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It is the same size on both machines, but I think it was produced closer to Includes extra set of cutting bits. Time is required to switch between jointing and planing. Cut Depth: up to. Mar 12, Rating. Who would want such a thing?
Mar 04,  · In contrast to the Jet we recommended for budgets up to $, this jointer Grizzly Jointer Planer Combo For Sale Design planer combo is actually available in North America as well. Although the names are different, the JJP (in the US) and the JPT (elsewhere) are the same machine. 2 days ago · 6" Delta Jointer JT - $ (braselton) 6" Delta Jointer for sale. Works great. I bought it used, and served me well on many projects. Currently upgraded to a larger jointer and would love someone else to get some use out of it. I have a new set of blades that I will give to you as Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa on: Buy & Sell. May 05,  · Jointer/Planer Combo Machines Combining both wood-dimensioning functions into one unit saves precious shop space—and maybe some dollars. When it comes to flattening and thicknessing lumber, a jointer and planer are like love and marriage in .

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