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I found it malllet to clamp the carving mallet plans 01 to my work bench surface as it helped to stabilize the pieces and avoid a lot of sliding around. I have quite a bit of it that had been dried for about 5 years. GeoJB August 25, All rights reserved Privacy Policy Terms of Use. I hope you like it. Let the assembly sit for a bit while the glue sets up.

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I have quite a bit of it that had been dried for about 5 years. I was quite proud of the out come, so I stained it and finished it like fine furniture.

Well I figured that fine stand deserved to be used with a fine wooden mallet. I turned the head using a piece of hard maple and then turned a handle of walnut. Likewise that too was a beautiful project, but that mallet was too beautiful to EVER use! To this day it hangs beneath that stand as a reminder that useful hand made tools need not be beautiful. I carved it green but it never cracked in the slightest.

It was a little heavy for woodwork but I loved that mallet. You can still see their patterns in the lobes under the bark. The fibers around the branches do not grow straight up and down, which makes it very difficult to cleave it and to turn it. I think you would find that hard maple takes the abuse of a froe better than the ash you chose, with much less splitting. Also, if your log is green, it will dry with more deformities than a straight grained section.

So far, I made my two favorite mallets from dogwood and hophornbeam. They are almost indestructible. If you turn the center of the end of the mallet slightly concave, it will be easier to find and less likely to roll off your bench and onto your foot. Turn the outside edge of the end rounded and convex, so it will be less likely to start a split.

Think of the bottom of a coffee cup. By Yoav Liberman. In Shop Blog , Woodworking Blogs. Below are my illustrations of common mallet shapes. Common handle designs for a round mallet. My mighty beech mallet. Flatlander September 8, RRP August 30, GeoJB August 25, Barquester August 22, William Duffield August 18, It is Fine Woodworking Mallet Plans Youtube not a time consuming project and anyone with a basic skill set can do it provided you have a wood lathe Last year was a great one for peach production and as a result our peach tree gave up under the weight of all the fruit.

The wood piece in the video is walnut ,also saved from the burn pile. I took a piece of paper and folded it in two. I drew the outline of the mallet size I wanted to do and cut away the excess. This way I got a symmetric pattern. Using the parting tool i marked the high and low spots. You can hold the pattern next to the lathe and just copy these points. Using a wooden measuring gauge i made sure i did not take to much material on the low points. I then shaped the handle and sanded the whole mallet as it was spinning on the Free Wood Carving Bench Plans Jumper lathe.

The wood was sealed using natural wax paste. Wax seals the end grain and protects the wood from cracking. This project was fun and quick to make. I hope you like it. Participated in the Woodworking Contest View Contest. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Incredible Wooden Spirals by rschoenm in Woodworking. Telescope Setting Circles by instgct in Science. Reply Upvote. No ,I turned it green and then applied a layer of wax paste. It has not cracked until now.

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