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Old Squaw Decoy Blank. Devcon cqrving Minute Epoxy - Fast drying two part Epoxy all purpose, works best on metal, wood, concrete, glass, china and ceramics. Gold Cedar Carving Wood For Sale 2021 Kutzall Burrs are for applications where a smooth sanded appearance is desired. Swan Decoy Blank - 18" Long - Preening. Pintail Decoy Blank - High Head.

Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy - Fast drying two part Epoxy all purpose, works best on metal, wood, concrete, glass, china and ceramics. Also workable Fix-It for Art Work. Deft - Clear lacquer finish, available in Gloss and Semi-Gloss. Spray cans or quarts. Manzanita Root - This unique wood burl is great for creating a natural looking habitat to mount those special carvings on. We have 7 assorted sizes from chips to X-large.

Famo Woods - Famoglaze - The 1 professional wood filler, fills holes and cracks quickly, dries rapidly with no noticeable shrinkage, sands easily and is waterproof. Paint - T. Ronan Super Fine Japan Colors. Used for lettering, striping, stenciling and glazing.

Flat quick drying colors are superior to any Japan Colors on the market and excel in purity, tone, uniformity and strength. Available in 33 lead free colors. We also carry all Jo Sonja mediums including varnishes, gessoes and woodstains. Paasche - Air brushes H-set of HS-set single action air brush kit as well as attachment and replacement. Briwax - A blend of beeswax and carnuba wax that gives a natural sheen to bare wood or improves any finish cleans and protects all wood, tile, metal, marble and leather.

The Craftsman Choice! Finish Feeder - The original and only genuine feeder polish for all wood furniture and paneled walls. Cleans feeds and beeswax's. Books - A full selection of how to instructional books as well as full color reference books. Appealing to both the carver and the collector.

We also offer a nice assortment of great coffee table books, which include topics on turkey, trout, ducks, shorebirds and waterbirds. Call or Visit Vincenti Decoys retail store in Havre de Grace for all of your decoy carving supplies and collectible needs. Follow us on Facebook.

Follow us on YouTube. Vincenti Decoys offers an appraisal service for anyone wishing to access a market value for their decoy collections, antique guns, waterfowl and maritime Carving Wood For Sale Ireland Email artifacts. Contact the office for more information about obtaining appraisals by clicking on the appraisal link below. Join our mailing list to keep up to date with the latest in decoy carving and collecting news, new carving supplies, and special offers from Vincenti Decoys.

Get started today by clicking on the link below and signing up. Vincenti Decoys offers a full selection of decoy carving supplies. We handle a full assortment of Bird and Duck feet as well as a great selection of glass eyes,carving knives and sharpening straps.

We stock a great selection of books, both how to and reference books. Canada Goose Decoy Blank - 13" Long. Canvasback Decoy Blank. Cinnamon Teal Decoy Blank. Goldeneye Decoy Blank. Grebe - Pied-billed Decoy Blank. Green-winged Teal Decoy Blank - Drake. Green-winged Teal Decoy Blank - Hen.

Loon Decoy Blank - 12" - Alert. Loon Decoy Blank - 12" - Mouth Open. Loon Decoy Blank - 12" - Preening. Mallard Decoy Blank - Drake. Mallard Decoy Blank - Drake - Preening.

Mallard Decoy Blank - Drake - Sleeping. Mallard Decoy Blank - Hen. Old Squaw Decoy Blank. Pintail Decoy Blank - High Head. Pintail Decoy Blank - Low Head. Pintail Decoy Blank - Preening. Quail Decoy Blank - Bobwhite. Red-Breasted Merganser Decoy Blank. Ring-necked Duck Decoy Blank. Saw Whet Owl Decoy Blank.

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