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Doominater View Profile View Posts. Executive View Profile View Posts. Note: This is ONLY to be woodworkijg to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Storage facilites tend to cool woodworking project zomboid the best for nails, but they are also some of the most dangerous places.

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The early worm deserves the bird View Profile View Posts. I'm building a river base and I wanted to bring in a wood stove from one of the area's on the map. I was of course going to use it to cook food with but I also figured with the way the base is set up I could probably use it until winter.

So I was thinking I could also use it as a heat source during that time. There are two wood stoves relatively close to each other and I was going to use one as an experiment. But does anyone already know if you leave a Beginner Woodworking Projects Reddit Me wood stove burning for hours in game would it burn your house down? Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. It can definatly burn your house down but im not sure if something has to be inside the stove first tho.

Last edited Woodworking Projects That Sell Youtube 60 by Woodworking Furniture Projects 001 WillieSea ; 28 May, am. Originally posted by djvirus :. Originally posted by The early worm deserves the bird :. Originally posted by Nordil Hun :. The fire would come from the food 'burning', which I assume at the end of the burn process, it starts the fire. Originally posted by WillieSea :. You can get and axe and chop down trees or you could find them in warehouses,sheds,creates,etc. Thanks blackWolf : ill get onto it straight away.

Crowbar also does the job. Thenameless View Profile View Posts. If you chop trees you will need a saw to turn them into planks. You can get planks from doors you break down too. Doominater View Profile View Posts. Lokai View Profile View Posts. One of my best methods of doing this before fidning an axe would be to grab your hammer and go smash down some doors. It will usually give planks, 1 doorknob and 1 or 2 door hinges. Kind of a pain in the ass, but by far the best method if you are missing the saw or the axe.

It is obviously a little loud though and those planks are really heavy, so best to do it close to home in somewehre that is already cleared out. The bad part about that is that it doesn't give you any nails, so you have to find those elsewhere. Storage facilites tend to be the best for nails, but they are also some of the most dangerous places. Thank you all for your replys, found them all very helpful haha now i no how to get wood : when the multiplayer comes along feel free to add me up people.

The best weapon to chop down trees and get wood with is the axe. Originally posted by Lokai :. While you can get planks by bashing down doors. Chopping down trees and then using a saw to make planks is much Woodworking Projects Elementary School Of Music more efficient. You'll get a lot more planks from a tree then you will from a door. Yee View Profile View Posts. Ok, I have a question. Where can I find a Saw, where can I find a axe, and lastlly where can I find some nails?

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