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It set up very quickly and made diy 3 tier stand wood llc joins very strong on the cake stand. You can see the difference it made. YOu just made my day! Once the white paint dried, I added Antique Wax all over the three tier stand. You can ready my disclosure here. One surface at a time, I put a careful ring of E around one surface of Diy Wood Laptop Stand Plans 50 a candlestick and placed it within my pencil markings on the wood slice.

The longest part of the whole thing was waiting for paint to dry between layers, but I used a table fan and it hurried the process right along. Impatient much? I have been told that a time or two. Not only do DIY in 30 projects make me so happy, but I love sharing projects where I have taken something I found at a thrift store or yard sale and made it into something I have been admiring in stores and catalogs for little to no money.

This is the way to decorate. You keep money in your pocket and you have beautiful spaces in your home at the same time. It is a win-win! If you have not signed up to receive my weekly newsletter, you should. I am giving all of my subscribers my free guide to decorating a beautiful home on a yard sale budget.

Inside, it is jam packed with all the tips and tricks I use when I am shopping this way! Yard sale season will be here soon and I want to equip you all with the tools you need to head out there and make the most of it!

You can head to this link to subscribe today and get the guide in your inbox!!! Antique Wax. The Creative Squad is an online community of like-minded creatives sharing new ideas, supporting one another, and flipping furniture on a budget! Amazing idea. The base I used has a routed edge and the balls fit perfectly inside.

Insert a dowel pin into one end of each round dowel piece. Insert the finial into the end of one of the round dowel pieces opposite the dowel pin. This will be the top piece. Finish the stand as desired. I used a dark brown stain to give the stand a rustic look.

To me that's part of what Earth Day is all about. Anyways, on Earth Day that year I took the stumps to Woodchuckers , a woodturning supply warehouse here in the city, to have the logs cut into Diy Wood Ukulele Stand Lamp slices on their industrial saws. Now two years later, I finally pulled a few of them out from under my worktable and made them into a rustic three tier wood slice stand, just in time for Earth Day again. My first motivation was this challenge. The second was to create a decor piece for this Rustic Romantic Bridal Shower , where I used the stand to display some mini cheesecakes on the food table.

Although I had taken the slices to be sawn professionally, it was a pretty rough cut, and back home I used a palm sander to smooth each of the surfaces. You can see the difference it made. You can also see that after the slices had been left to dry for many months, they are split in a few places. There are ways to repair the split with a filler or a butterfly joint , but I decided to embrace the raw and rustic look and leave the splits as they were.

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