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Who know wood crates could diy wood crate ideas 02 this good. Experiment with this project by painting the crates in different colors and personalizing the crates using custom stencils! Which makes them great for beginners. This would be the perfect nightable. This one attaches to the wall… what a space saver!

Tractor Seat stool. How to build a wood crate. Tutorial by Ana-White. End Boards Determine Height of Wood Crate Economical pine or whitewood is readily availabe off the shelf in standard sizes.

Cut End Boards to Desired Width of Wood Crate Once you have selected the board to use for the ends, simply cut to how wide you want the wood crate to be. Cuts can be made using a jigsaw, circular saw, or any mitersaw or chop saw. Slats The slats for the wood crate can be a variety of different materials.

Basswood or Balsa Wood, sometimes referred to as " hobby wood " is available in most hobby stores. It is in standard widths perfect for slats, and is lightweight and strong enough for a crate bottom. You may even find hobby wood in precut lengths perfect for wood crates. Plywood scrap pieces can be ripped on a tablesaw down to the desired slat width and used as slats.

For heavy duty wood crates, simply use 1x3 wood boards as the slats. The crates will be bulkier and heavier, but also stronger and more durable. Cut the slats to the desired length of the crate. Handles Optional handles can be added to the ends.

Dividers Dividers can add funtion to a wood crate and structure and strength. Take a second to pin this tutorial if you aren't ready to build right now. Project Type. Crate Plans and Projects Made with Crates. Cottage Style Furniture Plans. My husband made the crate and I made some soap and lotion dispensers out of mason jars. Create your own wooden crates furniture. I'm sure you see them popping up all around blogland, the crate trend is hot -- and I don't mean milk crates but gorgeous, rustic wood ones.

Crates that range in size and color and are making their way to homes everywhere There are lots of companies who sell them, even more who find vintage ones. Turn inexpensive 2x4s into a rustic x-leg bench with built in storage underneath. Go check out her step by step photos. Want to make your own DIY wood crates? Another perk? You can customize the size of these crates too, and they are made of cheap or free pallets!

Finally, for all of you who feel like this is all just a little too much trouble who are you kidding? Which DIY wood projects will you choose? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. You may also enjoy:. Got Maskne? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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