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Tried this out diy wood coasters with pictures it worked coastefs I finally tried the iron with steam and a cotten towel and in less than 5 minutes the huge white mark was gone. I had tried pictufes other methods. It worked perfectly for me on my heat stained 20 year old oak kitchen table. I am going to let the Bali shop know this, in case others call in with complaints about similar stains. I used a medium setting,because I was nervous.

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Design a mouse pad that matches her office, desk area or home computer. Add a photo of the family pet or a fun quote to get her motivated. Drizzle a decoration on top and wrap in a classy gift box. Write on! This was a new table and I thought it was wrecked for ever! Thank you for these tips they worked amazing.

I used a travel iron with a towel on my veneer table. Then apply the olive oil to bring back the shine. I was so depressed when I had the heat stain. I was selling the table and knew that I lost myself some money. You made my day! I just want to thank you, your trick worked and I not only fixed our new table that had gotten a mark, but also our older table that I would never have uncovered. Used a thinner towel, with steam and moved the iron around for about 20 seconds a piece on the marks.

Gone, all the marks are gone. Scary to try but the ugly white marks all over my beautiful cherry wood table motivated me to try. I used my iron on a steam setting and kept th heat medium high. I used a cotton dish towel. I brought my 11 year old son up from his Nintendo game and he was amazed too.

What a huge relief, so much easier than many other options I was considering! Thank you so much for the advice. I am living in furnished rental condo and the first time I permitted my three year old to sit at the adult table, I placed warm chicken nuggets on a paper plate and placed it on the wooden dining room table.

I saw this article and the different removal options and thought I had nothing to lose. I rubbed paste toothpaste onto the spots for a few minutes and then wiped the area clean. The spots are gone!!! I am now one step closer to getting my security deposit back.

Thank you for the advice! I had two huge white marks on my grandmothers fruitwood table from hot plates. I folded a cotton dish towel and with the iron on medium heat with steam, I barely held it there for 4 seconds and it was gone! I tried everything else first But the iron did the job on my black would table. It is in fact amazing. I tried it on my table today and it worked. Thanks for sharing this tip with everyone! It works! And, it works fast.

I kept the setting on the iron as low as possible but still able to get steam. I read this tip and was amazed that it worked… her table is like brand new…. Thank you!!!! Wow, we had company and used paper plates which left white spots on our beautiful table.

Tried the iron and within seconds they are gone. My Aunt told me to blow a hair dryer on a white ring that was on my oak coffe table,and it worked. Like the guy above said water gets trapped in there and the heat I think drys it up. Worked great cause I was near tears. Same thing happened to me!! Thank you!!! Without thinking, I decided to iron a shirt on a towel on a gorgeous round chest I received from my mother that I use as a coffee table in the living room, using plenty of steam. After ironing, I left the towel there for a while, and after I pulled it up, it was full of horrid white stains.

I almost cried. I tried your tip and it worked perfectly. Thank you, though — your tip saved the day for me!

I put mayonnaise on a pop ring that was on an old dresser, left it on for 15 min…wiped it right off!!! So if you have older furniture try mayonnaise!! Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the tip. My husband and I just bought a brand new very expensive cherry table and for thanksgiving this year I set a pan of something very hot on my new table even though there were three layers of cloth below the pan and got a huge white blotch on my table.

I steamed it with the iron and It was gone in 2 minutes. Thanks again!! Thanks for letting me know this has helped you :. I was in tears had hot paper plate sat on wood with pork chops. Cleaned table off and wood had a white circle on it.

Went to internet and found this great tip with iron. Very hard to believe this would work. March 21, Thank you so much for that tip! My husband and I hosted a post-Christmas party last night and we found two white stains on our antique dining room table after the guests went home. At first I panicked but thanks to your tip, the stains are now gone! Thanks again!!! I tried the tip for making white heat stains disappear from a wood table.

It only made it worse. What am I doing wrong???? Please help. After using a combination of the steam iron and oil, my table looks great. Good luck! Thanks Courtney I used a wet towel and laid the iron on top for about 10 seconds. I lifted the towel and there was a slight white mark from the iron on the table less opaque than the stains I rubbed canola oil into the wood with the cloth and it seemed to disappear for the most part.

The wood now looks clean and conditioned. By the way… I did not Diy Wood Bench With Storage Quality apply steam, only the heat from the iron. Thanks to all for the good tip. I have a wood kitchen table with numerous heat rings. I first cleaned the table. I tried the steam on one ring and it made it worse. I used an iron without steam on an old linen sheet and it worked. Afterwards I applied English Leather to the entire table top and it looks great. I thought that nothing would remove them. But, I tried it and it worked, it was amazing watching the stains disappear.

I recommend this to anyone who is experiencing the same problem that I did. Good Luck!! After waking up to a complete bomb shell of a mess the next morning, I lifted the tea towel to be horrified my a big white stain mark in my mums expensive table. I have just used a white towel and the steam iron , i went over it gently 3 times and wipeing the miosture away and rubbed in little teak oil and the stain has completely gone. We had white stains from hot stuff on paper plates and my wife was sick about it.

We cleaned up our prized cherry dining room table in ten minutes. This tip was a lifesaver. We wee amazed at how it worked! We then decided to give it a try on my dining room hutch. We have no idea what spilled on it to cause that white mark.

But, like magic the white marks disappeared! I sprayed the whole surface with the furniture polish then I worked it in with the steel wool, not rubbing too hard, otherwise you may take the existing finish right off.

Once the polish dried, I buffed it in with a clean rag. This worked like a charm! You guys need to make it clear what kind of surface you have on your tables.

What works on varnish may not work on shellac. You need to know what kind of surface finish is on the furniture. As you say what works on varnish my not work on shellac. Your comment may just be the answer. I was the victim of a hot tea pot on a white napkin, after I went to put the teapot away saw a huge white stain on my beautiful cherry table…..

I was terrified to try this seeing as this was how the stain came about in the first place. This morning I had mayonaise on it for a few hours after reading that on another website….. I am so glad I found your tip and tried it! We just bought a Bermex table with a birch top, arguably the nicest furniture we have in our home. Needless to say that I was horrified when a piece of microwaved pizza on a paper plate left a white scorch mark.

I immediately went to the net and after some searching found your site. This is now the greatest site in the world…it totally worked. My wife was scared and so was I but not guts no glory. Well, I thought it was a crazy idea to put a hot iron on the new table we just got, but it worked. The pizza stain was gone and Mom was jumping up and down. No, just kidding, she wasnt that exited. Hot pizza boxes carelessly left on our cherry dining table created a huge 8-inch round white-mark.

One application with high-temp and full steam, the stains were gone!!!! A huge thanks to you and your site! And special thanks to Google for helping me find your truly fabulous site!!! My husband wanted to get rid of our beautiful dinning table because of the white heat marks.

I tried your trick and it worked. The table stays. The heat spot was caused by my ironing with steam on a towel on the dining room table. Be careful — I tried this tip and it did not work for me, only made the white stain worse.

Same happened to us. The table is old, and the steam and heat made marks worse. The only way to make things better was to keep colder steam over the stain for a few seconds and then quickly rub it with a dry towel using pressure. Repeat as needed. Some of the lighter shade is still there, but it might be gone after rubbing in some oil.

I had exactly the same problem. The steam iron made giant cloudy spots, but I turned the heat down and turned off the steam and went back over it with the dry iron and a dry towel and they went away. The table is good as new now. Try that. It really does work. Just waiting for the family to ask what magic I used on it!!!!

I had an ugly white water stain on my table, due to the fact that water was spilt,and no one knew! I tried the HOT iron, dry no steam method with a white Tee shirt under. WOW it worked! Our friends had given us this table. They had taken wonderful care of it for the last 20 years. Because of the water stain I made sure it was converd when they came over. Thanks so much for this tip! Thank you so so so so so MUCH! My father bought our dining room table as wedding present.

Omg those stains on my table have been driving me crazy for over a year! I had no idea the stains could come out. My beautiful solid oak table is like new again! Fingers crossed it still looks good in the morning! I left a wet cloth on a mahogany veneered table which caused a round white cloudy mark the size of a grapefruit. I tried mayonnaise and furniture polish but this did not do anything. I also removed a little mork that has been on the table for years!!!

I was sick to the back teeth of looking at the white stains on my coffee table, left by takeaway boxes. Thank you for a great tip. Thank You! The steam and the iron on the dish towel worked like magic.

The white heat stain on my wood table disappeared before my eyes. It took about 4 minutes and there is no sign of the stain. My husband had checked with Home Depot yesterday and they told him we would have to strip the table and restain it. I wish I could hug you! This worked beautifully. I was skeptical…and then amazed at the results of using the steam iron and a white table cloth.. Thanks so much for sharing this amazing technique. I am absolutely amazed. With my search terms, yours was the first one that popped up, and voila!

You saved the day! We have a solid oak table, 27 years old, after two or three large gatherings white spots appeared. Checked this website and just finished with steam iron and towel,voila! Thanks so much for the tip. It kinda got rid of the light white cloudy mark but left dark white marks from the edges of the iron.

Thanks for the great tip. I noticed this morning that there were watermarks from my glass drinks on my mums lovely wooden coffee table … oops I completely forgot to use the coasters which were only an arm length away. The coffee table is vanish and the steam iron option worked a treat. Oh my Dana, I left a pizza box on my mums coffee table last night and have the dreaded white mark!! I am curently researching how to remove it…im going to have to try tonight!

Im not sure if its varnish or Shellac or even what wood type it is…i just know its relatively new! Im scared!! I did it last night and it worked! Im so relieved!!! It took me a few goes but that was probably out of fear. I did as a few have done — tea towel over the spot and covered rest of table just in case then had it on silk setting but not enough steam so i turned it up and really got the steam going.

Hovered and moved the iron in circular motions whilst blasting out the steam for about 15 seconds then grabbed a dry tea towel and really dried it off before repeating. AFter about 10 mins it went!!! I can house sit for the rest of the week smiling at the table that would have cost me my life!

I did this on 14 June New table, not an old one so whether that is varnish or not i dont know but didnt ruin the finish or anything.

Out of curiosity, is your iron good on everything else? Not placing blame and a great note, but it sounds like your iron may be getting hotter around the edges. This would explain why the heat in the center worked but was too hot around the edges and therefore burned them.

Had several white spots on my antique cherry dining room table. When we were cleaning up we noticed the stain. Freaking out, I checked online and found this page. Hesitantly I tried it and wala, the stain was gone. Thank you so much for saving our table.

I have a birch veneer ikea table with a white mark. Will this trick work with that type of veneer? Thank you for your tip. We just bought a table made from year old pine planks. Tried your tip. Worked great. I was absolutely scared to try it. Thank you , thank you. Thanks for your fabulous tip. We are house sitting for friends and a hot tea cup marked through a folded serviette onto their lovely timber table. Tried all the other tips eg. Having read your tip, I just held the iron about 6cms above the mark and steamed and it was gone.

Polished up with a soft cloth and furniture polish perfectly!! I few moments later, the white stain on my new teak dining table is gone! Thanks for taking the time to share your helpful advice! Use rubbing or polishing compound it is polish with very, very fine abrasives and rub rub rub. If you have a buffing machine, so much the better. After polishing out the stains, then apply a fresh coat of wax. By the way, my theory is that it is the old furniture wax that is discoloring, not the finish itself.

The older and bigger the wax buildup, the bigger the problem. It is usually found in the store alongside car wax. Your theory of the wax discoloring rather than the finish could be right in some cases. Thank you for sharing this wonderfull tip as it has just prevented a serious argument!!!! New Dining table with a abstract art feature of a plate mark was not what we wanted, after only a short while in the dining room.

Thank you again for a wonderful tip. A very greatfull husband, thinking he was doing great job with organising the evenings dinner, until, as he now knows, NOT to put the extreamly hot plate of spuds in the middle of the table without having a plate mat underneeth!

Could have been a very silent forthcoming few days ahead. In desperation I came across this website, put the iron on it and I got out of jail- you saved me haha! Water mark on antique dining room table from plant. I am one of the many in total disbelief this worked.

Iron over a desk that was ruined from ironing? I used the steak and it just floated right out of there. After reading all the positive responses on this page, I could hardly wait to try it on my oak dining room table which had 4 large white spots due to hot items. Five minutes later, my table looked like new!!

Thank-you so much for the valuable tip!! This worked unbelievably fast and easy. We thought we were going to have to give up, we had tried many other methods with no luck.

We used our steamer instead of an iron. Many thanks! We had a coffee table and a dinner table with white stains from spilt champagne and water, left overnight. Both are mahogany, one recent and one 12 months ago. I did the simple web search and found you. Steamed it and jet of steamed also on spots. We are wrapt, thank you from South Australia. I was absolutely sick about a big white mark on my beautiful pine dining room table.

I tried the steam iron and it worked on the first try. Thanks so much for sharing this tip! I had a beautiful old welsh dresser given to me by a friend. He was going to burn it as it was marred by loads of white rings from putting coffee cups down on it over the years. I used a teatowl and my iron with loads of steam and they dissapeared in seconds! Great tip, thanks so much! I now have a lovely stain free piece of furniture! I tried this on a cherry veneer dining room table and now have the mark of the iron showing.

Do you have any idea what I can do to make this better? We ordered in pizza at work while the president was away and was horrified to find out that it had left white marks on our huge boardroom table. I rubbed it over the affected areas with my hands and then buffed it with a dry cloth. Not only were the marks gone, but my hands were soft too! I purchased an awesome pub table set second hand for Mothers Day. I was devastated when only 2 weeks later my son ironed his shirt on my table and left a white heat mark where he set down the iron.

I googled and found this magical place and within minutes the stain was gone!! I too had a minor outline of the iron on the first spot, but rubbed it with the towel immediately after lifting it and voila! Thanks so much for the great tip!!!! And I thought my table was ruined! Thank you so much for your tip!!.. My boyfriends mother had given my a beautiful coffee table set a few months ago..

My roommate ordered pizza 3 nights ago and set the hot box on top of the coffee table…Nothing underneath it…In the morning we discovered a huge, cloudy white mark on top of it! I was so pissed!!.. Before I tried it, read every post on this wall and was a little reluctant on trying it myself.. Before I knew it the stain was diminishing before my eyes! Completely gone!! I was shocked to see the ring dissappear but a worse, larger white cloudy mark appear where the iron had been in the outline of an iron no less.

As you can imagine it was panic stations. That drew out all the stains and my table is good as new! Thank you so much for sharing this tip. I screamed at my husband for putting something hot on our cherry table and leaving the white mark.

Now I feel like a real jerk because it was so easy to remove. I had to steam a couple of times, but it Woodworking Terms With Pictures Meaning all came out. I even got out an old white stain from last year! Thanks again! With much trepidation I tried this trick — I have a table we are selling as we have bought a replacement. I had three large ring stains again caused by hot items being put on the table. It worked immediately and now my table looks like new. With 3 ironing boards in the house, one would think I could use one.

NOPE- I used our coffee table that was a gift from my husband. The steam from ironing left white marks that I could not remove. I tried mineral oil, and professional cleaners, ashes etc.

Your tip saved my table! I cant wait to show my husband! I used a white t-shirt, no steam and held the iron on the table for approx 15 seconds making sure to wipe the moisture each time.

I cant thank you enough! My husband felt bad and I do not think he will set a hot plate on the coffee table again. I was so happy when your iron idea worked on my table! My Mother is going to be sick when she learns this. She spent good money on having her table redone because she could not get the white stain out from her table a few years back. Thanks Again! Holy Hanna! Those white heat marks have been on my beautiful coffee table for 10 years, covered with a stupid doily type thing!

It took less than 5 minutes for me to remove them with the steam from an iron! Wow, worked for me! I was sceptical that this would work and not make it worse, but all the marks are gone. I put the iron on mid-high heat and held it with the steam on full about 1 inch above the table, over a dishtowel.

The first mark came out in about 5 seconds — none of the marks took more than two, 5 second steams to remove. Brilliant tip, thanks. I tried the steam iron with a towel trick and it made things times worse than before I started. I resorted to using a scrourer pad and some olive oil and gently rubbing into the wood going with the grain and this has improved things dramatically. Might be time for me to just strip back the whole table and reseal it from scratch I think….

Worked like magic…I was quite discouraged with those withe stains on our beautiful dining table… thanks! Thank you so much for posting this tip.

It got rid of the stain that had been on my table for the last 8 years. This tip is amazing, thank you! I pretty stupidly left a mug of tea on our dining room table, creating a really obvious white ring, but a quick steam and wipe with a tea towel got rid of it completely! A true skeptic here…. Cheers — J. Today we decided to dust and polish our dining table and discovered a large white mark under a table runner.

Tried briwax but little or no change. Arms aching, we dug out the home DIY books, called parents for advice etc — special removers, stripping varnish etc. So, with white towel and steam iron, rubbed the mark through the doubled towel for a few seconds so that the towel got damp and hot. After 3 flips the middle of the mark had obviously faded and after 3 more the mark had completely gone. Whole process took about 1 minute.

I have a new dining table made from Recycled timber and placed a cake from the oven on a cooling rack over a folded teatowel on the table. Once the cake was cooled I was horrified to find a white mark left where it had been. I have just followed your instructions and placed a white towel over the mark and put the steaming iron on it for just a few seconds and the mark is almost completely gone.

I just bought a second-hand coffee table made from NZ rimu timber off ebay which to my disappointment had several white marks which were not visible on the internet photos. At first I used a towel with the iron on steam and had some success, but it also created some white blotcy patches.

Holy Cow, does this work! Another suggestion would be to try a white pillowcase instead of a terrycloth towel. That seemed to work better for me! Now it looks just as good as it did when I was a little girl. Thank you so much its worked!!! I have a wood veneer table, which had a burn stain from a hot plate, and I just used the iron with the steam, hovering over stain and it just vanished, so thank you so much. I got alone in my place and left carelessly the pizza box too much time over the table while my ultraconservative parents that love old forniture left me were way.

I started with water, then alcohol gave some result and then a spray that my mom uses to clean hovens and other kitchen machines from grease stains little result.

Until now, I never considered the cause for that would be heat but stain. Anyway, If the cause is heat howcome is a steam going to help? This is a dead or alive situation. At first, it was getting better. It was a HUGE mistake. It provoked a stain with the shape of the iron in plain white color as this website background. I was sweating…. After battling a lot it got ok. Before learning of the iron technique, I tried rubbing the spot with a damp cloth. It reduced the size of the spot but left the rubbed area dull.

Afterwards, I used the iron technique and it further reduced the spot but there is still discoloration deeper down? Also, residue has a yellowish hue. No idea what the original finish is but as it is an antique, I doubt its polyurethane. Is ability to rub off finish with damp cloth and the yellowish hue a clue as to the original finish? Okay, I give up! Beautiful mahogany dining tabel it does not appear to have any type of varnish or coating on it — just stained wood with maybe a waxed finish and not glossy at all with six big rings from hot plates.

I have tried the steam iron method medium heat and hight heat — ironing directly on the towel with steam and hovering above with steam and now I have a large cloudy area in addition to the rings. I have tried it with no steam, on the towel, not on the towel, I have rubbed off any condensation from the steam, etc. I have not tried any of the other options with baking soda, salt, etc. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I tried this on a very old antique table family heirloom that recently started showing these spots. This worked, but at a price. Also, and more distressing, is the heat seems to have stripped the shine off the finish. Try to use a finish restorer after the iron to get the sheen back. Ah, I did the exact same thing, but if you rub a bit of olive or vegitable oil into the wood, it helps reduce th cloud alot. Its still there, it just looks like the original stain, if not a little better.

Seriously — this works! The table is the mango wood table from Crate and Barrel. Comes with either chairs or picnic benches. You could see the steam coming off the table — but you could also see the white heat stain leaving… I put the t shirt back and continued for 2 -3 more minutes trying to hover and not touch the table — but getting really close.

It is GONE. The stain is GONE. I am so incredibly grateful. Thank you for the tip on how to remove a heat stain from my expensive table! It worked a treat. Fantastic — thank you again!! Tried on Laura Ashley coffee table. Birch wood stained dark chestnut, lacquer finish. I used a face flannel with Iron on hot. Warmed flannel in direct contact, then several burst of steam and then a few seconds of dry heat, removed flannel and wiped any moisture off with a soft cloth.

Even the ring marks have gone. Perfect results, as good as new. Many Thanks. Iam so glad I tried this stam iron methed. I was in tears this morning when I came down stairs and saw my oak table with 3 white spots. I used the steam iron to remove a white ring on my desk and it works! I applied the steam directly and then wiped the moisture off with a cotton towel. Me too.

I have lived with those stains for ages. It melts the varnish and mine streaked a bit when i wiped it but sprayed on some furniture polish and it is now perfect! Thank you for sharing your experience which made me couragous enough to give it a go! I had a bowl-size heat mark on my varnish wooden table recently. I placed a not-to-thick white cotton towel over the stain, hovered my steam iron over it…sometimes applying a little pressure and it completely came off after 3 rounds!

So we tried it all and it didnt work and we were like reeallllyy? We tried lemon juice, olive oil with salt, the steam from the iron, peanut butter, pledge, pam, clorox, soy sauce, food coloring, mint extract, vinalla extract and the magic eraser.

We are pretty much screwed. Caseys mom is going to kill us. Thank You Sooooo Much! I was googling heat spots on wood tables this morning, and I was getting worried because everything I kept finding were long lengthy processes—including sanding and refinishing!

Well it work like a miracle! It took about 2 minutes and my table is like new! Well, I was hesitant to try anything on my dark stained table, but the white mark was driving me crazy! All of these great responses are what convinced me to take the chance. I followed the directions to a tee and in less than a minute the mark was gone and has not come back!

I am a believer and hope it works for everyone else who tries it. Another Labor Day weekend and another white spot on my dining room table. Last year, we were blessed with the first one… After trying the mayo solution last year, I pretty much accepted the stain since it was a small cup sized stain on the corner.

Thanks for such a wonderful tip! I can only guess that it works because the white stain is really is trapped water that the steam evaporates…. The first time we dined at our brand new Balinese mahoganny table , big nasty white marks appeared, despite using cork mats on which to place hot dishes.

In desperation a google search came up with this web site — and today I have ironed the stains right out! It only took a couple of minutes. Then wiped the area after each burst. The results were fantastic! Thank you for such a stunning tip — a real table -saver!

I am going to let the Bali shop know this, in case others call in with complaints about similar stains. Just excellent! I had several white stains on my oak table, I was getting ready to take it to the garage and sand it down. I just had to try googling how to remove white stains on oak table.

Your site came up with the iron method. At first I used the hoovering method with steam, it was amazing, they were disappearing. And with my excitement I called my husband to look, he was amazed, and then they started to reapper. I waited for 30 minutes and tried wetting down a handtowel and wringing it out and directly putting that on the stain and the iron on top moving it all around the stain.

It seemed to do alot better but it left a few white spots around the towel, I continued with all the spots. And then I used Johnson and Johnson Paste for wood. Like others, I had a white ring on a teak table caused by a hot coffee cup through a tablecloth. I heated an iron to the highest setting and used the steam setting, hovering about 1 inch above the white ring. Within a few seconds, the ring disappeared.

I did it again a couple of times to make sure I got everything, and wiped off the steam moisture. Contemplated throwing away the black veneer coffee table that had a massive white mark from a champagne spill at Christmas, plus a few others that have added to its not so chic shabby! Have just finished with the iron and towel and some wax polish and the result is fantastic. Had tried all other methods but this was the one that worked!

Used the thin white towel with iron method. White cloudy stain from pizza box vanished! Rubbed a little olive oil on for good measure and shine and it looks as good as new! It works so well — hover with iron and steam away and within a minute my horrible stain was gone!

Afterward I had some dull places where I may have rubbed the still warm finish too hard with the oil. I used a soft T-shirt to spread it over the whole table top, working in small panel areas at a time, letting each area sit for 5 — 10 min. Not only did it put shine on the dull areas, it covered a multitude of tiny cat scratches, and dings accumulaed over the years — it looks like a brand new finish!! It had to air dry for several hours, but worth it. The product comes in several colors to work with most wood finishes dark to light.

Looked so good I even decided to wipe the stuff on the table and chair legs too — fun to see such dramatic improvement with so little effort! Thank you for the recommendation. It worked beautifully. We had three rectangular white spots on our brand new dining room table and the steam removed them all — looks as good as new. The steam on the table worked like a charm. I used the white towel over the mark with the iron and that did not work at first, but then once I used the steam…the mark disapeared like magic!

The key is to hover over it… we just did it like a minute ago… after endless attempts to remove it with stain thinner and stain brush, this was the most successful way.

I LOVE IT and would highly recommend this to others out there who are having the same white stains issue on your finished furniture! I tried the ironing technique and it did diminish the actual ring from the teapot that I caused my damage with.

However I did cause a whitish smudge mark. I can live with the smudge better than the ring, so it was a positive result. I think my finish may be shellac as the table comes from India. So the million dollar question is how do you resolve heat damage to shellac finishes? I put a hot pan on a cloth at lunch today. When I removed it I just knew my husband was going to kill me.

He warns me about this all the time. The Large white mark came right off. I used a few damp papertowels and a iron just warming the paper towels up. Maybe 30 sec and it was gone. I am thinking a few coats of polish and that will be history too! This really works! I just tried on my polished cherry table. I had put slices of pizza on paper towels on my table, and it left 2 lovely white triangles!

I used a thin pillowcase. And I did not press the iron against the table, I only let the steam hit it as close as I could without it touching.

Natters from Murcia Spain. My friend who is a Wood Turner told me about using an Iron and brown paper. But not having brown paper I used kitchen paper and on the marks and ironed as if ironing a shirt.

I also showed the idea to the ladies who come to the coffee mornings we have and they were amazed as well. I knocked a flower vase over and the water splashed on the table and left the water mark.

Vic did say dry iron. You would be putting more moisture back in when you use steam! It also worked on the sides of my mexican pine coffee table. Vic explained that the table had taken in the moisture and that ironing draws out the moisture. He had some old wood that was nearly crumbling with age but when he put it outside for some reason it attracted moisure and stopped being dryed out.

This comment alone saved us having to buy a brand new table. After trying the steam hover method multiple times- the white stain kept getting bigger and worse.

It would go away for a few seconds after lifting up the t-shirt after steam but would quickly reappear. I thought our table was a goner. But then read about the paper bag and dry iron method..

Thanks very much! I tried all the other stuff, oil, mayonaise, toothpaste — only the steam ironing thing worked. My wife and I had friends over and left pizza boxes on our gorgeous cherry dining table.

At the end of the meal the boxes left a very large clouded ring. I was worried when I read the posts of the iron making it worse, but was able to remove the cloud with high heat and medium heat for only a few seconds.

Then I immediately wiped the area clean to remove the water. The finish is a little bumpy now because I used a towel. I would recommend what someone said earlier and try using smooth cloth like a pillowcase. Absolutely Amazing.

Had company over the weekend and we used paper plates for hot beans and burgers. Even with placemats the heat went right through and made six very distinct round circles on my oak table. But it took only a few seconds on each spot and they are all gone. I am so very grateful. Thanks so much for sharing this tip.

This worked on my table without any changes to the original directions. I used a white towel and put the iron on high dry heat. After doing this about 8 times, the stain completely disappeared! We had two milky white stains from paper plates being set directly on an espresso stained table.

It was infuriating, because the plates did not seem that hot! We had a similar table from the same manufacturer for over 8 years and never had a problem. The manufacturer and the sales outlet were unhelpful, and recommended refinishing our 3 day old table! Thank you, thank you, thank you. We bought a very expensive cherry table about five years ago. After having it less than two years, I placed a pizza box on it not even considering the damage it would have on the finish.

I have looked at that cloudy spot for three years, making myself sick every time. Gave your trick a try. At first nothing happened when I hovered over the spot.

I placed directly on the spot white rag in between and presto, the spots started disappearing. I tried all the other tricks previously. My husband who works with wood all the time sat back in amazement. Cloudy white stain on varnished coffee table…two short blast with a fairly hot steam iron steam on over a cotton handtowel and the stain disappeared!

We have table with a heat caused white mark, however I believe the table has an arborite fake wood top. Would the heated steam iron or oil and baking soda work on this type of table.

This worked. It was like an optical illusion before my eyes. I really didnt think heat would remove a heat spot, but it did! It certainly worked for the white heat marks on our Halo dinning table.

If you have a clotes steamer it works best. You can steam the table directly and watch the stain disappear!!!

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