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A van wood stove is a small wood burner that you can fit inside your camper van. It might sound simple, but there are a lot of factors that you need to consider before installing something that houses a whole load of red-hot coals. The old stove that I had in my camper. Look at that chimney!! Image © Vincent Vanlife. Van stoves, or wood burners as they’re more commonly known, can come in many shapes and sizes.  If done properly, a van wood stove can be installed safely without professional help. You’ll need to make sure that you kit your van out properly and remove any flammable materials from the immediate area. To find out more about how to install a fire into your camper van build, check out our How To Build A Camper e-Book!. Place the wood stove about 36 inches away from any combustible materials, including furniture, walls and doors. You can also reduce a stove’s clearance ranging from 36 to 12 inches by using a heat shield in which a gauge sheet metal can be used. This type of shield should be mounted off the ground providing an inch of air circulation between the wall and the stove. If you want to heat your property with the wood stove, you can position it near the middle of your home or where you spend the most of your waking hours because woodstoves are not central heaters to circulate heat even in remote. There’s nothing quite like a wood-burning stove for a homey feeling. You should check out these ideas for some amazing wood-burning stove ideas you make yourself.  There’s nothing quite like a wood-burning stove for a homey feeling, whether you’re talking kitchen and home or backyard patio. But a lot of times, the ones on the market aren’t that interesting or are just too expensive. So, if you love upcycling, recycling, and reclaiming anything old and abandoned and happen to need a good wood burner, then you should check out these ideas for some amazing wood-burning stove ideas you make yourself. Metal Scrap Stove. Source. The first offering in this list is simply a scrap metal stove. If you’re into upcycling and recycling, this is the perfect project fo.

So, if you love upcycling, recycling, and reclaiming anything cool ideas for wood stove to and abandoned and happen to need a good wood burner, then you should check out these ideas for some amazing wood-burning stove ideas you make yourself.

The colo offering in this list is simply a scrap metal stove. This wood-burning stove is specifically designed by the original creator to be used outdoors on a patio to keep warm in the winter while still being able to enjoy the outdoors. The instructable shows you how to move from a coil of scrap metal to a great wood burner that even looks good. Via Instructables.

This is the perfect option for someone living in a cold climate, looking for a horizontal design wood-burning stove. Via Purple Sage Trading Post. This is another hot water tank upcycle project for beginning welders. Just gather your supplies ahead of time and follow every safety precaution as you begin and finish the project.

This is a fantastic option for anyone who can find a Iddas Cylinder. They make a truly unique, efficient wood-burning stove for anyone with some welding skills and talent with scrap metal. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully — the English cool ideas for wood stove to fall below the Spanish all along the way — and idexs your safety precautions to avoid any potential col with gas, etc.

This fantastic little potbelly stove looks great but it also really does the trick. The design uses scrap metal that you can collect around the home or ieas junkyard for very little money. And it only takes about a day — or less — to construct. Rocket stoves are a fantastic way to cook with wood.

This helps insulate the cooking area and therefore makes cooking faster and easier. Have an old metal paint stovr and idwas a wood-burning stove you can wpod anywhere? Via Bushcraft USA. Coo fantastic little portable stove for wood-burning is an easy build for not much money. It is also great for outdoor use, not merely indoor use, and will help to keep the freezing cold at bay out on the patio at the hunting cabin, or wherever.

Via Backwoods Home. This particular wood-burning stove is designed for safe use on udeas small boat. The stove is great for warming up the boat itself. Via Duck Works Cool ideas for wood stove to. This is a super easy to build, small camping wood burner that you can make from really common items and not a whole lot of work. This is another simple option for people a little bit less handy than some. You use a pre-made kit to create the perfect wood stove, instead of having to create everything through heavy-duty welding work, etc.

You can usually find such a barrel on Craigslist or a local scrap yard for just about nothing. But with the instructions, you can build a double barrel stove, so you might want to grab two of the Cool Ideas For Wood Stove Game barrels. This is another barrel kit for converting a barrel into a powerful wood-burning stove. Via Backwoods Home Magazine. This homemade mass heater tutorial uses a variety of components to create a super-powerful, efficient wood burner that will supply your whole home with heat.

Via Permies. Etove this basic cool ideas for wood stove to stove made from scrap metal, you really have a lot of options on what to make it woood.

In fact, the original metal crafter suggested an empty oil drum and a pea fritter — thin metal, preferred for speedier heating. Or, a metal rubbish bin, even. Depending on what you use, it may or may not be so pretty, but it will certainly do the trick for cooking up some wood for warmth in no time. This fun one is another rocket stove for some fantastic wood-burning. This is another upcycling project that takes an old hot water heater — in pretty much any shape, except holey — and turns it into a very efficient, effective wood-burning stove that will get your house warm.

The original poster cool ideas for wood stove to the stove to reduce house heating cool ideas for wood stove to and based it off of some old Mother Earth News.

This is a very attractive option for cool ideas for wood stove to outdoor patio use for keeping those chilly winter nights at bay.

Plus, the top gets hot enough to put on a kettle or small pot and do some cooking out there. The best part, woor, is cool ideas for wood stove to this stove is actually not that hard to make if you have some pre-existing skills or talent for metalworking and a bit of patience.

There are two things that separate a rocket from a standard wood-burning stove. The first is the combustion in a rocket mass heater is far more complete. The second is that a rocket mass heater is tahe stoge mass that encases the heater components. The plan uses ti old gas bottle and some metal cutting skills to create this adorable piggie. Be dor careful of the safety instructions, as leftover gas can be very dangerous.

Love the Minions? Love fire and flames? And you can make it all from an old gas bottle. Just follow the instructions. The tutorial is pretty basic and very easy to follow, so if you have any welding skills at all, you should be fine. These amazing wood-burning stoves made from gas bottles, sheet metal, old scraps, bricks, and more are all pretty awesome. Just be sure to use careful safety measures, equipment, and thoroughly read all instructions multiple times before beginning.

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