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You can always talk to a cabinet maker or contractor if you need help. But I have one question: Did you create the abstract art above the new mantel too? Sorry, ya probably get that too often Tala! It also has a buidl water distributor so you can use it for irrigation without tying up your faucet. I am web enthusiast, writer and blogger.

Customize Rocco to fit what you define as a chill evening. Cineorama by Erika Hock is an outdoor viewing space, so you can sit and watch a couple of your favorite movies with your family and friends, within the comforts of your own backyard! You can simply convert your backyard into one! A tool used for firing clay in a kiln transforms into a minimalist bird feeder! Ceramika Design and Studio Kononenko wanted to make use of ceramic rings used when firing clay in kilns. The main element of the bird feeder is formed from ceramic — the frame and body of the bird feeder.

Covering just about a quarter of the round frame is a plastic plate that functions to store plenty of food for the wild birds. Extending from the middle of the plastic plate is a wooden peg that works as a perch for birds to enjoy their seeds. The company behind this work shed has been acing the game when it comes to well-designed office furniture like flexible desks and ergonomic chairs.

The Zen Work Pod was a culmination of their furniture design mission clubbed with the need of the hour. The pod features floor-to-ceiling windows and an angular roof all wrapped in a sturdy oak, walnut, and aluminum structure.

It is compact but the minimal build and sweeping windows make it feel spacious. You can operate the barbecue lid without having to touch it, Things To Build With Wood Pallets Review or rest the grill on any uneven surface without worrying about it falling over, you can even lift the grill plate off the coal-pan to add more fuel. This unique format keeps the barrel balanced and vertical at all times, allowing you to mount it on rocky terrain or even on slanted surfaces without any fear of the barrel tipping over. The Bigfoot Table comes handcrafted out of Western Red Cedar wood with a built-in lightweight stainless steel endoskeleton to provide it with its strength.

Right in the center of the table lies an opening that reveals a rectangular fireplace built right into the tabletop. The fireplace is supplied with fuel using a propane canister that can be placed in the hollow-space below and comes with a metal outer-casing to protect the wood from getting burnt.

The fireplace cover is even designed to be reversed, with a game of Mancala integrated into its flip-side — with the ability to use the firestones as game pieces! One of the biggest problems with hammocks is that you need two trees or poles to hold them up, and typically they are placed outdoors. Folks at Yellow Leaf are solving for this, Things To Build With Spare Wood 2020 by giving us the Hammock Throne. Simply sit back, relax and swivel all around on a whim.

Tempest turns every part of your home into a smart home, from your front-gate to your backyard. Designed as an all-in-one weather-monitoring system that sits on your lawn, Tempest uses a variety of sensors and AI to predict the weather for your house.

The Tempest runs entirely on solar power and communicates with your home using long-range Wi-Fi. It even sends back data to WeatherFlow, which collectively uses all the pooled information to accurately predict weather patterns across the world.

A portable smart fireplace is what we need for this unprecedented holiday season! Will be whipping up four of them post haste.

Thanks for posting the plans. You are a good person to share your knowledge with the world! You make it look so easy.

Thanks man, let the fine comments of gratitude be a stimulus to keep on posting! Many thanks again! We needed them for another project we were about to start on. Very simple to build and inexpensive. Thank you Next, your band-saw boxes. I was wondering if you drilled pilot holes for the screws?

Another rookie question, if you do pilot holes what size drill bit should you use compared to the screw you use? Hey Ray. This is a great first project as you can use it for help with future projects. I did not pre drill these holes but you can if you prefer. This is the diameter of the screw without any threads. You want to use a drill bit that is the shank size or slightly smaller.

Harder woods are more prone to splitting so its best to pre drill. Softer woods are more forgiving so pre drilling is not always necessary. Thanks again Jay! Found your site here this morning, Jan. Scaled them up to the working height of my antique Workmate. Worked a treat and my next project, a long table is already on them. Thanks Jay! By the way do you or your family own a motel?

Just another thank-you for Cool Things To Build With Scrap Wood 4th posting these. I modified the design a little, though, and put the top of the i-beam on with… pocket hole screws. I had the jig lying around, and it seemed like an easy way to make the sacrificial tops as metal-free as possible. Thanks for the tip Jay. I built a set today in just about 1hr. Hey Jay, great plans and sawhorses! I knocked four of them yesterday in a snap.

Love the fact that stack up, I plan on making couple more next week. Best plans out there, thanks! I made a set of your sawhorses when my old ones started to fall apart. The top piece is cut shorter to match the I beam piece on the sawhorse. Makes a strong sturdy table, loaned them to my neighbor and he put a V6 engine on them without a problem.

Thanks for the plans. The plan is very sturdy and easy to do. You should now be able to screw them on with no problems. Jay, I chose your saw horse design over all others as well as buying to save money. Well, I got the materials and knocked them out last night. I want to say.. I did glue the I-Beams. One of the I-beams shifted when I glued and screwed it therefore I had a nice wobble. I flipped the horse over and made sure the I beam was level.

I then measured the level between the sets of legs. I found one set side to side was off by a whole bubble. The leg where bubble was highest, I took a square and marked a line where which the bubble was level. With a power saw I shaved off increments to that line till each test produced no wobble.

Nice tip! I was considering taking a low-grit sander to it, but your way will create less saw dust. Jay, I just made a couple of these while building my shed. It sure came in handy for cutting the OSB. Easiest and best saw horses out there. Hi Jay… First time for me posting on your site…. I marked this as a much needed tool in my shop. I came home sawed the material up on my mitre saw as I pulled each board from the truck.

Oh wait.. What brand and model drill are you using? Just a thought. Since modern glues are so strong I wonder if it might be wiser simply to glue the I-beam together and only use screws to attach the legs. This way there is no possibility of a blade that is set too deep running into a screw. I remembered this set and without even going back I winged it. Easy Easy Easy!! They have held up great!

Hey, these are pretty cool. This left 4 inches of scrap. Well, after discovering your site months ago, I have finally decided to make my first set of saw horses. Wish me luck. I will report how it all went shortly. Just got done building a set. Thanks for your clear and concise instructions. I opted to cut 15 degree angles at the bottom of the legs. It gives them a bit stability. Thanks Jay. I am a beginner and these were easy to make.

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