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There will be plenty of time to work up to bigger, more complicated projects, and you can make pretty amazing stuff with beginner tools and skills. In reply to Kreg Jig Guide by jlharrison. Black Farm House Bed. When I figure out how to post to the right location I will brag and show wihte End products. Fun The Actual Marriage Proposals. This site is great!!

Headboards are available in…. Ernie's Supply is your source for floor sandpaper, flooring abrasives, and floor polishing and floor maintenance pads. Visit the post for more. All Rights reserved. These space-efficient garage organizers make your stored items easily accessible while still leaving plenty of room to park your car. I saw there was a lot of unused space at the top of my walls. So I decided I could make a 24" deep shelf all the way around to store my plastic storage totes. I priced out the heavy duty br….

Learn how to make a super handy shelving unit with plyboard and 2x4 lumber. This is great for a garage, basement, or shed. I am almost certain that we don't have the same restrictions on home size here that the US has I'd like it to stay put but maybe be "possible" to move it? I tell people that the number one rule for carpentry is you can screw things down but try not to screw things up! I'm looking for a place to ask you or your crew a question and this is what I found.

I'm building the 2 x 4 Outdoor Couch. Where do you get the cushions? Thanks, Steve. Is this a necessity or will I be alright without it. I haven't used my Kreg yet, but will be soon and want to be prepared before I get into the project and figure out I need something else or that it would've made things easier.

In reply to Kreg Jig Guide by jlharrison. Dear Ms JLHarrison, there is a good introduction video to using the R3 on the Kreg website here and their printed guide for the R3 is here. I also liked the setup video on youtube here that helps get you going. Good luck with your projects. We are making the Fancy X Farm House table for my daughter-in-law house but can not find the instructions on how to attach the table top.

I'm assuming it would be from the bottom so that it doesn't show thru the top - but where would we put the screws? Husband, who has more experience than I is also asking. BTW - love your site. Anybody know where I can find plans for a corner style double oven cabinet? Remodeling my kitchen and building everything from scratch and have found plans for nearly everything right here, but can't seem to find oven cabinet plans at all much less one for a corner.

I've even started searching for just tall corner cabinet plans that I could modify but I'm not having any luck going that route either. I am so in love with this bed! I have been looking for someone to build it for me and have been unsuccessful. I've contacted contractors and cabinet builders as well. Any advice I am not handy, work excessively and honesty don't have the time.

I have even been searching for a used one I just setup a login for your site. You have so many beautiful projects and ideas. I also like how you do not talk down to anyone but make all feel welcome to try their hand at your projects. I just created a new user account, but when I navigate between different pages there is a "Login" button at the top of the page which makes me think that I'm not recognized.

There's no drop-down box with a "log out" option, and I want to make sure to do that after a visit. Please advise I recently joined Pinterest and first ran across your website from there and I've become a bit of an addict In reply to Website Navigation by Ken Stegeman. I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much for helping me find something that I enjoy, hoping someday to be as good. Susan TY!!! In reply to Off square, NOT parallel, long point to long point?? HELP by slamarca.

Off Square means not 90 degrees. I went searching for the instructions and saw that the plan is asking for ten degrees off square. Hopefully you have purchased the speed square and can use it to make your angle line. Long point to long point measurement is where you take your tape measure and measure from the long point on one end to the other long point on the other end.

The tape will bisect the piece of lumber board just about in half. These are helpful, but not necessary. In reply to Off square by Moltroub.

I'm very new and was wondering if you happen to know if any videos or resources to help me with the basics. Thank you. In reply to Reference by jlmendoza In reply to Have you checked out our by Ana White. Yes I have. I would search you tube and see what I can find. The biggest problem I have I guess is with the off squares, parallel, etc.

But I will keep looking. I love your tiny house you just finished! Looking at it I would make a couple of changes to the bedroom area.

I would probably make the window shorter so I could make a small closet at the end of bed and possibly a window at the side of the bed following the roof line. I love the elevator bed but would add a low head board to protect the artwork and lean on when reading in bed.

Also a suggestion is to make a rolling closet that would go under the bed at the foot if the bed if it is not lowered all the way that could be used as a 2nd step to the half lowered bed if you are using the lounger as a 2nd bed. It could be rolled close to the lounger as a working surface with an extra flap possibly at the back that flips up as a table that gives room for your knees when using it.

If lowering the bed right down it could be rolled out of the way. I cannot fgure out the angle cuts when it says "parallel to each other long point to short point". Am I cutting both cuts in the same direction. Currently I am working as a Handyman in London, I am just a new startup only me and I was always interested in tiny houses.

My partner and I are thinking to buy a new house but I would love to design and build mine in Spain. I was doing some research and tiny houses in Spain are not implemented yet. Could you please give me some tips about how to start the process? Also I would like if possible to leave here my website, you can check there some of my portfolio. I want to make this with a mirror I already have. It has a detail pediment on top. How can I adapt the plane so I can use this mirror. But if you become addicted to gambling, you loose the entire money earned so far.

But online casinos show you the account of your balance amount and you can check them before betting for higher limits. My problem is I do not have software to figure a shopping list or a cut list. The one in the plans is 91" wide and I need shopping and cut list for a 60" console.

Is that what you are picturing, three narrower bays? They can play online games from their homes without leaving their chairs. The only things that they can not get is free cool drinks, players cant notice the expressions of their opponents and also cannot hear the noise of the coins that fall from the no deposit casinos bingo machines.

People around the world look for different ways to make money. Usa online gambling is one such way of making money along with having fun thrills and risks. But if you become addicted to gambling, you loose the entire money earned. I just found your amazing channel. We built a house many years ago but not the cabinets, etc. I notice that you use software, can you share the software program you use? I'm just starting off with some DIY projects and say your square farmhouse table.

I'm also just learning a lot right now and was wondering about difference in screws. I am wondering if there is a difference between construction and wood screws. I have used self tapping construction screws with star heads recently and have loved the results, but don't know if this would work for wood working projects?

Also, do you have a video of how to apply the wood glue etc? This site is great!! Thank you for explaining everything so well for someone who is just beginning. I am excited to start making things. Shoe cabinet Hi Ana, I really like your videos and project plans. Thank you so much for posting them.

I wonder if you could help with how to go about building a shoe cabinet like the Hermes shoe cabinet from IKEA? What do you recommend? Hi Anna, I built an outdoor chair using kiln dried 2x4s. Can you tell me the best way to stain and weather proof the wood for outdoor use? Also, can you recommend a good wood filler to use that wont show after its dry and sanded?

Thank You, Chris. Hi Ana, I love everything that you put your touch to. Can you do a video on how to build your work table?

The one you use in your videos. And all the rails and clamps you use? Hi Ana, I really like your videos and project plans. Hi, what size Circular saw do you use? Hey Ana, I love your plans and videos. I would like to start Woodworking and thus would like to know more on beginner tools. Especially budgeting. I've followed your YouTube channel for a while and I love your videos. I finally have space in my small house to do some basic woodworking, but I'm finding with my drill that it isn't brilliant for screwing in fastenings.

I've been advised to buy an additional impact driver for these tasks. I'm wondering whether you use one in your vids or whether your drill can handle these tasks.

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Single Simple Modern Outdoor Lounger. Narrow Farmhouse Table Computer Desk. Works well painted too! Square Farmhouse Table. Sweet pea bunk bed. Trimmed and ready for Christmas - Dollhouse. Home Office Project. French Country Sideboard. Bathroom Vanity Inspiration. Fun The Actual Marriage Proposals. Vinegar and Steel Wool with Tea Project. Adirondack Chair Home Depot Plans. Faux fireplace. Black Farm House Bed. Pottery Barn knock off.

Tractor Seat stool. Moving Beyond Basics The basic tools above are must haves for just about anyone. What Saw Does What and Why? How Do I Attach the Wood? With simple woodworking, here's what I recommend for fastening- Drill - The drill used to create a variety of joints, with the most basic a simple screw.

When to Screw, When to Nail? Easy to hide. Screws Fast and strong, works well when attaching 2x material together. Kreg Jig Easy, precise and fast. You'll need a few more hand tools to help you in the building process - The basic hand tools will help you throughout the build Tape Measure - You'll use the tape measure to mark cuts, and also to layout the build.

What Type of Wood to Use? Plywood and Sheet Good Sizes We don't recommend plywood for a first project because it requires ripping down in width to use, but eventually you'll want to start using it.

Plywood and sheet goods, usually is true to it's name. Building a Workbench Having a dedicated workbench will change everything about building. Here's my recommendation for an easy, efficient workbench that is a good size for most projects Photo and build credit: TheresaLynn Some Beginner Woodworking Tips So that's the basic tools and materials, and here's a few more newbie tips: Always take the time to find nice straight boards.

Take the time to get to know your tools, their uses and safety features. A Few Notes on Safety Power tools are powerful. Clamp everything down, to prevent variables when cutting and building Keep hands clear of saw blades and nailer tips at all times Remove batteries or unplug when changing bits, saw blades, or adjusting tools Wait until the saw blade stops turning to remove the saw Do not work in a distracted environment Use appropriate safety equipment Always read tool manuals and get to know your specific tool before using Never use a tool in a manner that it is not designed to be used Use common sense - if it doesn't feel safe, it probably isn't.

Don't do it - it's not worth the risk Choosing Your First Woodworking Project Pick a project that is inexpensive, and doesn't require a ton of tools, cuts, or steps. Next Projects After you get done with your first project, try tackling a few more smaller projects. Here's a few examples- Shown above: Easy Rustic Console , Pallet Style Coat Rack , Easy Wall Plate Rack Once you've mastered the basic skills, feel confident using power tools, it's time to move on to a few bigger projects and a couple more tools.

But we got problems with mass. Could you please give us an advice? Thank you Diy Wood Projects Beginners Analysis so much. I love to be a carpenter and looking for more ideas , projects , all the best for you. Built mantle from your plans last week. Came out great. Thanks Kevin Noa. Hey this is Carpenter Bee. Thanks Katharina. I just need real help. Greetings Friends. Thank you for your help!! Thank you for your help! I was wondering if you could tell me the total cost of your tiny house project? The trailer included. Even just a rough "ball park" total cost amount?

I am considering building it I think I will be following your plans almost exact full mementoes version I'll be doing it by myself But will be contracting out some of the work spray foam, plumbing, electrical.. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks Lisa. Have you checked out builders in your area on our new site pineandmain. Hi Ana, I just setup a login for your site.

Have a Happy New Year! You should see a "logout" option if you are signed in. We are thrilled that you found us! Dear Ms. Susan, Off Square means not 90 degrees.

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