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Place the clock movement diy wood clock ideas 3.0 the hole and make sure it fits. The geometrical shape and marbled appeal both will go appreciated idaes a modern home interior. I love it. Aspire Eloise French Country 32 in. Boost also the fun of your kids by making fun-making clock designs. Make also amazingly beautiful and good looking wall clocks using the Perler beads. Make this clock with colorful numerals using cardboard, construction paper, and play-doh container lids.

Asymmetrical clock happiness, everyone? Browse through our archives to discover "why-didn't-I-think-of-that" projects, cool hacks and genius DIY ideas.

Make It. Fix It. Learn It. Find It. How to Make a Wall Clock. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. By: Emily Fazio. Related To: Accessories Decorating. Ready to see how easy it is to make your own clock? Step 6: Trimmed to length, I also changed the way the tip of each hand looks. DIY Embroidery Hoop Decor Transform those versatile wooden frames into an inexpensive and easy chandelier and gallery wall. Copy This! How Designers Use Greenery in Holiday Decor Get a jump start on the holiday with these ideas for filling your home with festive flair.

Wall Decor Tricks: Decorating in Threes Grab a trio of items for a quick and cheap even free way to freshen up your decor. Having a Party? How to Care for Air Plants Learn all that you need to know to care for air plants, some of the most forgiving types of plants. How to Make a Burlap Wreath Welcome guests to your home in style with this simple, elegant burlap wreath. More from:. We're crushing on these trends, recipes and DIYs. Full how-to tutorial here worthingcourt.

Repurpose also an old ceramic plate to build a stunning DIY wall clock accent, will be loved dearly by all. Spray paint your plate, decorate with sharpie dots and then given also an accent side trimming. Next, drill a hole in the center to install a clock mechanism and enjoy a fantastic clock out of a reclaimed plate. Full how-to tutorial here sugarandcloth. Opt also for this fabric-covered DIY wall clock, will be a new decent and colorful addition to any indoor wall for bigger decor statements.

Cover a wood round with the fabric having amazing marbled print and next install the whole clock kit. Add custom numerals for bigger decor statements. Full how-to guides here aliceandlois. Depending on the own Wood Burning Diy Ideas 02 choices and demands of home decor, you can build so many different types of stylish wall clocks at home without getting expensive.

Bring tons of prettiness to any indoor wall using this accent wood clock, made of picture frame numerals showcasing numbers, roman letters, and English words inside. Want to see this clock next on your accent walls? Here is how to make it wmcraftgoodies. It will all take to use the custom wood rounds, custom numerals and a clock kit to build a nice and handsome wall clock at home. Make this clock with colorful numerals using cardboard, construction paper, and play-doh container lids.

A brilliant wall clock that making of which will cost you nothing. Complete tutorial here instructables. Feature the whole rainbow color palette in your home using this accent rainbow wall clock. Here all you need is to knit the colorful side trimming for a round wall clock using colorful yarn weights.

A project that will cost you next to nothing but results will be amazing. Complete instructions here retrobabydesign. A photo gallery wall can also be transformed into a brilliant wall clock by installing a clock mechanism in the center. Just grab your favorite photo frames and add them on the wall in round shape as handsome clock numerals and next install a clock mechanism in the center.

Full how-to tutorial here uppercaseliving. The smartest way ever to feature the polka dots in your home, just make this stunning dotted wall clock, will be on the wall as a gorgeous polka-dotted accent.

It is pretty simple to make too. Cut out a round out of foam sheet, install the clock mechanism to it, add polka dots and finish with basket reed trimming. Complete tutorial here dotted-wall-clock. The super graceful clock model to make for a minimalist room interior. The wholly concrete wall clock, solid and visually captivating, will hang like a charm on your home wall. Make a concrete round, drill a hole in its center and finish it by installing a lovely clock mechanism. Full tutorial here remodelaholic.

The color-block is an appreciated home decor trend , be up to this trend by building this color-block wall clock, graced up with simple line numerals for a roman clock appeal.

This clock will be a magical addition to any wall and will provoke a new style on your interior home wall. Full how-to guides here sarahhearts. Are you home walls are losing grace and that overwhelming visual attractiveness? Then you should definitely give your wall a decorative treatment that may involve this reclaimed wood clock too. Grab an electrical reel wheel, create a white distressed appeal of it and then paint the roman clock numerals.

Full how-to guides and tutorial here thediymommy. Bring the real moon to your home that will add 4 moons to your home decor. The NASA moon clock will be the most appreciated wall decor even in this age of tech of electronic gadgets. It will be the best inspirations too for the little astronauts in home. Gold clock hands create a posh appeal of it. Here is how-to make it teendiy. Complement the theme of your home by adding this thrifted wall clock to any interior wall.

Repurpose an old pot lid and build this visually captivating wall clock out of it. When removing the lid knob, you will find the perfect spot to install the clock hands and clock mechanism. Complete instructions here makermama. Create an accomplish appeal of your home or room decor with this rustic wooden pallet clock. It would be hot mix if rusticity in your elegant modern interior, this rustic beauty will cost you next to nothing.

Make it using rustic pallet wood slats and numerals can be of your own choice. Full guides here lizmarie. Are you finding it crucial to add some rustic decor elements in your modern interior style decor just for a crazy visual twist?

Then you must go with this salvaged junk clock that comes with a farmhouse sign. A rustic beauty got dignified with metal junk like an vintage key, rustic hinge, latch-lock, bicycle wheel and with a mini wire basket planter. Full how-to guides and tutorial here funkyjunkinteriors.

The wall clocks are the wall accents with great repo that are still popular in this digital world. While decorating your home you will say a big yes to this rustic oversized wood wall clock. A slatted wood square added up with a clock kit and numerals to appear as a stunning wall clock.

The big and large white painted congested numerals are a main beauty feature of this rustic wall clock. Details here homemadelovely. Bring amazing wood warmth in your home with this giant rustic wooden clock, will never get out of style. Make it using wood slats of choice and it will be a graceful addition to any room where you need to get a distinguished decorative atmosphere.

Here is how to make it cherishedbliss. May be you are underestimating the crafting potential of the paper plates, they can be good for various different purposes in home. They can also be your next most brilliant looking wall clock if you install a clock mechanism and some clock numerals to them. Look at this given clock, sure to impress.

Full how-to guides here creativejewis. Make also mesmerizing wall clocks using the junk, repurpose the bicycle wheels and hang them on the wall as your next most interesting wall clock. A creative recycling of bicycle wheels it is going to be, install the clock mechanism in the center, add the clock numerals on the wall.

Complete tutorial here hometalk. You are definitely going to praise this sweet remake of a wooden plant stand that is looking much visually stimulating. Paint the round wooden slatted plant like a color wheel and then install the clock hands and clock kit to it, it would be the brilliant rainbow wall accent for sure.

Full how-to guides here happinessishom. This is definitely going to get ten out of ten, the holographic wall clock, looking gorgeously beautiful. Make your guests say a big wow by adding it on a visually stimulating interior wall.

The best clock choice for a girly room too. Grab wood clock base, holographic vinyl and clock movement kit to make it. How-to guides here studiodiy. Grab and IKEA basket, embroider black line numerals using an embroidery floss and then install the clock mechanism. This is something stunning to add on an interior wall and it will be a big fun too to make this basket clock. Complete how-to tutorial here fallfordiy.

After serving long as fasting moving feet of your bicycle, the bicycle wheels can next be added to a home wall as a lovely wall clock. Add them as a fetching clock base on the wall, paint the roman clock numerals on the wall and finally make the clock hands using a wooden ruler. Full how-to guides here thistlewoodfarms. Do also interesting decorative makeovers of your wall clocks to let them into a custom look that is in demand. Wrap the rustic rope around a wall clock, glue each loop in place and then leave a loop also for its wall hanging.

The jute wrapped wall clock will rock on the wall of a beach house. Complete how-to guides here callingithome. Are you in the league of rustic decor lovers? Then satisfy your love for wooden rusticity using this wood slice wall clock, an easy to make wall clock. Adorable red clock hands goes much graceful with rustic wooden background.

Trace the numerals and then burn them in the wood using wood burning tools. Complete guides here designsponge. May you are looking for some smart ways to give a visual boost to your boring indoor walls. Then add a decorative clock on your interior home walls. Make this hexagon marble wall clock, a handsome geometrical accent, will lure the number of views of any wall.

The geometrical shape and marbled appeal both will go appreciated in a modern home interior. Complete how-to guides here earnesthomeco. Complement the geometrical theme of your interior home decor with this honeycomb wood wall clock, something highly beauteous to look at and it will never get out of style.

Grab a round wood clock base, stencil it half or full for a honeycomb pattern. Next, install the clock movement device to backside of it and let the clock hands appear in frond side of it. This minimalist modern wooden clock will be a main focus of attention and the leather strap hanging loop is icing on the cake.

The simplest and cutest wooden clock to make at home. Grab a round wood clock base and install the clock gadget to it and personalize it with custom clock hands. Full instructions here thelovelydrawer. Bring also a glam touch of roman living to your already graceful dwelling by crafting this roman numeral clock, will not be a big hassle to make.

Paint a wooden clock base in color of choice and next stencil or paint the roman numerals, the real beauty of this wood wall clock. Complete tutorial here handmade-haven. Feature the interesting color block color effect in your home for getting more appreciation from the onlookers. Renovate your home with this epic color block round wall clock, a minimalist wall clock that will be stay on any wall as a stylish modern accent.

How-to tutorial here almostmakesp. Mountains can be the next most interesting element to feature in your home decor. A better and smarter way to do so is to make this mountain shaped wall clock, pretty easy to make. Draw your mountains on a birch plywood sheet, cut them out and next layer together Diy Wood Valance Ideas Questions as interesting mountains. Paint in the way you like and install the clock movements at the end. Full tutorial here planetgreenrecycle. You will find here so many amazing hacks to build a gorgeous wall clock.

Add also the dominos on the wall as fantastic clock numerals and then install a clock mechanism in their center and build a stylishly beautiful wall clock. Do go with this domino clock magic to add great visual details to your interior home walls. Full how-to guides here thehomesteady. Sorting out a perfect clock to hang on the kids room walls? The look no further and select this customizable LEGO clock, will be loved dearly by all the kids in home and will be a pleasure to make also.

Use the custom LEGO heroes to add as accent clock numerals as you can see. Full how-to guides here ournerdhome. Having nothing to do with your old books? They why not make stand out wall clock out of them, will rock in the rooms of book lovers. It is super easy to drill a hole in the center of a book to install the clock mechanism. Look at the given sample clock and do duplicate it. Complete instructions here sheknows. There are never ending ways to make flawless wall clocks out of wood rounds.

Grab a round wooden clock base, paint it with your favorite water colors for a super cool watercolor effect. A super precious and outstanding wall clock idea for a home lover. Step-by-step instructions here makerssociety. Reprupose also your old magazines to make interesting wall clocks, this may be a foreign concept for you but look at this magazine clock sample.

Take the magazine pages into strips and coil until you get a brilliant clock face, add more miniature coiled magazine rolls all around the clock and here you go. Full instructions here brandyfisher.

It builds standards of decor to add the respective type of decor in a particular room of home. This homemade wall clock will really rock for a kitchen and is super beautiful to look at. Paint a wood round like a circle wheel and then add the wooden spoon as numerals on it. The wood spoons should come with their heads painted matching to the base colors. Full instructions here abeautifulmess. Go also handmade with the wood rounds and wrapping to make fetching decorative wall clocks.

Use mod-podge to adhere the wrapping paper all around the wooden round and next install a clock mechanism in the center. Complete how-to guides here helloglow. Stretch a canvas drop cloth in an embroidery hoop, add custom felt circles with embroidered or sew-on appliques, as clock numerals and then install a clock kit in the center of the clock.

Complete tutorial and visual guides here cutesycrafts. You will love the way this fascinated DIY clock will look on an interior wall, here dyed popsicle sticks will really rock the clock making game. They can be adjusted straight as clock numerals and next the clock movement and clock hands can be added in the center.

Tutorial here hiphousegirl. Make a clock face with the clay, can easily be flattened and next add star war characters as clock numerals and make a gorgeous LEGO star wall clock. Full how-to details here bitrebels. This clock will add a lot in the ambience, the best musical version of wall clock made of an old guitar, covered with music book pages. You can install the clock kit and clock movements to any things for making a clock and this time it has been done with a guitars and results are amazing.

Full instructions here handmadespark. Bring also the clock making game to next level by making this adorable photo wall clock. Cut your images of large size and install the clock movements and clock hands of choice. Here these cat and dog face wall clocks will be a big center of attention for the entire home audience. Here is how to make them abeautifulmess. If you want to celebrate the spring season then must add this butterfly wall clock in your DIY home decor , will be a big pleasure to look at.

Here all you need is to mount the colorful butterflies on the wall as colorful clock numerals. Install the clock mechanism on the paper flowers stacked in the center.

Full how-to tutorial here clips-n-cuts. Here is a totally innovative and unique concept to make lovely wall clocks in no time. This is here a super beautiful Michaels clock here legs of man will be the clock hands. Make the base of the clock using again a solid wood round. Use the sharpie dots to display the black dotted clock numerals.

A comprehensive tutorial here scribblesandsuch. The one of the cutest clock design to make at home, it is looking expensive but actually is nothing in cost price.

Grab the wooden floral hoops and wooden shims to make this wall clock and use wood stain and paint of choice for bringing some special colors to it. Wooden shims and hoops make the best clock numerals too. Full how-to guides and tutorial here modhomeec.

Make also amazingly beautiful and good looking wall clocks using the Perler beads. Glue the colorful Perler beads on a bead plate making interesting design patterns, like the geometrical patterns here and install the clockwork.

The best clock to make at home cheaply will serve as both colorful and geometrical wall decor. Tutorial here frkhansen. Bring a prehistoric touch to any room wall by adding this vintage wall clock, made of a vintage book and looks great with the gold number clock numerals. The brilliantly beautiful and super good looking wall clock accent, will never get out of style. It will complement both modern and rustic interior decor style. Tutorial guides here hillcitybride. May be you are willing to make your kids learn how to tell the clock time?

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