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Social worker Deana Ayers from Minneapolis said, at its worst, a system in which social workers collaborate with police or replace them in certain situations would be policing with a different oits. Carving kits near me china Metallic Minerals Corporation, the company behind the project, has ktis to scour part of the region for mostly lead, silver and zinc carving kits near me china over a year period. The report released Tuesday from the Office cqrving the Director of National Intelligence represents the most detailed assessment of the array of foreign threats to the election. While Cooper at first opposed the plan, wanting more officers instead, he now sees the program as essential and a step in the right direction in confronting flaws within policing. The royalty will be placed back into municipal funds that are utilized to offer services.

Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Woman refuses to wear mask in Texas, again, gets arrested. How wearing masks, talking on Zoom has changed us. This map shows states where anyone can get vaccine. The Latest: Philippines imposes airport entry restrictions. Amazon jumps into health care with telemedicine initiative. EU sets out virus pass plan to allow free travel.

The Latest: Poland official sees vaccine panic as political. March 12, Gavin Newsom is facing a likely recall election this year that threatens to remove him from office March 17, March 11, Latest Health Video.

Latest Health Headlines. The Latest: Poland official sees vaccine panic as political Officials in Poland say the number of people in Poland who are not turning up to receive Cnc 4d Wood Carving Machine China AstraZeneca's COVID vaccine ranges from over a dozen to a few dozen percent at some immunization centers.

Shifting vaccine hesitancy to acceptance in vulnerable communities There are ways to increase vaccinations for people of color. The Latest: Nevada to open vaccination to everyone over 16 Nevada is making all residents ages 16 and older eligible for the coronavirus vaccine starting April 5 as part of its efforts to inoculate the population as quickly as possible.

COVID reinfections rare, but older adults are more at risk, large study suggests Study found just 0. SC lawmaker draws ire from fellow Dems on transgender bill Twenty-three South Carolina Republicans have signed onto a measure aimed at blocking hormonal treatments for transgender youth.

Walz quarantines after staff member tests positive for virus Minnesota Gov. Woman refuses to wear mask in Texas, again, gets arrested An Oregon woman who was recorded on police body camera video refusing to wear a mask at a Texas bank has been arrested after declining to wear a mask inside another Texas business. Warning issued not to drink Vegas-based 'Real Water' product Health officials are warning people not to drink a Las Vegas-based bottled water brand, Real Water, after linking it to liver illness in five hospitalized children.

Expanded testing part of Biden administration school plans The Biden administration is pushing forward with its plan to reopen schools, and as part of that, it's expanding coronavirus testing for teachers, staff Carvewright Cnc Carving Machine Network and students. Experts: Virus surge in Europe a cautionary tale for US Health experts say the surge in coronavirus cases in Europe should serve as a warning to the U.

Newsom facing a recall? Amazon jumps into health care with telemedicine initiative Amazon is making its first foray into providing health care services. Native tribes have expanded vaccines to everyone in Oklahoma "The goal is to vaccinate as many people as possible. Palestinians get 60, vaccine doses through WHO program The Palestinian Authority says it will receive around 60, coronavirus vaccine doses over the next 48 hours. The surprising ways masks and Zoom are changing how we act and feel Experts address "Zoom fatigue" and the rising interest in plastic surgery.

European Union proposes coronavirus passes to allow its million residents to travel freely across the bloc by summer European Union proposes coronavirus passes to allow its million residents to travel freely across the bloc by summer. The Municipality has been clear that no personal data or information was shared with SLWC, as per the agreement. SLWC recruits local contractors to provide service should a repair be needed, and ask that clients provide feedback after a repair is completed, to ensure they are happy with their service and the work was performed properly.

Kincardine is not the first municipality to make an agreement with SLWC. Similar agreements have been made with almost 60 other towns, townships and cities in Ontario, including Goderich, Hanover and Saugeen Shores. If people wish to be removed from the mailing list that is possible by contacting the company or reaching out to us for assistance. Our role, in reality, was to offer comfort that the program is legitimate and not a scam.

Homeowners should check with their own insurance providers to assess their coverage, before signing up for any service. The decision by more than a dozen European countries to suspend AstraZeneca's COVID shot faced deepening scrutiny on Wednesday, amid concerns the step could undermine public confidence and delay efforts to beat the coronavirus pandemic.

The role of Germany, and in particular Health Minister Jens Spahn, is in the spotlight after a chaotic round of telephone diplomacy at the start of the week ended with the EU's biggest states agreeing to put AstraZeneca on hold. Spahn says he acted on expert advice after Germany's vaccine watchdog reported on what it described as a statistically significant number of cases of a rare brain blood clot.

Later that summer, a similar situation in Eugene, Oregon, ended much differently: A man reported sleeping in a car was sent home in a cab. The key? A mobile crisis intervention team designed to be an alternative to police in nonviolent crises responded to the parking lot, calmed the man, contacted his family and called the taxi.

Social workers have long worked alongside law enforcement, often treating clients in prisons and jails, inpatient psychiatric facilities and immigration detention centres.

A report on reimagining policing by the National Association of Social Workers suggests collaboration could strengthen public safety, reduce racist incidents and improve the relationship between law enforcement and communities of colour. Perin said CAHOOTS works independently, but is fully funded by police with members dispatched through the Eugene police-fire-ambulance communications centre.

Following high-profile police brutality cases, cities including Denver, New York City, Chicago and Seattle, are exploring similar programs with the philosophy that dispatching social workers and mental health professionals alongside — or in lieu of — law enforcement could prevent police brutality. But as cities look to these alternatives in reimagining policing, many social workers are warning increased collaboration with law enforcement risks further harming communities of colour — and ignores the deep history of systemic racism within social Best Woodworking Bench For Sale Near Me work itself.

Social workers contribute to the criminalization and mass incarceration of people of colour, said Julia Lyon, a Pennsylvania social worker and member of Social Service Workers United.

Social worker Deana Ayers from Minneapolis said, at its worst, a system in which social workers collaborate with police or replace them in certain situations would be policing with a different name. While Cooper at first opposed the plan, wanting more officers instead, he now sees the program as essential and a step in the right direction in confronting flaws within policing.

They fill in a lot of gaps. Instead of perpetuating what they see as punishment-based approaches, opponents of police and social workers recommend more investment in community-based intervention. Christine Fernando, The Associated Press. The territorial government approved it on Feb.

Vancouver-based Metallic Minerals Corporation, the company behind the project, has plans to scour part of the region for mostly lead, silver and zinc deposits over a year period.

According to the company's proposal, the project comprises 52 claims that amount to roughly 1, hectares of land. Greg Johnson, president and CEO of Metallic Minerals, said he's happy to be patient until the matter straightened out. Failure to complete a land use plan is an "empty shell of a treaty promise," the petition states. That needs to come to an end. The sub-regional land use plan was launched to get ahead of proposed development and possibly protect parts of the area, he said.

The Yukon government undermined this goal by approving the exploration project, Rifkind added. Asked what the consequences would be, he said, "You'll see shortly.

While the teenage daughter of activist parents has long been concerned about threats to biodiversity, the cascading news about how little time we have to avoid its worst impacts and the limp response of governments have ratcheted up her worry.

They and scores of other Canadian musicians and young climate activists are doing something about it, this week officially launching the Canadian chapter of the Music Declares Emergency movement and related Climate Live initiative. The movement, started in mid and spearheaded by drummer Fay Milton from U.

That means pushing major labels to commit to operating in the most sustainable way possible, by selling sustainable merchandise, pressing on recycled vinyl, and taking less flights, Fry said. The Canadian contingent is joining more than 2, other bands and musicians, including Radiohead, Billie Eilish and Massive Attack, in the movement, which also has chapters in Germany, France, Switzerland and Chile. Climate Live, meanwhile, is an initiative led by young climate activists who are planning a series of simultaneous global climate concerts virtually in April and hopefully live in October, just before the COP26 round of international talks where countries are expected to update their climate ambitions.

Fry is also involved in efforts to create a domestic closed-loop system for band merchandise, which would make it easier for Canadian artists to cut out polyester and use recycled cotton, reduce chemical use in inks and eliminate plastic packaging, and move to print on demand in order to avoid wastage.

So for us, the way we can change this is through activism and all coming together and using our voice. View on euronews. The English Football Association-commissioned independent review said there were at least abuse survivors and suspects in a page report that catalogued failings by eight clubs, including Chelsea and Manchester City, to act on concerns about eight of the most prolific perpetrators of male sexual abuse in the sport. The inquiry led by attorney Clive Sheldon was sparked by a wave of media testimonies of survivors of abuse in , including victims of Barry Bennell, a former youth talent scout for Manchester City.

Crewe, a club where Bennell coached, also likely did not act on warnings from police. Bennell was first arrested in Florida in and convicted the following year of raping a British boy on a soccer tour in the United States. The FA told Blatter it had no information on a case and Sheldon's report condemns the governing body for not acting urgently on the concerns sparks by Bennell's jailing, even after they were highlighted in a TV documentary in During this period October to May , when the FA launched its comprehensive child protection program , the FA did not do enough to keep children safe.

It was not a small organization given England staged the European Championship in and worked for years on an ultimately unsuccessful bid for the World Cup, with the FIFA vote in He was first jailed in Britain in after returning from the U. Bennell was also jailed in , with further convictions in and last year. They include assigning one board member the role of children's safeguarding champion, to develop a five-year strategy and for annual spot checks of grassroots clubs safeguarding policies.

A man has died after slipping and falling from a cliff in West Vancouver's Lighthouse Park on Tuesday. Police were called after people in the park found the man's personal belongings at the top of the cliff around 7 p. Officers searched the area and found a year-old man's body at sea level. Officers believe the man lost his footing on the rocky cliff near the shoreline and fell more than nine metres. Kevin Goodmurphy. The body of a year-old man was recovered near the water's edge at Lighthouse Park on March 16, Ryan Stelting Police found camera equipment on scene and believe the man had been taking photos.

The coroner is investigating his death. Kandis Riese said she felt "quite terrible" after she visited the old La Ronge cemetery in Air Ronge a few years ago, and later found out she had walked over graves she didn't realize were there.

The cemetery, which is called La Ronge Cemetery but is located in Air Ronge, has fallen into disarray. There are only a few remaining headstones, and in some areas sunken ground is the only indication of a potential burial site.

Although this happened years ago, Riese's interest in history and curiosity about the cemetery led her to look into ways that the cemetery could be better explored and mapped.

Riese took the idea to the Air Ronge council to see if there might be interest and support to hire a company Veneer Shop Near Me Facebook that could locate unmarked graves and map the old cemetery. Kandis Riese But council hasn't approved the idea quite yet. It asked that Riese form a committee of other interested parties to help look into the project.

So far five people have joined the committee that Riese is heading. Gavin Willins, the chief administrative officer at the Northern Village of Air Ronge, said that council isn't against the idea. Council did approve the request of another resident, Karen Robertson, who asked for a new sign at the cemetery. Although there aren't yet plans to move ahead with using radar to map the cemetery, Willins is happy to see residents consider issues like this.

The report released Tuesday from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence represents the most detailed assessment of the array of foreign threats to the election. Despite those threats, though, intelligence officials found "no indications that any foreign actor attempted to interfere in the US elections by altering any technical aspect of the voting process, including voter registration, ballot casting, vote tabulation, or reporting results. The document makes clear that even while Trump has cried foul about the legitimacy of the election, intelligence officials believe Russia sought to influence people close to Trump as a way to tip the election in his favour.

Trump, whose campaign benefited from hacking by Russian intelligence officers and a covert social media effort, seized on an intelligence assessment from August that said China preferred a Biden presidency — even though the same assessment also said Russia was working to boost Trump's own candidacy by disparaging Biden.

The primary threats instead came from Russia and Iran, albeit with different intentions and through different means, according to intelligence officials. The report also says Putin authorized influence operations aimed at denigrating Biden, boosting Trump, undermining confidence in the election and exacerbating social divisions in the U. Intelligence officials did not single out any Trump ally in that effort. But longtime associate Rudy Giuliani met multiple times with Ukrainian lawmaker Andrii Derkach, who in released heavily edited recordings of Biden in an effort to link the Democratic nominee to unsubstantiated corruption allegations.

Notably, though, Russia was not as aggressive as in past election cycles in trying to hack election infrastructure. The report says Russian cyber operations that targeted state and local government networks last year were probably not election-focused and were instead part of a broader effort to target U. The Kremlin on Wednesday rejected the allegations in the report. Iran, meanwhile, carried out its own influence campaign aimed at harming Trump's reelection bid, an effort U.

Iran's efforts, which officials say were more aggressive than in past elections and continued even after the contest was over, were focused on sowing discord in the U. The page document is a declassified version of an election interference report that was provided to Trump on Jan.

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