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Joe, I agree the price tag is a bit steep, but We have both the Deros and the Ceros Since we do it professionally, the price pill is a bit easier to swallow, however I think they are one of the best sanders out there and I agree dust collection is excellent. Mirka Ltd is a world leader in abrasives technology innovation, offering a complete range of technically superior, high quality abrasives, innovatively designed tools, supplementary products and complete sanding systems. Mar 08,  · Mirka Sander and Extractor Review By Nick Jennings. Hi, I’ve been asked to review the Mirka set up which I’ve been currently using for around 3 years now. This is my Mirka sander and extractor review. Mirka Deros v. The Mirka Deros is my favorite sander out of the kit I have. It makes life so much easier in job cleanliness and time.

, www.Woodwork Project For 8 Year Ranking among the leaders in aggressiveness and finish quality, we like a lot about this sander. It’s comfortable to hold and Fine Woodworking Orbital Sander Review 04 operate, but has one shortcoming: poor dust collection with the included canister, which improved significantly with a vacuum. A random orbital Rikon Sander Review 360 sander is a medium-size, general-purpose sander. Depending on the sandpaper chosen, it can be used for rapid material removal or fine finishing. A palm sander (also called a finish sander) may have a similar action to a random orbital sander, but . Mirka DEROS X Random Orbital Sander. Many woodworkers will know Mirka for their line of high quality Abralon foam backed sanding pads, Abranet mesh sanding disks, or Mirka Gold sanding discs and sheets. What you may not know is that they also manufacture a line of premium electric and pneumatic sanders.

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