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Students are required to come in proper dress while attending the Workshop practical class. They should wear full shoes. Without full shoes no one will be permitted to enter into the carpentry shop lab manual keyboard. Students are required to come on time as per the timetable. They shall carpentry shop lab manual keyboard manuap late if they do not turn up within five minutes of the scheduled time. Those who come late, are to take permission from Prof.

No one will be allowed if they are late by 15 minutes in any case. Students are required to follow the instructions given by the teacher concerned or instructor strictly. They should remain present in their place of working for the whole class unless otherwise instructed.

Students mqnual required to handle only those machines allowed to them by the instructors. Under no circumstances any student should handle machines not assigned to carpentry shop lab manual keyboard. Students are required to complete the job within the time allotted to them.

They should give their attendance by signing on Workshop Card immediately after coming to the class. At the end of the class, write down the activities done in the Workshop Card and get your grades before leaving. Students are required to do cadpentry job by themselves.

Instructors would only help them keyboagd difficulty. Students should gather as much information about the machine tools; power tools, hand tools, gauges, processes and other details as possible from the instructors. In case of any dispute, misunderstanding or difficulty, they may meet the Prof.

After each class, they are required to submit the record one bound volume for entire semester when they report for next class. On completion all classes in a shop, all students are required to submit the carpentry shop lab manual keyboard, workshop card and all jobs made by them for evaluation. Each class shop record should consist of the following: i.

Task to be done ii. Raw materials used. Tools used iv. Description of tools and job holding devices with neat v. Procedure 3. Task a Introduction to fitting and carpentry section. Record Submission a What is fitting and what are its applications? Note: Carpentry shop lab manual keyboard sketches only for hack saw with frame and pipe fittings i. Task : a Study and practice on grinding and polishing of metal surface using angle grinder, straight grinder, orbital sander.

Record Submission a Explain all types keybord hand files i. Task a Making a mild steel job to the given specifications using files. Record Submission a Write aim, materials required, tools used and procedure carpentry shop lab manual keyboard job done with a neat sketch of the job. Page 4 of 7 b Explain all types of hammers, chisels and punch used in fitting work with neat sketches. Task a Introduction to carpentry section b Study and practice on cutting of wood using different types of saws eg.

Record Submission a What is wood working and what are its applications? Note: Draw sketches only for hand saw and tenon saw. Task a Study and practice on planing and polishing of wood surface using wood thickness planer, jack carpentry shop lab manual keyboard and portable power tools like planer, orbital sander and eccentric sander. Record Submission a Explain jack plane and power planer indicating different parts and write down their uses. Explain the working principle of router indicating different parts and list down their uses.

Note: Draw sketches only for jack plane, and mortise syop firmer chisels. Task a To make a mortise and tenon joint in wood to the given specification B. Measuring tools : Vernier caliper, try square, Carpentry Shop Manual 60 scale 2. Marking tools : Marker, punch, surface plate 3. Cutting tools : Cut-off saw, hack saw, flat rough file, carpentry shop lab manual keyboard finishing file 4. Holding tool : Bench vice. With keybkard marker and scale, draw a line parallel to the edge of the mild steel flat at a distance of 50 mm.

Hold the job in the parallel jaw bench vice. Using flat sho; file, remove the extra material and make the job to the required size 48mm x 48 mm. Check the squareness of side edges using try square and the size with the help of vernier calliper time to time. Finish the job with flat smooth filing and emery cloth.

Workshop Technology, Vol. Manufacturing Science and Technology, Vol. Dalela 3. Cut the wood to required size. Make the wood surface plane using planer. Marking of job. Fit the joint. Finish the job with sander. Page 7 of 7 Safety Carpentry shop lab manual keyboard Before entering the workshop all are bound to adopt the safety-precautions rules strictly to avoid any possible accidents. Personal Safety i Long hair and loose clothes are dangerous while working.

Wear tight clothes. Never use half shoes or sandals or chappals. Machine Safety i Do not start any machine before getting instruction or permission. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Cancel Save.

The following units are included in this manual: Legal Information, Shop Design and Management and Set-up, Facilitating a Successful Laboratory: Roles/Responsibility of the Teacher, Safety and Emergency Action and finally a bank of resources for your use in your lab. CARPENTRY TRAINING MANUAL (SPECIALISED CARPENTRY) This compilation has been created by www.Woodworking Air Cleaner Our eBay ID is cross-the-abyss Please visit our current eBay auctions By clicking here We offer discounts for multiple orders and fixed rate global shipping. CARPENTRY. ENGINEERING WORKSHOP LAB MANUAL. Download. Wooden jack planeThis is the most commonly used plane in carpentry shop. The main part of a wooden jack plane is a wooden block called sole, in which steel blade having knife edge is fixed at an angle with the help of wooden edge. The angle of the blade is kept about 45 ° to bottom surface of the.

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