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This is one of the best and easiest small wood projects to try for those who are projwcts trying to master the craft. These things really sell because they provide a service people like — convenience. Understanding the fundamentals in making a jewelry box will allow you to eiy into making a larger chest, a larger storage box, a different kind of jewelry box, or a diy wood projects small 60 box. And especially if you are hosting the Thanksgiving meal, this pallet art is super easy to make! Get the full woodworking plan here.

The size and dimensions of the final product depend on the size of the boards. Do exactly as you see in the picture. The horizontal plates can be attached to the vertical one using glue or some screws.

And yes, you can build one yourself. It is one of the easy woodworking projects that usually take hours to build.

You can use it as a toilet paper or something else. I have one that I am using for Kleenex. You can even customize that smile you see at the front. Although this is a big product, I still count it as a small wood project since it only took me a few hours to build this shelf. This is a pretty strong shelf that you can use for books and everything else in your house or office.

I had to buy some additional wood pallets for this project as it needed some big ones. What can be more beautiful than a tealight holder that you can build from old wood pieces? It is a very simple project but will need some additional items like candles and a wood digging tool like the one you see in the image. Follow the instructions in the image to build one yourself. Make a beautiful wood stand for your plants using reclaimed wood pallets from your home.

This stand can hold up to plants based on its size and strength. Make sure that the legs are strong and steady enough to hold the weight of the plants. It can also be used in the kitchen to hold dishes and other small items. This is a natural wood organizer that can be used to hold pens, pencils, and other small tools. You will need an old tree trunk or something similar to make this one.

Luckily, I could get one from one of my woodworker friends. See if you can arrange one or you can skip this project. Another wood toilet paper holder with added shelves that can be used to hold small items like a shampoo bottle, etc. This is a small and beautiful project that you will just love making.

You will need some recycled wood pallets for this one. Follow the link below to know more about this project. Add this beautiful shelf to the corner walls of your living room or kitchen. You can put books, stationary, or any other small items in this. It can be used for both an outside corner and an inside one. Visit the source article link below to read more about this corner wall shelf.

Ted's Woodworking Plans contains complete instructions from start to finish, leaving absolutely no guesswork. Here is what you get:. I made up my mind to build one at home. It took me only two hours to build it without finish from old rustic wood pallets. The one in the picture is in Ebony Finish. You can finish yours in any color you want. This one is a piece of cake for any woodworker. You will need one or two big nails and some old wood pallets for this project.

You can use more advanced tools to give it a more stylish look. It can be used to hand lanterns, candles, clothes, and everything else. Use it as a hanger if you wish. Need a cool memo board for your kitchen or someplace else? I got one right here. This is a very easy-to-do wood project that involves the use of old pallet wood pieces, a small pipe, cut tacks, paper, sawtooth hanger, paint sticks, and some screws.

Follow the link for the complete tutorial. This is a large bin or crate created from old pallet wood boards. The box can be used as a dustbin, a crate, or a storage box for anything. You can even make a few small versions of this box to place in any room or in the kitchen. You can easily make a simple and beautiful wall cubby shelf from scrap wood. The detailed step-by-step is available at the source link below.

You just need to have some woodworking experience for this. The shelf can be used on any wall to store magazines, small books, and similar items.

This birdhouse I built using the cedar wood scraps left from my rocking chair project. It can become a small and nice house for your pet birds. It hardly takes 2 to 3 hours to build this one.

Instead of buying a memo board from a shop, you can now make one yourself with some reclaimed wood. This wooden jellybean dispenser is one of the most enjoyable small wood projects that you can do.

You need some materials and tools to get this project done, but they are not expensive. With some small wood pieces and metal brackets, your bookshelf will be transformed into an artwork. This one is a cute side table that you can make with just a simple wooden board.

This can be a little bit tricky since you are cutting curves but once you get the hang of it you will achieve this small wood project. This is one of the small wood projects you can make both for indoors and outdoors.

It is a great additional decor to your entrance hall. Cook in your kitchen with style with this wooden cookbook stand. The sure will help you read your recipe! Have a relaxing hot bath with this bath caddy on your tub.

You just need a few materials to get this wood project done. Enjoy this game with your family and friends during holidays. This is one of the simplest small wood projects that are functional and decorative.

It will help you organize your magazines or even some books. Side table is an amazing addition to your living room. With this tutorial, you can build your own simple side table without the hassle of buying one. The key in trying out these small wood projects is putting your own personal touch to them.

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