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17 rows · If your project needs super strong joints, steel cross dowels and bolts are the way to go. . Choose from our selection of cross dowels in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship. Cross Dowels. Joint connector cross dowel fasteners. Replacement and repair hardware commonly used in knock-down furniture, beds, cribs, bookshelves and more. Click on item descriptions below for individual item details. Cross dowel nuts. Made of steel.

Zone of sphere πh V= (3a2+3b2+h2 [TECHNICAL DATA]STRENGTH OF BOLTS, SCREW PLUGS, AND DOWEL PINS Bolt fatigue strength(For threads: fatigue strength =count of 2 million) Nominal thread size Effective cross-section area As mm2 Strength class Bolt the tensioner with the supplied socket head cap screws and washers to the top four bolts in the pattern. The rounded side of Cross Dowel Bolt 70mm Keyboard the bracket should be pointed down. Torque to 68 lb-ft. Bolt the auto-tensioner to the bracket, aligning the cast dowel-pin on it's back with the middle dowel . Jan 01,  · Bolts made of high strength steel of a category (fy = MPa, fu = MPa) with a diameter of 20mm were used. Connection plates made of Cross Dowel Bolt 70mm Kit steel S with a thickness of 8mm and width of 70mm were used. The holes for bolts in steel plates had a diameter of 22mm. Holes for bolts with a diameter of 20mm were made in the round timber.

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