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Some of these may be affiliate based, meaning we earn small commissions at no additional cost to you if items are purchased. Beautifully balanced and weighted, the Pro can be used carving kitchen knives recipe extended periods without hand or wrist fatigue. Zwilling J. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The blade is made from low carbon stainless steel which carving kitchen knives recipe the knife very strong and able to be sharpened very easily. Updated: March 9,

Aside from using the right type of knife for whatever you're cutting, using the right size knife is most important, Donovan explains: "Look for a knife that has the right length blade to slice through whatever you're cutting. And don't forget to sharpen them regularly.

By Maryn Liles January 28, Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Pin FB ellipsis Share. Knife Block Image zoom. Share options. Lastly, when it came to those scalloped divots called Grantons that dot the side of many knives, we preferred blades with them. And we spoke to N. Brian Huegel, knife expert and owner of Country Knives Inc. According to Huegel, Grantons break up the resistance on the blade, and the reduced friction makes it easier to cut even slices, thick or thin.

In the end, our old favorite wowed us all over again. It was long, tall, sharp, and just flexible enough to give us utter control and perfect slices. Already a member? Well-placed medium-strength magnets made it easy to attach all our knives, and a rotating base gave us quick access to them. One tiny quibble: The blade of our inch slicing knife stuck out a little. This roomy block completely sheathed our entire winning knife set using just one of its two sides—and quite securely, thanks to long, medium-strength magnet bars.

Heavy, with a grippy base, this block was very stable. An acrylic guard made this model extra-safe but also made it a little trickier to insert knives and to clean; the wood block itself showed some minor cosmetic scratching during use.

This smaller version of the Downtown Block secured all our knives nicely, though the blade of the slicing knife stuck out a bit. With a base lined with grippy material, this block was very stable. An acrylic guard afforded extra protection against contact with blades but made it a little harder to insert knives and to clean; the wood itself got a little scratched during use. This small, scratch-resistant model had a stable, rubber-lined base and could hold all our knives, though the blade of the inch slicing knife stuck out a bit.

But inch-long gaps between its small magnets made coverage uneven and forced us to find the magnetic hot spots in order to secure the knives. Its acrylic guard made it safer to use but harder to insert knives and to clean. It lacked a nonslip base, and its extra-strong magnets made it unnerving to attach or remove our heavy cleaver.

You, of course, want the absolute best quality of materials and construction available. Choosing which knife to buy will be a little bit more involved. You will have to determine which aspects of the knife will work the best for you. Just like any other knife, you will want to have a solid build to ensure the knife will not only last forever but also live up to its potential.

The basic wants and needs for both knives are the same. You will want to have a handle on the knife that is comfortable in your hand. Also, a full tang that retreats into the handle, mounted with 3 or more rivets will ensure the knife will last a long time.

This also adds quite a bit of added durability. Excellent edge retention goes without saying for every knife but more so with a slicing knife. The blade is usually very thin and similar to a fillet knife which makes the blade very flexible.

This helps with cutting around the bone and on larger portions of meat. Learn more about edge retention. A pitted blade will help to make sure the cuts are evener. A knife that has been made of a higher carbon content within the stainless steel will make the blade more flexible and able to hold a sharper edge over time.

However, if you plan on doing a lot of carving and slicing, you should go with a lower carbon content stainless steel to ensure the strength and durability of the knife will last. A warranty will help to protect your knife when it breaks. Most quality knife makers offer a lifetime warranty with their knives because they are confident it will last forever. Many knives come with different accessories, more so the carving and slicing knives.

For these knives, it would be necessary to have a case or sheath to store the knife in. These types of knives are not used every day and must be stored properly and safely. A case or sheath will help to protect the knife until further use is needed. Other great accessories that go hand in hand with carving and slicing knives would be a sharpening stone or steel or a carving fork. A carving fork is usually part of the set when buying a carving knife. They are used to hold the roast or larger portion in place while carving or slicing off portions.

A sharpening steel is also helpful for these types of knives. Most will hold an edge fairly well, but it is not uncommon to sharpen the knife every time before use, because they are not used that often. Our first knife comes from a very well-known knife maker which has been making knives longer than just about anyone else.

This company uses a higher carbon stainless steel to ensure durability and overall toughness of the knife. This knife will definitely be the power house of carving knives meant to be used for larger quantities of food. The knife is constructed beautifully with a full tang and triple rivets which help to strengthen the knife.

The synthetic handle is pressed against the tang and held by the rivets. It also has an agronomical shape to fit comfortably in your hand when slicing or carving. The blade has an excellent retention grade of 55 on the Rockwell scale and will not need to be sharpened all that often.

The length of the blade is also pitted to help make more accurate and precise cuts. This model also comes with a double-pronged carving knife which shares all the same constructive qualities as the knife.

A carving knife will come in handy when using this knife. This slicing knife is an actual thing of beauty. The knife has been constructed to mimic the Damascus steel design of pressed steel Best Wood Carving Knives 2020 Lite on the blade. The Blade itself is made from a high carbon stainless steel that has been vacuum treated with 66 layers of pressed steel to give it that cool look. The blade is an extra-long 12 inches to help cut through any large piece of meat.

The blade also has a full tang which is held together with a very nice handle which is impervious to heat, cold and moisture. The handle is held against the full tang with 3 rivets so it is very durable. The blade is also pitted to help the release of airflow and make precisely even cuts all the way down. The knife is constructed of 16 layers of pressed high carbon stainless steel to give it that cool Damascus look and feel. Because of this, the blade has excellent edge retention and will rarely need to be sharpened.

The blade has a full tang but no rivets to hold it in place from the handle. The handle is constructed of Pakkawood in a D shape for extra comfort when handling the knife. The blade is a bit shorter than most carving knives coming in at 8 inches as well.

This German made knife is a little bit of the best of both worlds. Most German knives are usually made of a low carbon steel while this one is made of a higher carbon steel. The higher carbon stainless steel allows the knife to be more flexible and thinner.

The blade also has a full tang and is pressed between a synthetic polymer handle that is held together by three rivets for extra strength within the knife.

This knife is probably not the best choice of slicing knives considering its build. This knife would work better in a commercial kitchen where many people would be handling the knife all day. The blade is an extra-long 12 inches and is pitted to help the release of air and juices for more even cuts. While the blade is on the cheaper side of most slicing knives, it does lack a lot of special features you would want in a meat slicer.

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