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Electronics Components. Plz give me new project idea cool electronics projects to build 00 my…. However, the water tanks that are installed in our residences have the bad habit of frequently overflowing, causing either some damage to the surrounding materials or simply wasting precious drinking water. Are you a big fan of crafty do it yourself ideas? The output of the latch is then used to display the corresponding number or the LED on the corresponding contestant side. A GPS chip provides coordinates of its electgonics.

Lovely circuits…. Iam electronic and communication engineering student. I am much into circuit project. Thus I will definitely choose radio circuit project. Anyway, thanks for sharing this information. Keep it up. In future want to see like this more. I will take some of the projects and try on my own….

After going through this article I remembered my project which I made in my final year!!! We were a group of 3 friends made an automated car parking system using microcontrollers.

Thanks for taking me back to my old memories!! I need information of a new project. If you dont mind please mail me the information.

Your email address will not be published. Comments Pls can u mail me the synopsis of rf controlled hovercraft. I would like to purchase Boolean algebra calculator project. Useful Information for Students. This project gives you a neat DIY way to get a second monitor hooked up while also re-purposing an old laptop and giving it new life. For those who want to follow in his footsteps, he's made the project available on GitHub and answers questions over on Reddit.

It's also a great way to build your maker skills. This project lets you get up close with the science behind microbial fuel cells and learn about this type of renewable energy technology. This project could be used to add a little charge to your smartphone or be a fun way to introduce battery chemistry to kids.

The hack is simple, cheap, and, we assume, great smelling! Once transformed, this gadget can pair with your smartphone or iPod and play your tunes wherever you take it.

It's as small as a smartphone and doesn't include a back-up battery, which is more environmentally friendly. Jaymi Heimbuch.

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