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And second, if the stock is narrow e. I might have to mount it more to the centre of the bench, because it might be more convenient i. It does not come with installation instructions. It is easy to assemble and use. This article presented an understanding of the different types of vises and how they work. Listed above, are some of the best woodworking vises to buy. A soodworking bushing mortised into the vise shoulder unseen keeps the screw description of woodworking vise journal track.

If you work exclusively with softwoods, pine liners will suffice. However, you may wish to use a more durable hardwood liner. The front jaw probably has threaded holes designed to accommodate flathead machine screws; you will need to countersink the screwheads so that they are set slightly into the wood liner. You can use wood screws driven from the face of the inner jaw into the face of the workbench. The End Vise. Built into the end of a bench almost always the right- hand end , the end or tail vise, as it is also called, can be used to clamp workpieces to the bench between its jaws.

The flush-mounted end vise uses the benchtop as the inside jaw, and the bench screw drives the movable jaw tight against it. The end vise is a much more flexible tool than might at first appear. It is distinguished from other vises in that a rectangular hole is cut into its top, and that hole is aligned with a series of other holes along the front of the benchtop. The Leg Vise. This antique vise was probably an American innovation. Usually set onto the front left-hand end of the bench, the leg vise has long jaws, the rear one, most often, being the leg Good Woodworking Vise Journal of the bench.

The outside jaw is the one that moves, and it is generally made ol large-dimension hardwood stock. Occasionally, the bottom of the outside jaw is merely hinged to the bench leg, but this means that the jaws of the vise will not be parallel except when closed , and the thicker the stock, the weaker the bite of the jaw. To avoid weakening what is otherwise a very efficient design, most leg vises have an adjustable screw or beam at the foot that keeps the jaws parallel.

This heavy-duty device is mounted on the benchtop, bolted to its surface. It weighs as much as an anvil and. The jaws of the vise usually have a machined face that can easily scar wood. Some models these days are sold with reversible jaws that are smooth on one side and serrated on the other. If you have frequent need of a metal vise and only occasional need for a wood vise, you may buy jaw liners. Disclosure: BobVila. You agree that BobVila. All rights reserved. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY.

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Mechanics Vise. Floor Vises. Pen Press. Capacity 6".

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