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17 rows · Cross Dowels And Connector Bolts Journal If your project needs super strong joints, steel cross dowels and bolts are the way to go. . ABN Cross Dowel Barrel Nuts are well built, solid steel hardware that securely fasten materials at degree angles. This package includes ten 16mm x 10mm " x") solid steel nuts with a slotted /5(). Install in a cutout to create a secure joint between Cross Dowel Barrel Nuts And Bolts Kit boards, butcher blocks, and countertops. A zinc plating provides corrosion resistance in wet environments.. For technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a .

Connector bolts are knockdown hardware used with cross dowels, connector nuts, or any common 1/4" nut. These HIGHPOINT® Knockdown Joint Connector Bolts are steel with a black oxide finish and feature large, 11/16"-diameter, bevel edged heads for extra surface support and a low profile design. Bolts . The end of the cross dowel is slotted so that a screwdriver can be inserted to rotate the dowel so that its threaded shaft aligns with the bolt hole. The furniture connector bolt is then inserted into the bolt hole and screwed into the cross dowel until the wood pieces are held tightly together. Twin Hole and Headed Cross Dowels . Cross Cross Dowels And Connector Bolts 85 dowel nuts are a concealed fixing cross dowel which forms part of a 2-piece joining system with furniture connector bolts (also known as JCB bolts). They are used for joining two perpendicular pieces of timber where access is available after inserting bolt.

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