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This awesome flooring is made using small triangles that create a cool geometric pattern when put together. Shampoos, conditioners, face washes, body washes, bath bombs and a million other things need to be stored in cool wood projects with plans 2020 wihh, and if you are anything like me, you are running out of space. Talking of plants, we have already established how easily they can brighten up and enliven space. The good thing is that it is not that difficult to build, anyone with basic woodworking knowledge can build this project, and they have also provided step by step process to make DIY Cool wood projects with plans 2020 crate with images and diagrams. Click here to projjects back to the Table of Content Check out coll to make a gorgeous and functional bathtub tray here.

You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want. You can decorate it with glitter and add some personal touches, or keep it minimalistic in style. Click here to go back to the Table of Content To know more about how to make this piece, check this video out. Who says you have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a stylish coffee table?

Thanks to furniture retailers, you can now get hairpin legs for coffee tables and household furniture quite easily. And due to these unassembled legs, it has become increasingly easy to make coffee tables at home.

The best part? Not only will your table be cheaper than most run-of-the-mill, standard pieces in the market, but it will also stand out, because you can make it as unique as you like. Click here to go back to the Table of Content Check out how to make one version of a stylish coffee table here.

If you want to use hairpin legs, check this one out. Want to impress your guests before they even enter your home? Make a wooden address planter that not only showcases the house number and address of your residence, but also features some lovely plants. A couple of planters can add a nice touch to the entryway. So that when spring rolls around, your entryway is colorful with blooming flowers, but you can replace them with cactuses in winter.

Click here to go back to the Table of Content Check out how to make this piece here. Talking of plants, we have already established how easily they can brighten up and enliven space. Plant hangers are now the newest trend that is taking the world by storm. And now, you can add plants to your home while showing off your skills with wood.

Plant hangers that are exquisitely crafted with your own hands can give your home a calming feeling that is simply unmatched. Click here to go back to the Table of Content Check out how to make plant hangers here. Outdoor furniture is extremely comfy and can add a bit of vibrance and pop of color to an otherwise drab space. Plus, you can never have enough of it. That is why, you should invest your time in making a popping, beautiful, and vibrant lawn chair. There is another advantage to making your own chair — you can decide what style you want!

There are so many styles to pick from, and you do not have to limit yourself to one, if you have the time. You can make an Adirondack chair, a campfire chair, or a good old-fashioned lounge styled patio chair. That is why, the beer caddy is the perfect project for you. You can practice batching out wood pieces, and you can even make these pieces as gifts for your friends. You will need some basic tools like a bandsaw, miter gauge, disc sander, table saw, planer, etc.

Find out how to make one here. In the modern age, the simpler the things are, the more attractive they are. Wooden arrows are an inexpensive, simple project that is enjoyable and looks sophisticated and classy. You can even paint them to match your current color-scheme! Click here to go back to the Table of Content Check out this video to know how to make this piece. Bathing is not just for cleaning.

With the introduction of so many bathing products in recent times, it has become clear that bathing is now a relaxing activity. After a long, hard day at work, grab your book, light a scented candle, pour yourself a glass of wine, and settle into your bathtub for some alone-time. And you know what can make your bath time even more comfy? A bath tray, where you can place all the stuff you need without fear of getting it all wet.

Click here to go back to the Table of Content Check out how to make a gorgeous and functional bathtub tray here. Speaking of trays, why limit your woodworking skills to the bathtub tray? Why not show off what you can do in the living room as well? A customized serving tray can not only impress your guests with your skill, but you can even gift it to your loved ones as a reminder of your generosity.

The best part is that this project is so simple that it will barely take any extra equipment. You can also play around with techniques and materials for this project. Check out how to make this gorgeous tray here! All of us, at some point, have spent minutes or even hours looking for our car keys or house keys before leaving the house. But what if we told you that you can solve this problem once and for all with some woodworking skills? Put an end to all the frantic searching by making a wooden key holder for your home.

With just beginner level woodworking skills, you can make a beautiful piece that will stand out. Check out how to make a key holder here! Cutting boards are universally needed — and they can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be.

You can find a wide variety of cutting boards and cheese boards in the market nowadays, but what if you could make your own with just a few tools? A cutting board is indeed one of the simplest woodworking projects, and if you are a beginner, it is the perfect start to your journey into woodworking.

Click here to go back to the Table of Content Learn how to make a wooden cutting board here! You know what can add a flair of classiness and sophistication to your living room? A mid-century nightstand.

Besides the obvious addition of storage space, this piece of furniture can truly elevate the look of a room to a whole new level. There are hundreds of tutorials available and you just have to choose the kind of nightstand you want to get started. To get the modern farmhouse look, check this one out. Or get a more rustic look from this one, or make one with plywood as shown here.

The choices are truly endless. Display your favorite pictures of friends and family with a beautiful photo holder. The good thing about photo holders made out of wood is that you can make them as simple or as complex as you like. And you can also use them as a personalized gift — just add a lovely picture of the person you are giving it to. To learn how to make a wooden photo holder, check out this video.

You can also make good old-fashioned wood picture frames as shown here. The game itself is not that complicated, but it is certainly good for spending some time with your family. If you have small kids you want to keep occupied, this wooden tic tac toe game can keep them entertained for hours. You can use stickers to spice up the faces of the boxes — you can make them Christmas themed, or simply use a motif that your loved ones like.

Click here to go back to the Table of Content Check out how to make this simply yet lovely piece here. Now you may have forgotten about this classic childhood game, but it can be a fun board game for the entire family.

If you have teenaged children, a good old-fashioned game of chess can be a great way to spend time with them. And you can build a custom board for yourself now too! This really easy project involves selecting some contrasting wood pieces, some glue, and a few basic woodworking tools. If you are ready to start this project, check out this video.

If you want to make your own minimalistic style pieces too, check out this one here. For people who have pets, you know you want the best things for your furry friends. A food bowl for your dogs is perhaps the best gift for them, because we all know how much dogs love eating. Although there are many varieties of dog bowls available online and offline, you can personalize this piece by creating it yourself. Click here to go back to the Table of Content Check out how to make a standing dog bowl here.

Do you like watching Netflix on your phone? Streaming YouTube? Or maybe you just like to watch tutorials for making wooden pieces while working? In any case, a mobile holder can make life quite easy.

Although there are many mobile holders available in the market, they are usually not very sturdy. Make your own mobile holder that is custom designed for your phone. Whether you use an iPhone or an Android smartphone currently, you can make a universal mobile holder that will work even for your future purchases. Learn how to make this piece here. If there is one place in your house where you can always use more space, it is the bathroom.

Shampoos, conditioners, face washes, body washes, bath bombs and a million other things need to be stored in the bathroom, and if you are anything like me, you are running out of space. So why not make floating shower shelves for that empty corner in your bathroom?

You can store your toiletries and towels here, use it for lighting some candles when taking a bath, or even use some decorative pieces. Click here to go back to the Table of Content Get the step by step tutorial for this project here. If you love cooking, you must have a variety of knives for different purposes.

Peeling ones, steak knives, small knives, big knives and everything in between. But if you do not keep them organized, it can be quite dangerous. Instead of buying a knife organizer, why not make one for yourself at home? Not only will it prevent any accidental cuts, but it can also keep your knives sharp for a very long time.

Click here to go back to the Table of Content Learn how to make a gorgeous knife organizer here! Many times, you may have a lot of guests at home. A kerf bending plywood piece can serve as a replacement for your coffee table in these times. And the good news? You can easily make it yourself! This piece is especially great for people who have a lot of ottomans in their home, because it can very easily transform them into a table, without ever dirtying the fabric of the ottomans.

Learn how to make one here. Lighting up your home and office in a traditional Eastern style has never been easier. This Japanese style desk lamp made from LED lights and wood is a statement piece, and soon you will have guests asking you where you got it.

This can become a really cool japanese woodworking project for you. Click here to go back to the Table of Content Learn how to make this lamp here! Now you have a bunch of really cool woodworking projects and interesting ideas to work on. Nearly all of them can be treated as DIY woodworking projects since they are not very complex and can be done alone or with a bunch of friends. We along with Bill Baum are constantly trying to improve our list of projects so do keep an eye and share the stuff with your friends.

Do reach out with suggestions or if you have tried any of the above projects. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Laminated Cedar Spiral Lamp. Wooden wine rack for countertops. Decorative jewellery holder. Computer or laptop stand. Multi-level plant stand. Floating shelves with no brackets. Shoe organizer. Step stool for kitchen. Tea light candle holder. Wooden cross puzzle box. Serving trays.

Shower corner shelves. Bending plywood for coffee table replacement. Why not build one swing for each member of your family? Project credit: hertoolbelt. We are continuing the list with another fun tutorial, this time for an oversized Tic Tac Toe game. Not only is the game fun, this is a perfect idea for a Christmas present, especially if you paint little Christmas icons on the wooden blocks just like on the image above.

The tutorial also explains how to build the tray for the blocks. Project credit: prodigalpieces. Are you a dog lover or a cat person?

Then this tutorial is exactly your cup of tea. Larissa from Prodigal Pieces built this cozy dog bed that you could easily make for your little four-legged pal as well.

The tutorial also features instructions for building the custom cushion. Though this bed is made for a rather small dog, you can actually customize the project to fit your pet — no matter how big or small your furry friend might be. Project credit: cherishedbliss. This adorable pencil holder fixes that problem once and for all. Not only is it practical, it looks great on the desk, especially when you decorate it with something meaningful like it has been done in this particular project.

Only tool you are going to need is a drill. After drilling you can decorate the pencil holder with scrapbook paper and Mod Podge and apply a sticker on the paper, but as with any DIY project, you can feel free to decorate it according to your taste. The end result will definitely look dashing! You just got to love scrap wood projects. Similar wooden houses like these have been sold even in Etsy before, but you can bet these DIY decorations will cost you a lot less — they cost virtually nothing!

In this project you can just go completely wild and use all kinds of wood bits you have laying around, no matter the size or angle. In fact, the quirkier they look, the cooler! Why not include kids as well and let them paint an entire village? That will be one afternoon well spent! Magazines have one bad habit — they tend to pile up in your home and they are usually scattered around the house. So what to do about this mess? Build this simple magazine holder, of course!

No glue, no screws, nothing. The pieces are meant to fit nicely into each other, forming an x-shape. What we love about this project is not only the simplicity of making it, but the minimalistic look it has. If you want to fancy it up, you can of course use some color too. Project credit: diynetwork. This project features reclaimed wood, giving the perfect rustic and homey look to the picture frame.

This could actually be a great project for refining your woodworking skills as a beginner! Project credit: passionshake. Though the idea behind the project is so easy, these little picture holders actually look amazing and fit perfectly to a modern home.

Are you constantly working in your bed with laptop? This folding lap desk is the perfect solution for modern lifestyle and makes your life tons easier! Jen from The House of Wood presented this cool idea as her contribution to the one-board challenge. The project might be a little intimidating for those without tons of woodworking experience under their belt, but Jen makes the project easy for everyone, as always!

Project credit: thekimsixfix. Could it get any more perfect? Other than that, the detailed tutorial makes it incredibly easy to replicate this cool desk organizer yourself!

As a final touch, you can paint the organizer with your favorite colors — just to give it a nice finished look. Project credit: chloelarkin. The minimalistic look comes from using untreated pine and assembling the wooden pieces in a clever simple way.

A bit of wood, screws, a drill and 15 minutes — this is a wonderful project for a Saturday afternoon. Project credit: rogueengineer. Are you looking for a memorable and unique wedding gift? A wedding wine box is a trendy gift, but making one yourself makes the gift simply so much personal. Project credit: newblooming. Who said shelves have to be rectangular? In fact, the circle of the shelves is made of quilting hoops!

You do need clamps for this though — be ready to clamp this beauty crazily! Why not decorate your own nursery with something as cute as this? Project credit: burkatron. This mid century style nightstand looks like it just jumped out from the cover of a decor magazine. Simple rectangular shape and hairpin legs look simply brilliant together, especially when the wood is untreated.

The same idea could easily be applied for making something bigger, such as a coffee table. Or you can take this even further and use some other wood, such as pine. The choices are endless! This project simply proves once again that simplicity is the best. Practical and gorgeous — this one really is a heart-stealer! Project credit: kj. Instead, you can showcase them on your kitchen counter!

You can then lean the rack against a wall or even wall-mount it — whatever you prefer. This is a must-have for every wine-lovers home! Project credit: wellmadeheart. Not only are triangle shelves popular among DIY-ers, you can find such shelves even from furniture shops. You can bet that the price tag there is rather hefty!

You could also use wood glue if you prefer that, but in that case you need to be patient. One way or the other, you can easily make 10 or even more of these shelves within just one weekend. Feel free to change the measurements as well and create triangles in different sizes.

That way you can create a quirky wall display with photo frames and cool triangle shelves. It will look exactly like in home decor magazines, you can be sure of that! Project credit: diyhuntress. You can never have too many benches. While benches are usually considered to be something more demanding when it comes to carpentry skills, this project proves that wrong.

This affordable bench plan is feasible even for beginner woodworking enthusiasts. Once you have the tools and materials, the rest is easy: cut the pieces according to the cut list, create the frames, x-s and shelves, then assemble all pieces together.

Similarly to benches, you can never have too many chairs. The wood of choice here is redwood as it has natural tendency to resist to warping, shrinking and other ugly phenomenons that might happen with outdoor furniture. Though these chairs have been built for outdoor use, you could easily build them for indoors as well.

Wooden chairs always make the room shine! Jen from The House of Wood is here to inspire us some more with this great idea.

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