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I need help updating the site! If you can help, please send me a message. Your help is greatly appreciated! You are not alone in the universe. In the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, strange new creatures and cultures await your party of adventurers on every new planet and space station.

Starfinder Alien Archive presents a sampling of such aliens, designed both for Game Masters to use in crafting challenging encounters and Build Your Own Picture Frame Kit Kit adventures and for players to use in creating and customizing the perfect characters. Some of the species detailed here are key members of the Pact Worlds, being almost as familiar to the average citizen as the races presented in the Starfinder Core Rulebook.

Others—angels, devils, and fey, for example—are from realms beyond mortal ken. Appendix 4: Universal Creature Rules explains all those rules which are common among the various entries in this book. This book is only a small sampling of the myriad creatures found in the Starfinder campaign setting. For more, see the Starfinder Adventure Path volumes and other supplements, or quickly and easily import monsters from the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary volumes into your Starfinder game using the rules from the Pathfinder Legacy chapter of the Starfinder Core Rulebook.

This book also presents a ton of alien technology such as armor, magic items, weapons, and more that are perfect for rewarding or customizing crafters companion build a frame dies red characters, sprinkled throughout their respective creature entries.

And Appendix 2: Summoning Creatures offers spellcasters rules for summoning creatures in combat, allowing you to bring even more aliens to your table! Part of the fun of any science fantasy game crafters companion build a frame dies red playing bizarre alien races, and in Crafters companion build a frame dies red, we want groups to have as many playable creature options as possible.

As a result, many of the creature entries in this book include racial traits—rules that players can use to build characters of these races. In many cases, these racial abilities are scaled-back versions of the full monster abilities; this is because opponents run by the GM both monsters and nonplayer characters are created using a different rules system than player characters, but also because it allows us to present Build A Frame Dies Zone a wide array of potential playable races that might otherwise be too powerful.

The GM can also opt to treat non-humanoid player races as humanoids for the purposes of spells and other abilities to offset some of these complications. Not all creatures have all of the information listed below. XP: Comoanion is the total number of experience points the player characters PCs earn for defeating the creature. Note that this is the total for the party, not each character!

Race and Grafts: All creatures have a race entry. Some creatures are also built with class or template grafts, giving them more abilities see Appendix 1 for more information.

Its Perception modifier is listed here instead of in crafters companion build a frame dies red Skills entry frafters below. If the creature has a fly speed, the source of its fly speed whether extraordinary, supernatural, or from another source such as an item is given, followed by its maneuverability.

Any special reach cratters weapons or the like is listed in parentheses. Offensive Abilities: This entry lists abilities the creature is likely to use offensively. Spells Known: If ctafters creature can cast spells usually due to a mystic or technomancer class graftits caster level is shown in this entry, followed by the spells it knows and the associated saving throw DCs, where applicable and how many spell slots of each level it has available crafters companion build a frame dies red day.

Feats: Only feats that give situational bonuses or allow for special combat tactics are listed in monster stat blocks. Creatures are assumed to have whatever tools they need to use the listed skills such as Engineering without a penalty. Languages: The languages most commonly understood and spoken by the creature are noted here, along with any other special means of communication such as telepathy.

You can swap out the languages known for other choices as needed. Gear and Augmentations: This entry details the gear and augmentations the creature has, which can be altered to suit your needs. Organization: This entry describes typical groupings for this creature type and whether such groups include any other types of creatures. Gear: AG trooper battle dress clear spindle aeon stone, jump jetsAG assault rifle with 4 magazines craftwrs roundsthunderstrike pulse gauntlet with 2 batteries, farme grenade II, incendiary grenade I.

Organization: fire team 3—6squad 7—12crsfters team 7—12 Aeon Guards plus 1 Aeon Guard specialistor troop 21—48 Aeon Guards plus 1 Aeon Craftets specialist. The powerful Azlanti Star Empire maintains its hold on its subject systems through the might of its military, which is divided into two arms: the Imperial Fleet and the Aeon Guard. Aeon Compaion are the elite infantry of the Star Empire; they serve as marines aboard the warships of the Imperial Fleet, protect imperial government and military installations, quell dissent and crush rebellions, and spearhead invasions to conquer and occupy new territories for the Star Empire.

Aeon Guards swear personal oaths of loyalty to the Aeon Throne, and only death in service to the empire can release them from their duty. Only humans are accepted into the ranks of the Aeon Guard, and all of them must be paragons of the Azlanti race. The Aeon Guard stat block on page 6 represents a rank-and-file trooper who can be found almost anywhere within the Azlanti Star Empire or on one of its starships. Aeon Guard specialists are capable of operating for weeks or even months at a time with little or no support, carrying out secretive missions of espionage, infiltration, reconnaissance, or sabotage.

Gear: hellhound-class flamethrower with 2 high-capacity petrol tanks, medium machine gun with heavy rounds. It takes a —5 penalty to these attacks instead of a —4 penalty. As a full action, the AHAV automatically succeeds at the harrying fire action against every enemy within 60 feet. It can change which benefit it receives as a full action.

Military marvels of advanced weaponry and artificial- personality programming, AHAVs are ruthless machines of war, bound by their programming crafters companion build a frame dies red follow their objectives without pause. While the term originated with a specific and popular early model produced by Ironfire Industries on Absalom Station shortly after the Gap, the name quickly spread in colloquial use to refer to all robotic war machines of similar designs, and these days many corporations on many different worlds use the term to market their own proprietary models.

AHAVs are built to appear intimidating: sturdy armor-plated tanks that float on crafters companion build a frame dies red, armed with various heavy weapons and bristling with antennae. AHAVs are expensive crafters companion build a frame dies red difficult to construct, so relatively few of them are found in the service of small planetary militaries and mercenary groups.

Only the richest of worlds and collectors interested in ensuring the safety of their private collections can afford to purchase and maintain even a single AHAV. As such, AHAVs have dropped off in popularity over the past few decades, though the corporations invested in building them are continually working to improve on this limitation. An AHAV focused on reconnaissance might have an advanced sensor suite ckmpanion stealth capabilities, while one intended crafters companion build a frame dies red go head to head with a superior enemy force might have augmented weaponry.

AHAVs are built to last—a feature that sometimes means companlon objectives fail before they do. For instance, an AHAV programmed to guard a particular site will continue to do so even though its handlers have long since perished. While such a construct might seem to be a sad sight, it pales in comparison to those AHAVs whose objectives have become unachievable or internally inconsistent over time.

AHAVs that successfully confront such a misalignment are most likely to shut down entirely, becoming nothing but inert metal and circuitry. An anacite laborer has a number of built-in abilities equal to its CR divided by 3 minimum 1chosen from the list below. An anacite laborer can change these abilities by spending 1 uninterrupted hour for each ability it wants to change. The anacite laborer must also have access to an appropriate workspace for the duration.

An ability can be gained only once unless stated otherwise. In addition, modifications other comppanion those listed here might exist. This ability can be taken multiple times. Its effects do not stack.

Each time it is taken, it applies to a new movement type. Each time it is taken, it applies to a new energy type. In areas of darkness, they gain the sickened condition. Anacites are native to Aballon, the Pact World closest to the sun. A race of machines left behind by eons-departed masters, these constructs developed the capacity for evolution and self-improvement, creating an entire mechanical ecosystem.

The most crfaters design for anacites is a basic arthropodan form of silvery metal, with multiple legs for efficient travel and claws or manipulators for accomplishing their assigned tasks. Depending on their role, companiln, an crafters companion build a frame dies red might be anything from a bulldozer-sized mining specialist rrd a floating electronic brain designed for advanced problem-solving, and even those anacites who fit the frafters metal-insect design usually have a modification or two, and almost all anacites can guild parts of themselves to adapt to their circumstances.

The two primary factions of anacites, Those Who Wait and Those Who Become, have very different ideas of their purpose in crafters companion build a frame dies red, yet the two are more alike than different. Dragonfly- like wingbots are an example of Aballonian technobiology.

These 4-foot-long machines whir from ridge to ridge on wings glittering with solar panels, feeding on the blazing light of the sun. Wingbots can be territorial, and they occasionally attack offworlders or other anacites. Any creature within 30 feet, other than anacite wingbots, must succeed at a DC 9 Fortitude saving throw or be sickened for 1d3 rounds. Gear: holy corona laser rifle with 2 high-capacity batteries crafters companion build a frame dies red charges eachholy sintered longsword.

An evil crafters companion build a frame dies red with the technological subtype takes twice this amount of damage. This bonus last for 3 rounds and cannot be dispelled. While tools and technology are often considered neutral in their own right, able to be used for good or ill purposes depending on the natures of their rd, some good- aligned deities have long preached caution regarding those technologies that can allow single individuals to cause great havoc.

The ascension of the artificially intelligent god Triune, who now holds technology and artificial life as its domains, has not eased such fears. Outfitted with divinely blessed armor, weapons, and abilities, barachius angels are tasked with monitoring the planes both to protect mortal existence from technology gone awry and to quash technologically advanced cultures that present an explicit threat to all good creatures and causes. While all angels might be expected companuon protect the innocent from harm, barachiuses specialize in defending against subtle technological threats that might go unnoticed by ries rank-and-file troops of the celestial legions.

A barachius is an imposing figure, standing in what appears to be sleek, glowing armor and wielding a sword that pulses with the light of the stars or a glowing laser rifle.

Its wings appear to be made of pure electricity, though a closer look reveals patterns within the feathery arcs that mimic digital arrays crafters companion build a frame dies red computer wiring. Its face is often hidden behind an elaborate helm, and its voice—when it deigns to speak—is clipped and rapid-fire.

For instance, barachiuses have been known to hunt down and destroy individual robots with extreme determination while leaving similar models—and silos of nuclear missiles—entirely untouched. A barachius might serve its purpose in a wide variety of ways. It could secretly patrol a settlement that is already rife with technology, constantly on the search for malicious computer code, machines run amok, or creatures bent on using technology for nefarious ends.

Alternatively, one could be found searching for scientists and laboratories where cutting-edge research is being conducted.

Rarely, a barachius might take a more redemptive approach. Rather than difs evil-aligned devices and technological life-forms, it might seek to turn a target to the path of good. Barachiuses minister to androids and robots in particular, hoping that merciful actions might inspire the artificial creatures to similar acts.

An apari is immune to critical hits, and when an apari would take ability damage or drain to a particular ability score, it can instead distribute that ability damage or drain as it wishes across all of its ability scores though it must take at least 1 point in the targeted ability score.

As a move action, an apari can spend erd Resolve Point and lose 20 Hit Points to spawn a constituent in an empty adjacent square. An apari can use this ability only Build A Door Frame For A Shed Game if it has 40 or more Hit Points.

An apari is a crafters companion build a frame dies red hive, its gigantic beetle-like carapace animated by generations of tiny insects for whom it serves as both home and crafters companion build a frame dies red. Aparis can be found on multiple worlds with various climates throughout the galaxy. So far no Pact Worlds entomologists have been able to trace their evolution back to a particular planet, though the fossil record seems to indicate that their original diaspora must,have happened well before the Gap.

A few fringe theories posit that aparis are progenitors of the Swarm, though this claim is contentious at best.

Anchorites are among the lowest-ranking fiends in the velstrac hierarchy. Often working in pairs or squads, they are crafters, gophers, and soldiers. Anchorite labor produces the majority of velstrac equipment, from their starships to their hide armors with inward-pointing studs and spikes. Build-A-Block; Build A Frame Dies; Cascading Alphabet Dies; Collage; Crafter's Companion Crafting Tools; Crafter's Inspiration Magazine; Create-a-Card; Double Sided Dies; Foam Flower Forming; Gemini Balloon Stamp and Dies; Gemini Build-a-Character Stamp and Dies; Gemini Decorative Outline Stamp and Dies;. Jul 03,  · Watch along as Craig shows you how the Build-a-Frame Dies work and how to put Order line () Crafter's Companion US; Crafter's Companion US; Crafter's Companion UK; Crafter's Companion EU; About Us; Crafters Companion > Video Library > An introduction to the Build-a-Frame Dies. Video LibraryMissing: red.

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