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Cross nut for outdoor furniture; Galvanised steel; M6 internal thread; These nuts are found in many products from outdoor and indoor furniture to flat pack cabinets. The cross nut normally slots through a hole at 90 degrees to the screw allowing for a very solid Cross Dowel Barrel Nuts Toolstation Free fixing point that can also be hidden from www.Small Woodworking Shop Storage Ideas : Hafele NZ Ltd. Cross Dowels (barrel nuts) are used in conjunction with our furniture connector bolts where a right angle connection is required. This type of connection provides a tight, heavy-duty joint. Available in a central and off-set option: Central - the threaded cross hole is equally spaced from each end. Barrel Nut - M6 x 15mm - Cross Dowel Barrel Nuts Java 10mm Diameter - Priced Per Unit, Pack Quantity Units.

Nuts connect to corresponding threaded bolts or rods to secure items. Cap nuts protect the threads of fasteners by keeping them from protruding. Jam nuts and lock nuts lock onto threaded M8 Cross Dowel Barrel Nuts App bolts to prevent loosening. Thumb nuts and wing nuts can be adjusted by hand. Coupling nuts are elongated for linking two threaded rods. Cross Dowels and Barrel Nuts M4, M5, M6, M8 and M10 Cross Dowels and Barrel Nuts Cross Dowels are also known as Barrel Nuts and Dowel Nuts. Cross Dowels are used to provide extremely strong joints and can be used in a variety of ways; including corner joints, framing and . Stainless Barrel Nuts - Anzor Fasteners, NZ's Largest Range of Stainless Fasteners and Fittings.

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