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Are adequate work procedures and PPE provided and used when cleaning up spilled toxic or hazardous materials or liquids? Are platforms made of properly graded wood or metal planks? Compliance with regulatory policies is important for anyone who wants to stay in business. Are free-standing scaffolds properly braced with guy-wires or similar structures? We know this may sound surprising in , but the majority of work order software products and digital safety checklists on the market were not designed for mobile-first. Are inspection dates Carpentry Shop Safety Signs 4k marked on all power tools and cords? Completion date.

Loading and unloading safety; Protecting your business personal property: A crisis averted Electrical surge damage; Obey traffic rules and use common sense; Lessons learned to avoid a traffic accident; Electrical safety; Construction work zone; Painting safety checklist; Auto repair shop safety checklist. Aug 20,  · Safety checklist apps improve the safety of the products and services you provide. They ensure goods are manufactured under high-quality standards using well-maintained equipment, which reduces the risk of lawsuits from harmful substandard products. 3. Carpenter Shop Instruct proper use of hearing PPE; participation in the Hearing Conservation program Potential hazards relating to when performing general Laborer duties See Laborer general hazards for additional potential hazards and hoe to minimize them Hazards related to Administrative Personnel See Administrative.

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