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And thankfully I had my hubby with me to point out how well the cedar posts would work. I love the stuff! I blamed it on the wire shelving. Are you able to share how many dowels you used per post to attach? This site uses cookies. I quickly stained a crate and stored our fitness gear.

As I mentioned, wood overlays have been our go-to when it comes to covering wire shelving, as you can see in the image below. While I have fallen in love with this look, it seemed a bit much to put them into a linen closet. Still, I wanted to cover the wire shelving with something. Enter foam board. You heard me right. You want to start by measuring your current shelves. If you happen to have a smaller shelf size, you are going to need to cut the foam board down to the appropriate size.

Make sure to check your measurements for accuracy. Other ideas would be to paint the foam board or cover it in contact paper, which was my original idea, but contact paper is 2 inches shorter than what I needed.

I also thought about covering it in fabric, but that can get expensive. So, for my 20 x 30 inch foam board, I cut out 21 x 31 inches. This allows for wrapping the paper around the sides. The width of my wrapping paper did not allow for a wrap-around, so Diy Wood Projects For Hunters Vietnam I just wrapped the length. Using binder clips, adhere your wrapping paper to the foam board. The reason for this is so you can get your pattern straight, and lined up appropriately.

FYI, adhesive spray should be used in a well-ventilated area. Make sure you read the instructions for proper use. Unclip the paper and spray underneath the part where the clips were holding it. Great idea! Any concern about the wrapping paper ripping is easily solved with a coat or two of mod podge. I love the stuff!

Totally agree about wire shelving, which we have Diy Ideas For Leftover Wood 40 in every closet. Its only saving grace is that when we bought this place, an estate sale house much in need of TLC, the shelving was filthy. You can take wire shelves out and clean them with relative ease.

Before the next one I will be sure to check out the video. Thanks again. Erin I have the exact closet shelf and am doing this today!! Love your whole little room. Hubby and I are getting ready to move laundry to a closet and I love this whole remake. Thank you for sharing. Thanks Cheri! Good luck with the laundry move. I was glad to come across your website. I have seen your shorter version showing the wood-covered wire shelf and was amazed.

Did you have to add any extra bracing? I also like the fact that when the bottom of the wood was painted the wood color, it made a nice pattern on the bottom. One more question. Where did you put the detergent, fabric softener, bleach, and other necessary stuff? Thanks very much for this article. Thanks for your questions. About the wood overlay; we used cedar, which is a very light-weight wood, so it does not add a lot weight to the shelving, and because the weight is evenly distributed across the shelf, we did not add any additional brackets for support.

As far as where I put all my stuff… The laundry detergent you see Diy Wood Crafts For Beginners Nature in the befor pictures was almost gone. I moved my bleach down to my cleaning closet because I never actually use it for anything expect cleaning up after the stomach flu. Hope that answers your questions. Erin, it is such a small detail but it makes such a difference.

Really nice idea! Because a finished room is in all of the details. Honestly I was searching Pinterest just last week for ideas to make our wire shelves in our walk in robe! I love this, thank you! I ask myself that same question every day when I see how creative other people are. And thankfully I had my hubby with me to point out how well the cedar posts would work. I know! Thanks Karen! I would have never thought of fence posts, but the thickness is perfect!

Are you able to share how many dowels you used per post to attach? I was thinking 3, but figured you may have found a different number to be sufficient. I was SO happy that my husband pointed out how well the fence posts would work, and I think they turned out better than I could have hoped for. In answer to your question, I believe we used 5 dowels in between each post, but you could certainly adjust that number depending on the length of the shelf.

Have a great day Lisa! I love this DIY and may have to copy it! I have been wanting to cover my wire pantry shelves for years. Great job! Erin I love how you updated your shelf while keeping the Diy Wood For Garden 50 previous one there! Amazing job!! I love the dark stain with the rest of your decor!! Your idea is my favorite! Thanks for sharing and awesome job! Thanks Tiffany. Glad you like it!

Many preferred it over wood as it was felt there was better air circulation in closets — especially linen cupboards.

I like your shelves very much, though, and wish I could do that! That actually makes so much sense, allowing more airflow in closets. Thanks for sharing that. Click here for her […]. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

Your privacy is important to us. Please review our updated privacy policy here. Comments I love this idea!!! Absolutely love this idea. It will be made for my house for sure. Love it! Hate those wire shelves so I am definitely going to do this. I absolutely love this idea! So smart! Thanks Liz! This was a really fun project that completely changed the look of the space. Wow, what an improvement over the wire shelving. It looks custom and gotta love free! You are so welcome!

Hope it works well for you if you decide to go this route!

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