National Advisory Committee on Immunization.

The health unit says there is no change to the second dose vaccine schedule for residents of long-term care homes, retirement homes, elder care lodges and assisted living facilities, and First Nation communities and First Nation individuals living outside of First Nation communities.

For those who book on-line, second dose appointments, in line with this week interval, can be made at the same time the initial appointment is booked. For those that have already received the first dose, Public Health will coordinate and provide notice of second dose in the same way as the first dose. These doses will be scheduled with this new week interval. Vaccine booking system launched Premier Ford, on Mar.

Individuals will schedule their first and second vaccination appointments. Individuals who still have a red and white health card, or require assistance when booking, can use the toll-free provincial vaccine information line number, At this time, vaccination appointments are only available for individuals turning 80 or older in born in or earlier as part of phase one of Ontario's vaccine distribution plan.

Starting in April, the online booking tool and call centre will extend to additional age-based groups that are part of phase two. Public Health advises that residents should continue to follow the three Ws, washing hands, wearing a mask or face covering correctly, and watch distance ideally two metres. After being cancelled in the early days of the pandemic last year there will be St. Patrick's Day celebrations on P. Kent MacPhee, co-owner and managing partner with the Olde Dublin Pub in Charlottetown, said there will be limited capacity this year and customers will have to stay in their seats.

And because dancing isn't allowed in person the step-dancers will perform virtually. MacPhee said he is just glad to be able to celebrate at all. Patrick's Day. Extra staff will be on Wednesday to make sure that customers are following the rules.

Copper Bottom in Montague is also celebrating Wednesday. It is scheduling seatings throughout the day to avoid crowds. O'Shea's in Kinkora normally has a dance, but that won't be allowed this year. Capacity will be limited to 50 and people will have to remain at their tables, but the beer will still be green and the Irish meals will be served.

The Old Triangle in Charlottetown will also have limited capacity with people restricted to their tables, but there will be live music all day long. Township council sent out a letter on January 15 to surrounding municipalities, including the townships of Armstrong, Brethour, Casey, Harley, Hudson and Kerns and to the Village of Thornloe.

Hilliard invited them to discussions, when meetings are appropriate, on the potential and possibilities of establishing the partnership. Any other municipalities that are interested in joining in on the economic development partnership discussions are being asked by Hilliard council to forward an official letter to Finch by April View on euronews.

Remember those? Possible culprits: the goal was vague, too ambitious or lacked a plan. For example, say your resolution was to save money. That stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely, she says. Was your goal missing any of these elements? But sometimes resolutions are beyond rescuing. Having a personal reason in mind can inspire you to see it through.

Think about what you can do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to make reaching your goal more manageable. Then, focus on that smaller chunk. A spouse, roommate, friend or co-worker can shepherd and encourage you. Consulting a partner you share finances with is especially important.

Turning to an expert, like a financial planner, is also an option. If you have a complicated financial situation or resolution, they can help you craft a customized plan. You can set up recurring bill payments, transfer money between bank accounts or track spending with an app, for example.

Schedule quick check-ins with yourself or your supporter to monitor your progress. Once a month should suffice for most resolutions. Note any roadblocks. Then you can decide whether to carry on or refine your technique. Leave the rough start behind and put your new plan in motion.

Lauren Schwahn is a writer at NerdWallet. Email: lschwahn nerdwallet. BERLIN — The German government on Wednesday unveiled draft legislation that would criminalize the distribution of lists naming people as potential targets for intimidation or violent action. Walter Luebcke, a politician in the Kassel region and member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's party, was featured on such lists before he was shot dead on his porch by a neo-Nazi in Under the proposed legislation, anyone found to be distributing personal data in a way that could endanger the people concerned would face up to two years' imprisonment or a fine.

In the case of lists including data that isn't publicly available — such as information that could only have come from law enforcement databases — a maximum three-year prison sentence could be imposed. Journalists and antifascist groups that seek to expose extremist networks would be exempt from the ban.

The bill requires parliamentary approval. The Associated Press. For seven years, through long and bitter winters, Mariah Hoy would take her bicycle out into the icy streets, sometimes through inches of snowfall, delivering packages across downtown Edmonton.

Hoy worked as a bike courier, a job that made her part of a small, tight-knit community in Edmonton. Her work is featured in a new local documentary short film called Snow Warrior, which its directors call a love letter to Edmonton's winter. The film showcases the difficult year-round work couriers endure. Hoy calls it the hardest job she's ever had. And you're like that the whole day. Submitted by the National Film Board of Canada Snow Warrior was an official selection at the Edmonton International Film Festival in , but on Thursday it will be available to streaming worldwide for the first time through the National Film Board's website.

Her courier career began as a total fluke, Hoy said. She was looking for driving work and after finding it, was asked if she could pick up shifts as a bike courier.

She was quickly impressed by the other couriers when she started and the daily adrenaline rush of the job. She began to learn more about the niche community around this work in Edmonton, including how the couriers in Edmonton are some of the highest-paid messengers in North America, and how to appreciate the beauty of riding six-gear bikes, she said.

Another challenge facing bike couriers is drivers on the road.

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