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How much should I mix if I want it by grams. Hi Kathleen! Hi Janelle! They look awesome thanks for the tutorial. Facebook Pinterest Twitter. Skip to content. Cindy 7 months ago.

Note: use alcohol to remove the bubbles. The problem I ran into in this stage was the piece of wood floated to the top during the second pour. Assuming the previous step has been addressed. Mix up a new container of resin 6 to 8 ounces should be fine.

Now, pour the resin on top. Remove the coasters from the molds. I must state that you should be careful, the resin is very sharp and could easily cut. I wanted to maintain the glass like clarity on the top. I used masking tape to cover the top as I sanded the side and bottom.

I liked the frosted look on the outside. To get the final finish I used grit, grit and finally grit sandpaper. Here is the finished version. I think these are a great project to do with kids and could be the perfect handmade gift for the holidays.

Of course we may be a little biased, but we think creating with resin is the most fun hobby around. We would love to have you join us in our Diy Epoxy Resin Wood Projects 62 Resin Crafting Facebook group as well, there is a ton of inspiration and advice for all levels of resin crafting there and a ton of supportive members that love to help newbies. Which of these beginner resin projects would you Diy Wood And Resin Projects 70 want to try first?

Let us know in the comments or over in our Facebook group! Where can I purchase a large round mold. I have small 2 or 3 inch molds but I want a large one to put a rose in. Where do you find the charms for the sea themed pendants? Can somebody teach me how to properly mix a resin art that has a ratio.

How much should I mix if I want it by grams. I tried my first one and it didnt cure. Thank you. Thank you! I, too, am an amateur and hoarder. Your post answered ALL the questions I had after butchering a couple attempts! They look awesome thanks for the tutorial. Thanks Ange. Glad you enjoyed! If anything, I probably could have made the pieces I was working with a little thinner before pouring.

The resin did not penetrate the whole front like yours because of the clamps. How did you fix that? Hi I love your work and your videos.

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