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It further comes with the Quick Action Pull craftsman woodworking vise review that gives you room to rotate the vise quickly and with ease. Structurally, this tool is a heavy-duty cast iron material that is durable by nature. Pros Normal or tail vise Quick release Buttress thread Expensive. Related Wikis. The quality and prices of bench vises vary drastically across the market but how do you know that you are getting what you craftsman woodworking vise review

Craftsman Woodworking Vise. Craftsman rebranded vises from various manufacturers over the years, and if you know the prefix code from the model number , you can decode the OEM.

Parts diagram showing components for a Craftsman Woodworking Vise. The vise is relatively simple in terms of construction.

The jaws are cast iron, and heavy the whole assembly is about 37 lbs. You have a back jaw, which is bolted under a workbench. The front dynamic jaw rides on two solid steel rods that engage holes through the back jaw. The main screw passes under the back jaw, where it runs through a cast bronze main nut and nut carrier.

The nut and carrier are responsible for the quick release function of the vise: one half turn counter clockwise disengages the screw and nut, allowing the front jaw to be slid freely back and forth; a half turn clockwise re-engages it, and it tightens normally. The end of the screw goes through the drag bar and is captured by a cotter pin.

The front jaw houses a steel dog and a standard handle. You can place plywood or hardwood jaw liners on the front and rear faces. These may — possibly — be replaced: User The Copilot on Garage Journal found a suitable, similar replacement nut for his Columbian no.

Still, this may be an option if your vise needs a replacement nut, without which, it will not function correctly. The drag bar is visible. Removing the cotter pin was surprisingly difficult, and I ended up cutting it and driving it out with a punch.

The original dog was missing, but the previous owner replaced it with a very nice heavy! It is held against the front jaws using a small leaf spring behind the dog. I wire-wheeled the dog and then treated it with Perma-blue and paste wax to give it some protection from rust. Upper side of the rear jaw. There is a Columbian model number casting mark by the lower part see next photo. The casting mark 10R-2A is the same one Columbian used on their model 10R woodworking vise, confirming this Craftman was made by Columbian.

I tried using a gel paint stripper, but it made a horrible mess and I will never use one again. Nasty stuff. I ended up wire-wheeling the whole thing. I later sanded the rods by hand until they were polished.

Front jaw, rods, and lead screw. Masking them after wire-wheeling them clean was perfectly fine. Detail of the front jaws, now primed. No need to show you the entire priming process. I let the primer sit for a week or two mainly because I was busy , thenI painted the jaws and drag bar with Rust-oleum Hammered Light Blue from a spray can.

Verde Green would have been pretty too, but it is semi-discontinued and was much too spendy for me. I was very happy with the light blue, however. I think it gives it a nice, vintage midth century appearance. I hit it with two light coats followed by two heavy coats about 5 minutes apart. The blue is very subtle — my camera kept making it look gray. I got a pretty decent hammered look to the paint on the front jaws.

Front and rear jaws, painted with Rust-oleum hammered light blue. Dog was cold blued with repeated coats until dark. Wood vises exert large pressures on workpieces. Make sure that the stock is properly seated against the jaws to avoid personal injury or damage to materials.

The 9-inch Shop Fox D appx. Its pre-drilled jaws allow you to easily install custom non-marring cheeks. An adjustable front stop allows it to function as a standard or tail vise, and as a safety measure, the tommy bar is designed to fail before the unit itself breaks.

Its cast-iron body will stand up to the abuse of a woodshop, and at only 5. Given the size of the clamps and because it mounts at the front of the bench, the Grizzly T appx. It is a bit pricey, but it makes a prudent investment for dedicated woodworkers.

Its countersunk jaw holes and compact size also allow for easy installation. It increases the available workspace, making intricate projects easier to see and control. If it is paired with hardwood jaws and a millimeter handle, it can help build custom cabinets and hand joinery.

Having been a successful residential and commercial carpenter for six years in New York City, he has a comprehensive knowledge of woodworking, power tools, and the world of home DIY. His passion for construction and carpentry keep him up to date on the latest gadgets and techniques, and he never misses an opportunity to patch up a drywall dent or sand down a rough edge. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking the Santa Monica mountains with his family and their dogs, and fostering rescue animals.

Ezvid Wiki Reviews Woodworking. The 10 Best Woodworking Vises. Rockler Quick-Release. Can be released with a quarter-turn Can be used as a front vise Nicely ground guide rods. Wilton Sjobergs SJO Three mounting options Trusted manufacturer Comfortable wooden handle. Anyone who loves working with precision, while enjoying excellent stability from a long lasting woodworking vise should consider getting this one.

It is worth every penny spent. Yost is yet another big brand that has won the hearts of many people, mostly carpenters and handymen.

Yost M9WW Rapid Acting Wood Working Vise is among their best performing products which comes with exceptional quality making it durable and stable when in use.

It has a rapid action nut which gives users an easy way to open and close the vise. The pre-drilled holes it has is also excellent in ensuring convenient mounting on a workbench. For a smoother working operation, there is a buttress tread that is excellent for better and stable clamping. Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking Vise.

The Eclipse woodworking vise comes with a nice design that is well constructed and packed with high performance functionality features. Its quick release trigger lets users quickly open and close the vise saving time. The vise is fitted with an adjustable front stop which gives one the options to use the vise as both a normal vise and a tail vise. Overall, this is one big solid piece of equipment that many woodworkers would love. Irwin Tools vise is the best selling in the market.

The high customer ratings it comes with is all thanks to the superior quality that is second to none, plus the various advanced functionalities that makes it convenient to use. The toe-in towards jaws is perhaps the best of the functionalities which ensures firm grip while working. It offers the best value for your money and comes highly recommended.

Here is a quick overview of the crucial things to keep in mind when you are shopping for a woodworking vise. Vises come in different sizes, which means that depending on the kind of work you are doing, you get to choose a vise that best suits it. The rule of the thumb here is that the bigger the vise, the more the projects you are able to handle. Their jaws also vary in sizes and the bigger the jaw of the vise, the better the friction and grip you stand to get.

Of course, you can settle for a smaller woodworking vise and save more money if you intend and expect to be working on smaller projects. The durability of the vise, like any other woodworking equipment, lies with the materials and structure sturdiness that it comes with. The sturdier it is, the better work you can expect and the longer it will be able to serve you.

The central support column is the most important part that should be solidly built since it takes all the force applied to the vise. If it is flimsy, it will break sooner than you expect. The jaws too should be well designed and built to last. Some of the jaws are made of wood, but there are also more solid ones made of steel and other tough materials.

Nobody would want to get a woodworking vise that is not easy to use. The ease of use of any tool can change the way you like it. Simplified tools with improved convenience may come with a higher price tag, but it is always advisable to consider spending extra to get that level of convenience.

Some features like quick-release mechanism will come in handy and help you save time hence worth the extra investment. Finally and most importantly, it is always good to get a good woodworking vise that gives you good value for the investment. Different people have their own desires and it is always good to consider all the other factors and be sure that they are not overspending on the vise they are getting.

Final Verdict If you are planning on doing a woodworking project, whether big or small, a woodworking vise is a vital tool that will come in handy. Listed above, are some of the best woodworking vises to buy.

A: Also known as Walrus in Latin America, a vise is an equipment used to clamp on objects such as wood when one is working on them in the workshop. It consists of two jaws, a fixed one and one that moves using a screw mechanism to clamp on the object firmly. A: A vise is an integral tool that is used in woodworking to clamp and hold the wood in position while it is being worked on. There are some instances where one may not necessarily need a vise and that is when you can easily hold the wooden material in place.

However, if you cannot, then you may want to consider getting a vise to clamp it on as you work on it. A: The question on how a metal vise and wood vise differ and whether one can be used in place of the other revolves around the jaws. Metal vises have teeth on their jaws which helps to clamp metals firmly. However, wood vises do not have such teeth on their jaws since they may cause indentation to the wood while being worked on.

A: Wood vises come in a wide range of prices, mostly based on its size, the features, and sophistication that it comes with. It is all based on the purpose you intend to use and the quality you are getting.

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