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Insane Pools 11pm 10c. French Linen Armoire Makeover. Keep up the great job and many thanks!! Not sure how he possibly lowered the ceiling without having to redo the shelving pipe lengths if that makes sense? You have to learn how to work a jigsaw, though.

My goal is to keep a clean house in the process. I absolutely love being able to make my projects but I was hoping for helpful ideas to stay tidy. Any tips or like rules.. Keep up the great job and many thanks!! You are so sweet, Dawn thank you for the very kind words! My house is NOT spotless all the time, I promise.

I do work on my projects in the garage as much as possible though. I try not to work on anything indoors since we put in our hardwood floors. That helps keep the work clutter contained, but I am a messy creative person…my garage gets so disorganized so fast. But one trick I found that really helps is to set my timer for 15 minutes, and do as much picking up and putting back as possible and I am always amazed at how much I can tidy up in 15 minutes!

I bring my finished pieces into my dining room until I can drop them off at my shop. Good luck! I shall use that 15 minute rule. I often set the timer on chores when I am pressed for time and am surprised what can be done in a short time especially because I am focused on a particular chore. Your work is Fabulous! Check out a few of my pieces of furniture if you would like. Thanks a bunch Christy! Wow your pieces are so beautifully detailed! You an tell you put a lot of love into each one.

We did shows for years long before my blogging days and it is a lot of work, but also so rewarding. You really do meet the nicest people! Good luck in December! I just went through your gallery looking for a past post so happy you put all of your projects in one place because I often go back to check certain details and it makes it so much easier.

I know you have two children and a husband, a beautiful home and big yard and still you find time for all your make-overs. Oh you have totally made my day, Carole!! I am so glad you enjoy my thrifty adventures. Thanks so much for always leaving such sweet comments. I truly appreciate each and every one!

Just came across your blog while searching Pinterest for closet makeover ideas, WOW! Love your projects and detailed instructions with photos!! I was about to close out and noticed your shop is in Va. Beach near the house we are moving into. Hi there! I am so excited to have found you. I have been looking for some appliances covers and saw the one for the toaster.

Hi Francisca! Because I can sew, I am absolutely clueless when it comes to no-sew options. However, this is so simple that you could easily hand-sew this. If that seems too daunting, I would take an image of my cover to your local fabric store and see what they can recommend with no-sew products. Best of luck to you! Christy, Your blog is extremely well done. I love most all colors and that is where I am stuck.

When you show your home tour, maybe I will get some ideas from you. Keep Best Wood Glue For Diy Projects Youtube up the good work and have fun most of all. Thank you so much, Pam!! Knowing where to start is difficult when you have a blank canvas. Keep your main pieces neutral and add your color with accessories and smaller pieces! Best of luck to you and your hubby in your new home! YOU have ruined my life. I now want to redo my entire house just like this and all in blue and white.

I could lose my entire life just on your blog. Oh wow thank you for your so very kind words, Marilyn!! Sweet comments like yours make what I do so much fun!! So excited to subscribe to your blog! I have a feeling I will be spending many hours on your site looking at projects and getting ideas!!

I am in LOVE! Aww Thank you, Judy! Lots of luck to you on this fun giveaway! Now I am having a hard time finding the picture again! Thank you for all of the ideas — I may try that chalk paint recipe someday! But — wondering where you are able to order the stencils or transfers that you have applied to some of the furniture? Hi Joann! Thank you! That is the beauty of paint in that you can always sand it down, paint over it, etc.

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Remember, organize, organize, organize! Hence, the labels! Need budget craft room storage ideas? Visit thrift stores for old spice racks!

This is genius for those of us without an extra room. Getting the idea? Use these tips and inspiration to create a DIY craft room just perfect for you! Need space for your craft room? Save Save Save Save. Save Save. I found an idea about hanging ribbion spools on wooden hangers and now can not find it.

I got a good idea to solve out some areas in my kitchen. Though still missing good space for all my handicrafts. The top picture of a craft room has a slat wall. Do you know how the slat wall was made? You can find the slat walls at home depot. I tried the ribbon organizer on a dowel idea and after having to take it apart in order to take out empty spools…over and over…lol.

I finally came up with what works for me. I keep my spools of ribbon in a drawer with dividers between rows of spools.

I have a row for each color and ziplock bags for remnants. Now I can remove and add spools with ease! Some great tips for organizing a craft room. I definitely drooled a bit at that last room, too. Alas, we have a very small house so I could never dedicate a whole room to crafting. I definitely love the idea of thrifting to find storage solutions, though!

I have 2 Goodwills and a Habitat Restore really closeby. They are my favorite shopping haunts! Thanks for sharing! I love that blue craft room!

By the way, I want to create part of a craft room on one wall in my room. Any tips for creating a craft room for one wall? You might get some great ideas here! This was a sensational post. I was engaged and sauntered through your blog for hours. Thank you so much for posting fun relevant content….

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