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This gives the city a total redundant loop, back feed, served by two substations. However, if you need to hire a Mexican import broker, the best way is to obtain a recommendation from business associates, clients or customers. Sisters shared holiday warmth with Y-kids. Stirewalt is more than just a substitute teacher; she is a hard-working team player that goes the extra diy woodworking gifts for dad 6th to help everyone she encounters. Items must be placed in the front yard next to the curb.

We will be moving to Mexico towards the end of this year Chiapas , I am a US citizen and my husband a Mexican national. We will be driving, and the vehicle is registered in both of our names. I want to make sure I have everything in order ahead of time so hopefully we have an uneventful trip. There will be 3 of us. Thanks for your help and I love your blog! Hi Heather, Other than the Menaje de Casa household goods exemption for foreign residents moving to Mexico, Mexican citizens have the same restrictions that we foreigners do except for the Paisano Program benefits for Mexicans.

We own two time shares there. We are two Canadians travelling to Puerto Vallarta for 41 days on vacation. I assume we do not require any special Visas? Can we bring any kind of meat in our checked luggage ie salami sausage or frozen steaks etc.?

Tourists bringing in meat? My wife and I are planning on moving the the Progreso area in September , We will be driving from Calgary, Canada. Very frustrating! THanks so much! Their website has a free quote request form. Their website has an online estimating form. Muchas Gracias! I see that the regs. Aduana officials should be completely aware of the change. Happy Trails and a Safe Journey, steve. And I thought you needed to report to the US that you were taking it out, as well as report to Mexico that it is coming in.

Pingback: Can We cut US state, local, and federal deficit spending? Surviving Yucatan. Hi Steve, My family of 5 is planning on driving through Mexico onwards to belize permanently. Does the Meneja de casa still apply if we are just driving through? We will be driving a 17ft box truck and our personal vehicle as well. Any words of advice? I have been making an inventory of all our boxes like you said in your previous writings.

We have three small children and need this move to go as smooth as possible. Thanks, Jackie. Basically, the US Border Patrol can and does have some of us totally unpack our loads if they suspect hanky-panky. Same goes across Mexico and when entering Belize. The list puts govt. I found on one site, all persons over 18 are allowed 20 packs each…so much cigars etc. If I could get a reply in English as well as Spanish to take along with us, it would be greatly appreciated.

Should I state that this cue and bag is in my luggage before hand or am I worrying for nothing? Also have 2 aersol sunscreens 60 SPF ml each in luggage any problem with these? Aerosols must consist of a gas compressed, liquefied or dissolved under pressure, with the sole purpose of expelling a non-toxic other than a Division 6.

I would like to bring a suitcase full of wedding decorations. In the past people were charged duty on these items. And does my wedding dress count. Please explain who wedding decor works in the cancun airport. We are having a wedding in Cancun. We would like to bring a dried starfish for part of the wedding ceremony. So why does the article say that you can bring all personal items including those for a wedding party? This means they reserve the right to waive anything through, or to assess duties, on the whim of each individual agent.

This means that our article describes the official policy, but reality for each time you enter Mexico says they may or may not allow it. Hope it all works well — plan to be firm not aggressive if they pull some BS, be patient, be persistent — and work politely but firmly to get them to not charge inappropriate duties.

Ask for a supervisor to help if needed, but be prepared to offer to pay some duties regardless of what the rules officially say. Catherine and Gail, the bottom line is this … it all depends on the mood of the person checking your luggage. I go to Mexico every summer to work in an orphanage. Last summer they let us bring in a large set of kitchen knives…not a question. However, I have had batteries taken. We have even landed at the wrong airport late at night and forced off the plane at gunpoint.

Wishing you the best of luck and pray for your safety. My husband is leqving the us voluntary for immigration court so we are all goingto mexico myself my husband and our two children is there a limit on how much clothes and shoes we bring with us can we bring toys and can we bring a tv. Hi Megan, If you enter Mexico as a legal resident by applying for Residente Permanente or Residente Temporal , then you are allowed to bring in a load of household goods under a Menaje de Casa list.

I believe you will find that all common household goods can be brought in duty free with a Residente permit. Citizen me a Mexican national but Im also a U. Hi Lanortenadelsur, Out of curiosity, will your husband be getting Residente Temporal?

Bring 3 copies or so , to show or give to border officials or police or militars who want to know the contents of your load. If so, and if you have been married for over 2 years, then he can get Residente Permanente status as your spouse without meeting personal financial requirements. Hi Steve: until now I did not know that such procedures exist all I know is that were married 15 years ago living in California since then,we got married in Vegas, were visiting my Family in Tijuana all these years and were really tired of paying these ridiculous charges of rent and utilities, and we want it to do it or die in Tijuana close to my Family and Friends hes an orphan pobrecito!

Is there any legal way to get used clothing and other donations across the border for food banks and orphanages. I go to Baja once a month with food donations for a small community with around 40 families that we help out.

There is a small school with 22 children and we also take school supplies. I tried to take used clothing for the children and got escorted back across the border. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Have them promise that any and all donations will be used exclusively for charitable purposes to ease concerns about scams or misdirection of resources.

Be firm and persistent but friendly with any Aduana personnel. Best of luck, steve. You also say that we can refer to the Aduana web page to confirm this. As I have no furniture to move, just lots of boxes, I was thinking about either using UPS or bringing it with me on the plane as baggage. Have you heard about anybody using a menaje de casa bringing their items that way??

It seems nobody can tell me if this would even be possible. Thanks for any help! Hi Nicholas, Are you driving into Mexico? The advice about not needing a customs broker using a Menaje de Casa is based on driving in from the USA. If you are shipping things into a sea port, then yes, you likely need to use a licensed broker.

I have never heard of anyone using a Menaje de Casa for arriving by plane. So lots of contradictory information. Yeah, it seems nobody has heard of using a Menaje in any other way than by sea or by road. But does it say anywhere that those are the only options?

Of course theory and practice are not the same thing…. I will be flying from the United States to Brazil, with a connecting flight in Mexico. I might go over the five hundred dollar limit.

In that case, would I be subject to import taxes? Aduana Mexico also has customers push a button to get either a red light or green light.

If you get a green light, your luggage is subject to only a cursory X-ray scan. If you do have to go through that secondary screening, and they want duties, then try to explain that you will not leave the airport, and that you will be leaving Mexico — showing them your continuing flight boarding pass. Individual agents have broad discretion to decide whether to charge, and they often just allow overages — except for electronics and computers.

What duties would I have to pay for bringing down 10 cases? We are relocating in the Chelem area. We plan on towing a uhaul trailer to Houston and putting our household goods on a ship linea peninsular to Progreso. We are more than likely going in with tourist visas and will have roughly 3k to 5k worth of stuff, including a few thousand dollars worth of musical instruments I am a musician. I plan on moving to Mexico as a TR or a PR and to have my son drive me down with a truck for my household goods.

What do we need as paperwork for him and for the the — we will rent it — is that allowed. He will come as a tourist for 2 weeks. I am aware of the spreadsheet of items in my boxes. It is more about the truck — is a rental OK or do we need to own the truck for this purpose? It is possible that some small private rental company will give you a letter permitting you to take their truck into Mexico.

I will be flying into Mexico from my recent visit in the us, can I bring coffe, popcorn, and various spices in my suitcase? Hi Jeanette, Mexican Customs Aduana agents usually allow these things as long as they are in their original, sealed, un-opened, commercial packages. Opened items, privately produced items that are not in sealed new commercial packaging are often confiscated. Hi, I am visiting my son and family in Mexico from UK and want to take his favourite home made cake.

Will this be allowed. Hi Carol, Depends on the luck of the draw — red light or green light and if a red light, then the opinion of the Aduana agent who looks through your bags. Commercial food products in their original sealed packages are generally allowed except for some meat products. A home-made cake…??? Hi, We are marrying in Cancun. We like others want to bring wedding decoration, such as 14 metal lanterns in for our ceremony.

These lanterns were bought in the US but manufactured in China. Also, the bouquet is made from silk artificial flowers so would this be allowed?

Is the wedding dress considered a personal item? Hi Dawn, Silk flowers are fine. The wedding dress is fine as a personal item. Goods manufactured in China are fine. We are planning a wedding in Cancun in June I have a niece that has a genetic disorder that requires her to be on a very strict specific diet.

Her parents have to have exact brands and such for her foods. The foods include prepackaged meat, fruits, cheese, crackers, canned veggies, whole cream, and butter.

Will they be allowed to bring the food into Mexico if they provide a doctors letter stating that she has to have these foods in order to maintain her health?

Hi Amanda, Maybe so, maybe not. It all depends on whether she gets a green light or red light, and it then depends on the Customs agent she gets. As written above, some allow food in unopened commercial packaging, others not. Some allow meats still in the original factory packaging, while others stick strictly to the rules no meats. Notarize the letter for it to be given even more respect here.

A good Spanish translation of that letter, and copies of both for Aduana to put in their files would also help, along with a complete inventory spread sheet with Spanish translations of all the foods she is bringing is a big help. Good Luck, steve. I went to mexico Laredo had to pay did not have items that were not suppose to be only 2 suitcases reg very rude people had to pay Can i pack 10 of them and bring them with me or will i be charged duty as they are many pieces.

Thank in advance for you help. Hi Ricky, I think you can make a good case that they are personal items for personal use: different styles, different powers, used in different rooms reading in the living room, pair by the bedside, pair in the bodega, pair for watching TV.

The Aduana people are used to us gringos telling bizarre stories what normal person needs 10 pairs of glasses??? Most likely, they will not even say anything, so I would not even bring it up, unless asked. Happy Travels, steve. I will be coming to Merida with some photo prints and photo canvases of my own work, as well as some towels and bed linens.

These are for a home a recently purchased. My concern is for the photos and photo canvases. How is a price determined, should I just document the cost of the printing? The bed linens, towels, as well as some small kitchen gadgets can opener, cheese grater, corkscrew, etc also have no documentation.

How would I place a value on the items. Thanks in advance. You could check on E-bay for small kitchen gadget prices. Make good faith estimates of the values on the art. Foto printing costs are a good start.

It gives them a full listing of all non-personal items that gives them protection — and something they can show the boss and then file. The hubby and I are moving into the home we purchased outside San Miguel next month and with our resident permits will be driving down through Nuevo Laredo.

Because if I have to itemize every single individual thing the paints alone for example my list is going to be HUGE! When preparing the menaje de casa just how specific should you be? Hi Marti, Great question! They were very pleased with our list. Aduana agents did not care at all whether it was approved by a Mexican Consulate. Thank you so much, Steve. I truly appreciate it! There seems to be a lot of conflicting information on this and I am not going to help matters any but just share our experience thus far.

We will present the more detailed version on request. I think this is the best we can do and roll the dice. The rules are in flux and very confusing. To add additional confusion, although this is the first time as a non tourist in Mexico, because I am officially retired and we are entering based on my retirement income, I was issued a Residente Permanente Visa.

But because my wife is self employed they would not consider her income much larger than mine her income based on a Company Profit and Loss Statement or from joint tax returns. She only pays herself a small salary and would not qualify based on he W-2 wages. As such, she was issued a Residente Temporal Visa. We were told that neither expires but that each of our resident ID cards issued in country by immigration have to be reissued annually. Sorry for the long winded message. Your recap is very helpful, Bruce.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share it. Good idea have both versions of your spreadsheet available. Covers the bases! We will definitely do the same. But what about that Mexican cowboy tamale dude, lol? Since your formal Menaje de Casa exempts a load of duty-free household goods, valuations are not strictly needed. Will every single Aduana agent know this? Will all police know this? Will all soldiers at checkpoints know this?

Will all state officials at interstate border crossings know this? More Important: Will your individual Aduana officer inspecting your load decide that every single item in the load is a personal household item — and not a commercial item or group of things in commercial quantities?

Your advice from a Consulate clerk is no help in this situation. I know the list works when you list prices. I have had this happen on electronics and tools, where they have assigned up to 10X too high values based on their personal opinion on the spot. If you have an existing proposed value, and documentation for unusual or expensive items , Aduana generally accepts your proposed value. This explains why there is differing advice given on various websites: Theory vs.

Thanks Steve, we are definitely taking a belt and suspenders approach and will have actual receipts where we have them. My tools are so beat up, I am not sure they would assign any value to them. But at one thing people can keep in mind is that if they decide to assign a huge inflated value, look the item up on your phone or tablet and show them at least what the current suggested retail price is.

We are a little worried as we are taking in flat packed RTA kitchen cabinets as wee have not found high quality cabinets in Qintana Roo unless they are custom made tropical wood. We know tropical wood is good but concerned about the environmental impacts of its harvesting. Tamales con mojo rojo o verde cerda o pollo and Tamales de rajas pollo y queso. A little bit of street food heaven in DC.

Do they have to pay taxes on what they sell? Can they ship things to the conference organizers ahead of time? Do you know where I can find this information? They likely legally cannot sell things without RFCs…? Maybe they can use an existing business to be their tax paying surrogate… paying the Mexican business the taxes, plus a fee to handle the extra work…?

But they still may need to document it… and report it to Mexico? Steve: I am travelling to Seattle, maybe Juneau, from my residence in Merida two year temporal. I would very much like to bring back a couple of cleaned, dressed Yukon King Salmon in a wet box as baggage when I return by air to either Cancun or Merida. Will my fish and or cooked and chilled king crab be allowed into Mexico?

I understand all of the restrictions on meat but could find nothing prohibiting the entry of fresh chilled or frozen fish. I an flying to san jose mx and want to bring in bedding and bath towels for my condo. Also small kitchen items, knives dishes, coffee grinder and juicer. All are used items and have no receipt.

Hi Nancy, Put the stuff in checked luggage. I am planning to move to Mexico next August to live there. It is an used article and for personal use.

I am not sure if it should be 12 or 6 months to avoid paying taxes. Your page is incredible!! Hi JMC, Yeah the caps are still the same. Try to find an ebay auction page selling the same item, and print out the current price, to document a current value.

If you are a resident Temporal or Permanente , you are allowed to bring in a load of household goods duty-free and tax-free. See the Menaje de Casa subsection above. I live in the maritimes and would like to take some Dulse as a gift. Would I be able to do this without it being confiscated? In reality, if the food is NOT a meat or fresh fruit, and IF the food is still in the original commercial packaging, then Aduana almost universally allows it.

Thank you for responding so quickly. Hi, I purchased a condo in Cabo San Lucas. I plan on purchasing furniture at the Las Vegas furniture market and shipping it down. Since I can buy at cost will the customs accept this invoice? I am moving to San Miguel and will have a mover take my things down. At the time of my move I will either be a residente temporal or residente permanente. I read somewhere that if you have things that are new — unused — you must pay duty on them if they are less than six months old.

To avoid paying duty you must have a receipt showing you purchased them more than six months prior to the goods crossing the border. I will be buying things such as good pots and pans, a flat screen TV, kitchen items, a large Craftsman tool chest, etc. And if I need them should I attach them to my Menaje de Casa? Originals or copies? Also do you know the best way to bring in jewelry?

Hi Barbara, Good questions. Read the section above on Menaje de Casa. In that section you find that Residente Permanente AND Residente Temporal are allowed to bring in a load of household goods for personal use, using a Menaje de Casa list.

You simply make a spreadsheet of: each numbered box, the contents of each box in English and Spanish, serial numbers of electronics TVs etc, estimated values of each item or group of items. You do pay Identify the new items on the Menaje de Casa list.

Keep the receipts in a separate folder, to show if asked. I would really hesitate to ship either jewelery or tools by a common carrier, as they have a history of disappearing during transit.

Some shippers insurance policies have fine print that they do not pay for lost items — paying insurance claims only if the whole load is lost. Costume jewelry… it should be fine in ground shipment, but…. They are all old.

Having been hers I have no intention of ever selling them, though of course could not prove that. I know people that build or buy homes there ship in fixtures etc.

Hi Dean, What a very interesting set of problems. There are paths through this thicket — some expensive — some free. If you use a shipper, they must use a Customs Broker to bring things across the border, and you would definitely pay A second path that could have only small taxes or be free, is to haul them yourself in a trailer.

Many times, Aduana just looks at our personal trailers, inspects the list — keeps a copy of the list for their files, and waves us through.

If you intend to sell any of the ceiling light fixtures, then you need to declare them as commercial items. The 50 crucifixes maybe, would be construed by US Customs as a collection, but Mexicans really would not see anything unusual about 50 crucifixes in our household goods. Crucifixes festoon Mexican homes — at least one-per-room — and we also have groups of them in various nooks… one from Jerusalen, one from the Vatican, one from our grandmother, one from the other grandmother, one from our boda, one as a house-warming present, una de rama from a previous Domingo de Ramas, one of tin, one of wood, … get the picture?

Maybe even offer to sprinkle a little holy water from your silver pocket-flask. Costly, but then the whole move via mover will most likely be as well. Loved your answer re the crucifixes! They do occasionally look inside one or 2 boxes, matching the contents of that box to match the contents with the items listed on the Menaje de Casa for that box.

I would expect to cross with no duties, unless you bring items that trigger Aduana interest: e. Hi there…. They say you definitely need the cards before the household goods can enter Mexico. Does this mean that our stuff will just have to sit in the sun at the Progreso pier for who knows how long until we can get the actual cards??

Is this true??? But the logistics and costs involved from my research so far is telling me to find another way to get there. Hi Dan and Brenda, First, if you move yourselves, the rules and requirements are much more easy and far more lenient than using a seaport shipper. Bringing in goods by sea have the most difficulties and the strictest requirements. Second, please remember that the Canadian press and Canadian media have very badly distorted the realities of safety in Mexico for the past 10 years, especially when you know the reality of safe traveling through central Mexico.

Canadian media have been almost rabid in creating false excesssively-negative lurid portrayals about Mexico. Really, your risks of violent crime are much higher by staying in Canada than traveling across Mexico. Would you drive through the worst parts of Detroit? Just as happens in Canada, if you are involved in gang activity, organized crime, or the drug trade, then Mexico can be very risky.

I personally have only been coming here since I have had only 1 encounter with bad cop, who simply wanted a little bribe based on his bogus claim we were speeding. The police and military have been polite and professional the other or so stops at retenes routine checkpoints where they simply ask where you are going, and where you are coming from.

The lurid stories that Canadians tell each other come out of Tamaulipas State Tampico and Juarez and places with drug violence — like the bad areas of Vancouver… Rational people have known for years to NOT drive through Tamaulipas or Juarez.

Some people continue to ignore the good advice, and they choose the bad routes, and then they tell lurid stories. Bring a load of household goods. Plan to stop and enjoy the local food and local sights in places like Queretaro… … or Villahemosa.. Some of the horror stories I was referring to came from responses to Dr. One thing I keep wondering about is how recent is Dr.

Oh and one more question… I am a musician, and I plan on bringing my gear with me amplifier, speakers, and 2 or 3 expensive bass guitars. How would I list these items on the Menaje de Casa list? Will I get hit for tax and duties? Do they have a name or are they part of a chain?

We keep close tabs on regular reports from multiple sources, but the best has continued to be an American living in Laredo Nuevo — a guy who drives the border area and knows it well, first-hand, focusing on the safety of tourists, travelers and visitors. Bring 3 or 4 copies of your informal Maneje de Casa style list, because the border Aduana will keep one, and the 20 km pt Aduana may keep one, and the various police and military retenes and some state border crossings may possibly want to keep one….

Hi Steve…. Can you please tell me if you can bring oxygen tanks and how many? We will also be traveling with a small oxygen concentrator. Also I willbe bringing my truck which I still owe money on. Do I need a letter from the credit union to cross the border?

Hi Diana, Yes, you can drive in with your personal oxygen tanks. In theory, you can bring in enough medicines for your planned time in Mexico. Hi Gabriel, What you are describing is the difference between the law that Customs Brokers and private carriers MUST follow versus what happens with you and I in our personal vehicles. When you enter, it is very helpful for you to have your entire load inventoried in a menaje de casa style list to hand to Aduana.

Generally, if you only have one computer per person and limited electronics and limited tools, Aduana officials wave us through with no duties.

So I take it that the contents of my car that I am bringing across the border are NOT listed on the official menaje de casa? In other words, it is separate and in addition to, the official menaje and not approved by the Mexican consulate here?

What are you bringing in your car? Just personal items like clothes? Oh, and two cats! Oddly, pets are routinely a plus in aiding a smooth uneventful entry into Mexico — as Aduana agents seem to see people with pets as definitely not people schlepping commercial or business goods.

Be prepared to explain that your gear is only for personal use. We will be driving down with our van and pulling a cargo trailer. My husband kite boards so will have his gear with him and be have 2 standup paddle boards, a double kayak and 2 bicycles in the way of sporting goods. I love to sew, especially now I will have the time and am planning on bringing my very old sewing machine and serger as well as a newer bought more than 6 months ago embroidery machine. I was thinking of purchasing a heavy duty industrial machine for sewing jeans and heavy stuff to make my daughters and grand daughters purses and girly things.

Most of our other stuff would be some fabric I have bought over the years, clothing, our camping and light household stuff but no real furniture as we are renting a furnished house. Will I have a problem bringing my sewing machines into Mexico, especially since I have yet to purchase the one? Hi Carol, Interesting list of stuff. Really, most people with RTs or RPs come into Mexico easily with their trailer loads of personal stuff — explaining that their stuff is for personal household use — as a Menaje de Casa list exempted items, without getting a Mexican Consulate to approve your list.

Being novices back in , I made 3 long trips to our Denver Mexican Consulate to get our Menaje de Casa list formally approved, while the Matamoros Customs officials just laughed and waved-off our Consulate-approved list… It would have been funny, but I spent over 20 hours on Consular trips and time making the list… steve.

I read that antiques are not allowed into Mexico. If you are bringing in commercial quantities of antiques, Aduana may want you to pay duty — just as they ask for duty on commercial quantities of anything.

What about transporting household goods within Mexico? I would go ask on insidelakeside. That group has a lot of talent and lots of Jalisco knowledge, steve. Do you have any recommendations for inexperienced blog writers? Your blog is awesome. I had researched and researched and your blog is even better than the SAT website which is all over the place.

I found a great document from the SAT on the Paisano program finally! I appreciate, lead to I found exactly what I was looking for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt!

God Bless you man. Have a great day. I have always taken a cooler of frozen meats and chicken , on dry ice, and have never had a problem. I am now reading that all meats are prohibited, but up to three turkeys are okay. Where does frozen chicken fit into this story? If I declare any wine over and above the personal limits, will it be confiscated or just taxed at the going rate?

Thanks for your insight. After obtaining the official stamps on my Menaje de Casa at the Mexican Consulate in Atlanta, with every electronic item accurately described with serial numbers, etc. The mover was forced to pull back all the electronics to his Laredo warehouse to avoid fines, penalties, and confiscation of my stuff!

He says he will try again this week and simply pay what they say is due on the electronic items. Gringos have regularly explained to other gringos on internet webboards about exactly how to cheat the Mexican Govt. The gringos regularly post about how gringos coming to Mexico should take every new thing out of its packaging. They explain how and where to buy software that makes fake receipts — with whatever date the gringo wants.

The gringos go on to explain how to take low low not-final auction prices off of Ebay, and print the Ebay pages for their exact items with an artificially low low price. The numbers of gyrations and levels of cheating on their taxes by past American and Canadians entering Mexico has been staggering.

This is why Aduana reserves the right to assess the duties they believe appropriate, because of years of past cheating by our countrymen. Unfortunately, you are getting penalized for the illegal and unethical behaviors of other Americans. Must he be in a crate or is a leash OK? He is fairly small and cute but will bark a couple times until I shush him. Are these allowed? Is one usually faster than the other?

Thank you so much for your website. I asked these questions at a consulate and no one knew the answers! They promised to email me several days ago but so far have not.

Aduana guys love to see dogs loose in our cars entering Mexico, and they seem to pretty much ignore inspecting our loads — except for quick cursory looks.

Aduana gives our lists a quick read, and happily show the boss, and put the copy in their Diy Woodworking Gifts For Dad Files files. Driving to Mazaltlan, paper work all in order. First time down driving. Staying for 5 months. Can I take down home made dill pickles? Baked breakfast cereal granola full of seeds and oatmeal?

Want to pick up some electronics and clothing items in the US prior to Mexico. Hi John, The electronics and baked granola may attract attention. Since there are special import rules for commercial quantities of non-personal-use used clothing, and vendors regularly import bales of US used clothing to sell here, you may be best-off getting a letter from the church group, on their letterhead, explaining that you are donating them and they will not be sold.

Hoepfully, Aduana will just wave you through, like they do for most of us. Importing food can be dicey. If the food is in a sealed commercial package, it tends to go through OK. Aduana can be real sticklers with meat products and things with lots of obvious seeds. We have seen it go either way — so know that if you do try to bring in the food, Aduana may confiscate it, because the things you describe are not formally allowed for import into Mexico. I am loving all the info LOL.

My Wife just retired and we all ready own a condo in Cancun. We may not stay more than five or six months at a time. We currently travel in and out of Mexico as tourist.

We want to be able to do a little business. More like helping our Mexican friends make some money with our ideas. We definitely need to know what the best way to do this. We such have to problem with the money requirements. We just need to get the right status for our needs. In Nov we will be staying for one month for the first time. Any help out there?.

When you apply at a Consulate, tell them you also want permission to work. Thank you Steve Now that my Wife has retired, informally so to speak. We want to move on to the next part of our life in Mexico. I hope things go smoothly LOL. What am I saying it is Mexico. Other have done it, so can we.

Last year we had to pay extra for the second carton. Now we keep seeing that we can take per person, which is correct and did it ever change or change back? Thank You. David A. One SAT website more current than the out-of-date Aduana sites does say that you are allowed cigarettes per person.

Has every Aduana agent at the border and in airports gotten that memo? Items in excess of the above cannot be imported without complying with applicable regulations and restrictions.

Hi there- All these questions seem to be for physically arriving people. Also, do I pay the money when it arrives, or will I get a notice saying to go the post office to pay and pick it up? Thanks for any info! Hi Cheryl, By using Amazon and a common carrier to deliver your sandals to Mexico, they handle the estimation for Aduana charges, and include it in the bill you pay. If they accidentally have you overpay on the Customs fees, the credit card companies issue you a refund later.

We have a friend who orders lots of things, and he gets regular refunds when Aduana ends up charging nothing on some packages, steve.

Hi just quick question i am trying to order some dog clothes from China for my friends and family that it might be around dollars, i think they normally send it on a regular mail, which it will take 4 t 5 weeks to get to my sister address in Cancun Mexico do you know if i have to pay tax and if i do where i need to do this payment and if it is a easy proses? Hi Paul, Fed Ex and other shippers charge the shipping and duties up front when determining your bill.

If there are additional duties charged by Aduana, then the shipper asks you to pay them before they will deliver you the goods. As far as I know, you are allowed multiple personal cell phones — but not in commercial quantities. Re ebay forms, it depends on the Aduana agent. They can choose to accept them or reject them depending on their personal preference of the moment.

I am traveling to Mexico to visit friends who own an auto parts store. I have various auto parts that are cut in half to demonstrate how they are made. He would like me to bring them to show at this grand opening.

Sales samples fall under different rules. This is from a Canadian govt. If you purchased it in Mexico- and you have the Mexican receipt, then show Aduana your Mexican receipt.

Are you flying in or driving in? They may have been allowed in under the Residente Temporal and Residente Permanente exemption for bringing in household goods.

I wanted to know if I would be able to travel with my own wedding cake? I understand there is a limit on the amount of wine you can bring into Mexico I think 3 bottles With that said, 4 mini wine bottles equal to a full bottle of wine.

Using this logic I figured I could claim 12 mini bottles and my fiance can claim 12 mini bottles thus leaving us with 6 mini bottles left to declare about a bottle and a half.

Will I be able to travel with the mini bottles of wine? The cake is a pecular one. In theory, Aduana only allows commercially pre-packaged foods — which means allowing or disallowing cake would be up to the Aduana agent.

Thanks you for your prompt response. Not sure if this will make a difference. Technically I could ship them via fedex directly to the wedding planner at resort. I just travelled into Baja crossing the border at Tecate. The Aduana allows 8 bottles of wine per person plus 3 litres of other alcohol. It was a hefty fee but still cheaper than buying the equivalent amount of Mexican wine. Hope this helps. Not sure if Baja has different rules but yes your post does help Do you know this to be true?

Hi, i want to bring around watherproof bags for cell phones in my laggage to my friend in mexico for sale. If you can help I would be thankful. Hi, I am hoping for some advice. I will have 3 days worth of wedding functions in Cancun and would like to know if I can bring my own DJ equipment 2 large speakers, a mixer, 2 wireless microphones.

It is more cost effective for me to rent it in Canada for the week then to rent it for 3 days from the hotel. Will I have issues coming in with this or is there anything I can do to better prepare or pre-clear? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Some items have special duties, like alcohol and tobacco, or electronics, or commercial sized batches of shoes, bales of clothes, etc. Hi Angelica, Mexico is trying to protect their own clothes manufacturers from cheap imports.

For this reason the Mex. Sidelight: Some foreigners have successfully brought in cured meats like sausages in their original unsealed commercial packaging, but the Aduana agents have the rights to confiscate even cured meats, and do confiscate them sometimes.

In theory, yes, you would have to split them up. That is the local orphanage. Once we bought a lot of kites for them to sell. I had a invoice for them and a note from the orphanage stating they were donated.

I did not declare them because of the low dollar amount. We got a red light and our bags were searched. The agents looked at them but asked no questions. We went thru without showing any paperwork. I was surprised they asked no questions. We want to buy 2 Ipads and he has his old computer with him. So on his return next week he will be flying with the old computer and 2 new Ipads. Is this permitted? Do we just declare the 2 new Ipads and pay duty on them?

He has temporal residente status next year permanente Please help I am confused and my spanish is not so good. Gracias Linda Mertens.

Heading to Rocky Point for a week. How about bug or bee spray? Thank you for all the info you provide. People we know regularly drive into Mexico with the wasp spray that is designed to hit nests up to 30 feet away. What would be my best route to bring approximately oz 11 liters of beer from the United States to Cancun? Will I have major issues with this? Just reading regarding duty free allowances from UK into Mexico, 18 yrs of age 10 packets of cigarettes, am I right in saying this is 10 packets of 20?

Only 10 packs — though the old limit was 20 packs, and some out-of-date Aduana websites still list 20 packs. As of Feb. My husband and I will be moving from Vancouver to Merida this summer into our new house. We want to ship a small amount of personal items through using a menaje and are thinking about shipping by air into Cancun. Do you know if we need a customs broker for this or can we just present our menaje and pick up the goods ourselves? If we need a customs broker can you recommend a place where we can find a reputable broker?

If you are not on that flight, you may need to use a broker, but we are not familiar with this. Pingback: Household goods?

Or if I get a professional frieght mover, do they provide the customs broker for us. BUT I cannot find ANY info on importing goods in our situation, ie: importing household goods into Mexico as a Temorary Resident AFTER the 6 month window closes just minimal stuff, no furniture or l other big stuff, just some kitchen stuff, my art stuff, cookbooks, some of my own artwork — about 20 boxes of used stuff all told.

Nor do I know how to determine how to identify a trustworthy broker that I can actually talk to as I finish up packing decisions Before I make the final list. Anxiety attack!!! Thanks for soonest advisement. Have 3 to 5 copies of the list. They may ask you to open a box or 2 — for them to cross check against your listed items for that box. Thanks for the advice. Thanks for your advice.

My families are going to Cancun for destination wedding. Is there dollar limit? If I visit the U. Thanks for any insight! It fits under the 2 musical instrument rule for personal items. Residente Temporales, Permanentes, and Visitors are treated the same under the personal exemption rules. Safe travels, steve. Is this something that is allowed, overlooked, or blatantly illegal?

Sorry, what I should have said was that they just simply move there. I know a Mexican with US Citizenship who lives there. Are they treated differently? I asked her if she had some special allowance and she said no. Another is a neighbor who used to stay there and wants to move back again once his wife is all legal here. This is only 2 I met but I am sure there are many. Thanks for the other links, that was a question that would have popped up later anyway! He said they assume you are trying to bring it in and leave it, something I guess is no allowed.

Thanks for your help, there is scant info on the web for this kind of stuff! TI thi. OK, a couple of different situations going on.

Illegal, overlooked, or totally cool? I would guess Mexicans have it different than White Americans and may get some type of special treatment, as is the case I know for Filipinos who go to their country to stay but have US Citizenship White U.

Citizens get 3 week Visa. Hi Kano, I think your questions are answered by the fact that Tijuana is part of the free zone of Baja California and it is in the 25 km free zone of the border. There are also very special exemptions for foreigners in Baja — allowing them to live there, exit and enter liberally, and drive foreign plated cars their with few restrictions.

These activities for both foreigners and Mexicans have been permitted by Mexican law for many years, so, I am confused about your proposals that it should not be allowed. Well, so much for being able to drive across the Tijuana border with a few household items with no costs. I had a small freezer, 2 dressers, a desk, a dining table and a few kids toys with a mattress on top. I went through the nothing to declare lane, and was redirected to the declaration lane, and even though I tried to say they were personal household items, they made me write down an estimated number of items, and charged me pesos.

It was all old junk, nothing new. I was told all I could bring is things such as luggage. I had earlier gone through using the same trailer with a small old frig, and they only checked my rental papers. I just chalk it up to experience and understand that it is the price for living there. I have been told most beef there is not feed lot raised at all. Yeah, guess I should count myself lucky, and it was cheap. I have a couple more trips though. I think it may have been a slow night, might get luckier next time in daylight hours.

The smaller items will bring in little by little in our vehicle instead of a trailer. Jar candles are made using recyclable glass. The wax leaves no residue as the candle melts away.

Sign are sold at the shop, supporting local artists. Since vaccine rollout began, vaccine allocation from the State of North Carolina has been extremely unpredictable which has caused Cleveland County Government to have to shift and adjust on an almost daily basis.

Last week, counties across North Carolina had a call with North Carolina Secretary of Health and Human Services Mandy Cohen who apologized to counties for not being transparent with the dose allocation disbursement model. They committed to counties to give dose allocations three weeks in advance. However, during this call, counties were also told weekly dose allocations across the state will be limited, with only 84, vaccine doses being shared amongst all approved providers in counties based on population.

Due to this change, Cleveland County anticipates only receiving a very limited number of vaccine doses moving forward. As a result, county officials made the decision to transition from mailing letters to notify of appointments to scheduling appointments by phone call in an effort to get their limited doses to eligible individuals as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you receive a busy signal, please continue to call back. A number of NC counties had to call thousands of people to cancel their appointments because they did not receive the number of vaccines they hoped to receive.

If we did this, the waiting list would very quickly grow to having thousands of people on it. Scheduling weekly appointments based on vaccine dose allocations guarantees that those who sign up will attend the event.

In addition, because many individuals sixty-five 65 and older do not have access to the Internet, making appointments by phone seems to be the most equitable way of scheduling appointments under our current circumstances.

Residents who have access to transportation are encouraged to look for mass vaccination events across the state. The county will share these opportunities on social media sites as they become aware of them. With 19, residents 65 and older and weekly dosage allocations of less than , this will take time. Cleveland County is committed to ensuring that every dose received is given in a timely manner. School board members voted six to three to begin returning elementary students back to the classroom during their January 25 meeting.

Two weeks later, on March 8, students pre-K through fourth grade will return to a five-day school week. A remote option will remain available to parents. During the meeting, 19 people spoke. Others worried that returning to the classroom too soon might endanger students, educators, and staff. On the other side of the argument, concern was shared for students who do not have the needed support at home and are falling behind in their studies.

Board members also voiced the desire to make vaccines available to educators, but the vaccine is currently designated for those years and older. However, in other parts of NC educators are being given the vaccine. On January 22, Jackson County Schools dismissed early to vaccinate the teachers. By working with local hospitals in their area, vaccines were made available.

Since then, public school employees in Rutherford County, Union County, and Swain County have received their first dose of the vaccine. Councilwoman Annie Thombs was absent due to illness. At question was to rezone property consisting of approximately Phase 1 of the development will contain no more than apartment units.

Phases 2 and 3 will have another units of homes and townhomes. Catawba Ridge will offer housing for casino workers, as well as those looking for apartments with upscale amenities and quick access to I Mark Hughes, a resident who lives near the Catawba Ridge property spoke against the rezoning.

Hughes, along with 13 of his neighbors made their case to city council voicing their concerns regarding crime, lowering the quality of life in the area, lowering home values, and worsening traffic. And I am sure that at some point everyone on council made that same promise. I am going to do what I said I would do and be the voice of the people.

I would urge each of you to do what you promised. Local fundraisers benefit Cpl. Last weekend, three events were held simultaneously across Kings Mountain. Lee Whittington for a hamburger and hot dog fundraiser.

This is their fourth Back the Blue event since September. Whittington, and the community came out to show their support. Ingles on Hwy. All of us just want to show our support for local heroes. Anyone who puts on the badge and goes out every day is a hero to us. We are blessed to have the support of the citizens of Cleveland County. We really appreciate it. Even if you do not know him personally, you can come out to support him and show him the respect he deserves.

Kings Mountain businesses supported the raffle big-time. They were so generous. To all the people that helped cook and do the raffle, thank you. Y'all are amazing and we will be doing more cookouts for our police.

We sold shirts in our first order, between December 27 and January 9. So all the money we raise goes to Lee. Leave a comment on the page. If there is enough interest, a second order will be made. The same day, Paul James Candle Co. In December, Cpl. Whittington was shot in the line of duty while responding to a burglary call on Downing Drive in Kings Mountain. Whittington faces a long road to recovery and the people of Kings Mountain responded to the call to show their love and support of Cpl.

Whittington and his family. The casino will be operated by the Catawbas, according to a press release from the Catawba Nation Office of Tribal Government. With work on the compact completed, we will advance the project from the site preparation phase to vertical construction of an introductory casino gaming facility to open this Fall. Department of the Interior, following a thorough, years-long review, took 17 acres of land into trust status in Cleveland County, North Carolina, for the Catawba Nation.

The compact acknowledges this connection to North Carolina as well. We look forward to creating thousands of good jobs for our hardworking local people. We thank the Catawba Nation for extending their hand of partnership in making this dream a reality.

What is a compact and what does it mean to the project? Under federal law the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act there are three forms of gaming, Class I which are traditional and social games subject only to Tribal authority , Class II with are various forms of bingo subject only to Tribal and Federal authority , and Class III which are all other forms of gaming--generally casino-type gaming--which is subject to Tribal, State and Federal authority.

That compact then must be approved by the Department of the Interior. That compact will now go to the Department of Interior for final review and approval. It is not anticipated that this compact will pose any special difficulties as it is closely modelled after a compact that Interior has approved for another Tribal Nation.

The payments to the State are similar to what is provided in the Cherokee Compact. In addition, the Nation has agreed to make payments in lieu of taxes to Cleveland County.

The organization sent two types of mailers to Kings Mountain residents. If you live near the casino site, you probably received a packet encouraging you to mail included letters, stamped and ready to mail, to Governor Roy Cooper and Attorney General Josh Stein asking them to oppose the casino in Kings Mountain.

Other residents were sent postcards asking them to reach out to elected officials and oppose the project. At DefendNC. NC Policy Watch solicits online donations which can be made at their website. Make a tax-deductible financial contribution today and count yourself among thousands ensuring real news is reported. Neither are listed as non-profits, either. If you donate by check, you are asked to write the check out to the NC Justice Center in Raleigh, using their address.

We know—more than ever—what a significant role each of us can play in building a more progressive state. One that stands by individuals from all walks of life, regardless of race, gender identity, income, sexual orientation, country of origin, immigration status, religion, disability, or history of incarceration. But the latest census data shows they are not significantly better off than Cleveland County.

Their argument does not take into consideration the improved economy since or the proximity of the proposed casino site to major highways and cities within a one to two-hour drive. DefendNC claims to be supported by North Carolina elected officials, communities, residents, and organizations who oppose the casino deal.

If a casino is such a bad deal for a community, why do so many communities and organizations around Cherokee in Western North Carolina support the Eastern Band of Cherokee in this effort? The last thing we need is a new threat to the economic well-being of communities in western North Carolina. Last October, DefendNC took their argument a step further making the issue personal and accusing Kings Mountain Mayor Scott Neisler of supporting the project for personal gain.

The group represents the Cherokee tribe. People in Kings Mountain are smarter than to fall for the outright false statements of this non-registered lobby group concerning this project.

Maybe they should explain what it has done for them. It has dramatically lifted up the Cherokee people. Defend NC and the Cherokee tribe are trying to stop the Catawbas from prospering like the Cherokees have for years. The land has already been approved and granted to the Catawbas solely by the federal government.

Defend NC has no problem smearing anything or anybody to protect the monopoly of the Cherokee Casino. On Tuesday, the Council may vote to rezone a large amount of land, based on little more than the assurances of an indicted developer, Wallace Cheves. But you have falsely smeared me and my family plus misled people thinking we have the power to stop the casino. So where does your truth start? Something you seek to deny us obtaining. I really do understand why you seek to be involved in our affairs.

Brenda Hoover received her vaccine earlier this month. It was not an open drive-thru clinic. Residents receiving the letter were asked to bring their letter and arrive at their scheduled time. It was so well organized, smooth as could be. From entrance, until 15 min wait after vaccine was given, took less than 30 minutes.

Great job by all, and much appreciated. Representatives will be available 8 am -5 pm, Monday to Friday to help. Eighty-six counties are red with critical community spread of COVID and 13 are orange with substantial community spread. As of January last Saturday, 7, Coronavirus cases were reported within a hour period and 3, North Carolinians were hospitalized. Kings Mountain has experienced 2, cases and 79 deaths, so far. Only go out for essential activities like work, school, health care, or caring for family, or buying food.

If you cannot avoid being with other people, stay outside and keep it very small. Do not do things where you need to take off your mask, like eating or drinking. Scaffolding in front of the Parker Building has been removed. Repairs the sidewalk appear complete. What once appeared lost has been reclaimed as Michael Parker Construction continues bringing this old landmark back to life. Photo by Loretta Cozart.

It is a lot different where we are here on main street; it is completely different even though we are in a small town. Being able to see that reaction was really nice on opening day.

It is probably five to six times more than we used to carry, because we have so much more space. We have new pieces, due to constant turnover, and new offerings as they are released.

With this move, I got to make it what I always wanted it to be now that I have finally gotten into the door in town. New inventory arrives every Tuesday, for those who keep up with the most current fashion trends. Lee Whittington Back the Blue event for Cpl. Lee Whittington is scheduled for Saturday, January 23 from noon to 6 pm. Hamburger and hot dog plates with fries and a drink will be available for a donation. The event is hosted by Elmer Oboyle.

All plates are available by donations only. Tumblers and shirts will also be available. Proceeds will go to Cpl. Thanks to several fortunate occurrences, the date was moved up to January I met Keith Falls and before we knew it, we were moving to Kings Mountain.

I have only lived here short time, but I can see what a caring person his is toward others. As luck would have it, this shop was also available, and everyone encouraged us to open the business. Keith helped make that happen. The developers presented their plan to those gathered with information they had shared with City of Kings Mountain prior to the meeting.

The presentation stated that the Catawba Village Planned Use Development is a comprehensive mixed-use development intended to bring high quality housing development to Kings Mountain. A challenge for the developers is available housing supply. There is also limited available inventory among all levels of affordability for multi-family rentals, based on Bowen National Research.

Several artist renderings of the proposed units were shared in the presentation, along with a description of amenities for each apartment unit. They are concepts representing what the builder intends to do. The apartments shared were multi-level units of three to four-stories and showed three bedroom units of approximately 1, sq. After the meeting, the Herald spoke with Mark Hughes who attended and lives nearby.

Hughes also shared concerns about the number of apartments and that without home ownership, renters might not take pride in the property.

He also worries that transient populations might bring vice into the area. City Council will address this project zoning again at the public meeting scheduled for January 26 at 6 pm at City Hall. Battleground Ave. The old location, including the storeroom, was sq. The new location is 2, sq.

This is a very exciting move for us. We hope to see everyone for our grand re-opening! The shop includes cute tops, bottoms, sweaters, shoes, swimwear, outerwear, and accessories for young women.

Community prayer rally was held at Patriots Park Gazebo on Saturday. The prayers were heartfelt and are summarized here so that all who missed the event might hear their words and remember the first responders. We certainly need Him in the hour we are living in here today. In time, the Lord will deliver us.

We pray right now, in the name of Jesus, that You give them the tenacity to keep moving forward. We know, God, that nothing is impossible with You. With You, all things are possible. We come against the spirit of the virus in the name of Jesus. Others pursue a calling and make it a career. Father, as they make their shifts, my prayer is that You help sustain Fire and Rescue workers spiritually.

As they lie in their bunks, may it not be idle time. May they find themselves drawn with the need and desire to study Your word, so when they leave out, they leave out with purpose. God, give them the vision to see that those they help are people, just like the rest of us, and they may be helping them in the very hour of their greatest need. Brian Taule of David Baptist Church prayed for retail workers. Not just ones in the grocery store, but all of the retail establishment.

God, protect them. We thank You for them and we thank You for living in a county where we can go. Thank You for the blessing of just being able to shop and not have all the stores closed. Many have laid down their lives, Lord. We know You said that there is no greater love that a man could give than to lay down his life for his friends.

These men and women are called to the duties they do. You have put them in that place, and we trust You to bring them safely home to their families night after night.

As they lay their live on the line, may they have eternity with you in their hearts. We praise You before we ask You for anything.

As we lift up every transporter, You appeared to and guided the children of Israel and we ask that You do so in a like manner to every transporter. Guide them, protect them, keep them from seen and unseen dangers. Let Your grace, let Your mercy abide heavily upon them in Jesus name.

When we have times of service, they can be so intense and physically draining for volunteers. I pray Your blessing on each volunteer that You have brought to serve during this trying time.

I ask that You set a guard over each volunteer and keep them strong in You. You promised that You will be our strength, so I ask you to give each volunteer the measure of strength that they will need to accomplish what You have called them to do even though they are not compensated financially.

You said in your word that You would reward them if they stored it up where no moth or rust can destroy. So, Father, I ask You to reward them mightily. You ordained that that is a place of refuge, a place where we can run into and find refuge. It is also a place the community calls the Watchtower. You have also ordained ministers who are the Watchmen on the tower. You have asked us to go into the world and preach the gospel. We thank You for the city of Kings Mountain and the whole community we have here.

We want to thank You, Father God, for the ministers in the area who worship You in spirt and in truth. Let Your name be glorified and let Your love abide in us. Most of all, have mercy on our Country and grant us peace.

Lord, they pass through times of plenty and they pass through times of peril. In this turbulent time, my all of our leaders be led by Your wisdom. May our leaders seek Your will and not theirs. Lord, if they do not see clearly and have turned from Your way, I pray that they will repent. You are our hope, God. You are our strength, our help in our time of need. Serving through the light that You shine upon their minds and their hearts.

They have been called, one by one. As we call God to remember us, we want to remember Him as our creator, as our redeemer, and as a healer of our land. Dear Father, we lift up the Kings Mountain Community. We ask that we understand who we lift the community up to, the Creator, the very One who brings about all the things we so desperately seek. And whenever we look at this place, that we will remember one thing. That the center of Kings Mountain is The Christ.

John Sloan, Jr. In obedience to You, we have gathered together, we have sung, we have rejoiced in our fellowship. We have prayed, Lord, specific prayers for specific needs.

Lord, now we just want to give thanks to You. We thank You for Jesus, for he is our helper. I thank You for this land we call America. You have for so many years protected us and given us a place of protection.

We thank You for how you have blessed us with this great land. Lord, we thank You for the government, for the wisdom of the founders, who designed a government that is truly for the people and by the people.

The technology we enjoy today is a gift from You. Lord, I give you thanks for this town. We are grateful for it. We are grateful, Father, for every citizen who is here. And we thank You Lord for every church that stands to minister for You to build harmony and unity. Lord, we give You thanks for the big things and the little things. In the precious name of Jesus.

It is wonderful to be here and see a community that has come together for the needs of the people of the community. It is such a blessing to be a part of this. We pray that Christ may grant us, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with the power in our inner being through his spirit.

So that we may be filled with all the fullness of God. To Him, be glory and the Church, and Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. May you now go in peace. God Bless you.

Bell what this event meant to him as a member of Kings Mountain Police Department. Currently there are no issues of being seen by Emergency Departments, but there could be an issue with finding a bed if a patient needs to be admitted.

Some patients have been transferred to other facilities. But patients have also been transferred here if beds are available. Queen reported that he checked with Shelby Pediatrics and they suggested that January 19 was not the right time to go forward with in-person learning. Motion was made by Rodney E Fitch to return pre-kindergarten through 4th grade students to full-time instruction on February 8, second by Danny Blanton. While public participation was not allowed at during this meeting, the next Cleveland County School Board meeting is January During that meeting, public participation will be allowed.

Vice Chairman Joel Shores spoke in favor of allowing public participation at this special meeting, but it was voted down 7 Battleground Avenue on property owned by Shane Adams.

Last Saturday, a concrete truck was parked outside the property, as Adams and workers poured a new floor in back right portion of the building. What we had was years old and it is easier to fix it now and before we do further renovations.

No date has been yet been set for the opening. City of Kings Mountain hosts Virtual online event honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. King and follows key moments in his life beginning as a young boy experiencing racism for the first time, to meeting his wife, Coretta, to becoming a pastor and finally a national inspiration.

Audiences will get the opportunity to watch the production live on Facebook at www. In addition to this special production, Mauney Memorial Library will honor Dr. Schools throughout Cleveland County will receive the link to allow students to watch the production as well.

For more information, please contact the City of Kings Mountain Special Events Department at or access their website at www. Fantasy Light show in downtown Kings Mountain honored police officers. The trees along Railroad Avenue were trimmed in blue. It is a great opportunity to show Kings Mountain Police, and all law enforcement in the county and the region, how much the community appreciates all they do to keep everyone safe. All veterans are invited to this free breakfast the first Saturday of every month.

Others are welcome to attend for a small donation that helps fund future breakfasts. Lee Whittington, Jr. Here, with another officer, they express their concern for fellow officers. The KM Ministerial Association will lead prayer for all essential workers who protect our community. The community prayer gathering is planned to pray for police officers and all essential workers in Kings Mountain who work to keep the community safe and who are always there to help in a time of need.

This has been a one of the most challenging years in the lives of most people. These people are on the front lines for us.

They need our prayers and support as a community of faith. Railroad Avenue in Kings Mountain. Hindsight is the year in review January 6, Issue By Loretta Cozart The year is one few of us will ever forget, but one probably we wish we could. Just days into the year, the Coronavirus pandemic began, resulting in say-at-home orders, mandatory wearing of face masks, and governmental assistance to citizens as well as businesses.

As of Dec. On that day alone, 3, North Carolinians were hospitalized. In Cleveland County, 6, cases of the virus and deaths were reported last year. On a positive note, three pharmaceutical companies have developed Coronavirus vaccines and two have begun inoculating those at highest risk: medical professionals and those living in congregate housing.

This week anyone 75 and over can get the vaccine. It will take a while to get everyone inoculated but it is a good step forward. Despite the virus, all news was not bleak. The area has seen business growth and witnessed firsthand the resiliency of people. Front-line workers kept commerce flowing as everyone worked to help each other through one of the toughest times in recent memory. January — As began, a year mystery was solved at Moss Lake.

A fisherman using a fish finder discovered a submerged vehicle near the Camp Creek Church Road boat ramp, feet below the surface. It was reported missing in Oct. On January 15, Sgt. Friends of Crowders Mountain asked for volunteers for trail work and litter pick-up. Greg Payseur offered free genealogy assistance at the Mauney Memorial Library. Atrium Health Kings Mountain tightened visitation requirements due to the prevalence of flu in the region. After years of service, the Kings Mountain Kiwanis Club disbanded.

Edgar Lee Dean Adams retired and closed his barber shop after working years in his profession. Accelerate Cleveland began recruiting for their spring class. February — Layoffs were announced for Eaton Corporation due to consolidation of its heavy-duty transmission assembly division. Starbucks announced opening a new store at York Road in July. Mauney Memorial Library announced a Makerspace sneak-peek. Early February brought an EF-2 tornado to the Dixon Community, toppling four high tension electrical transmission towers and felling trees in its wake.

Sheriff Norman switched political parties, registering as a Republican. City of Kings Mountain acknowledged a water spill of 3. Temple Baptist Church celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Shaw represented North in the district level competition. March — City of KM trashes its recycling program due to costs. Thoroughbred Partners announce plans for the old Senior Park. Don Crawford celebrated his 90th birthday. Cub Scout Pack 93 celebrated its 25th anniversary. Kings Mountain ranked 25th among the safest cities in NC. Because Governor Cooper declared a state of emergency due to the Coronavirus, Atrium Health Kings Mountain restricted visitors to those age 13 and over.

Lenten services, Frozen, Jr. Kings Mountain Historical Museum temporarily closed. The nation celebrated 19th amendment giving women the right to vote. Local schools celebrate Read Across America and invite local celebrities to read to the children.

Citizens start feeling the impact of Coronavirus. Beginning on March 19, city buildings were conducting business but limiting access. NC schools were closed until May Patrick Senior Center was closed. Cleveland County Schools announced the continuation of the school lunch program. In stores, signs on floors and on isles reminded shoppers to stay six-feet apart and travel isles in one direction only.

Reminders of the 3-Ws were everywhere: wear your mask, wait maintain social distancing six-feet apart , and wash your hands. Glenn Mollette noted that 9, lives had been lost to the virus, with 22, sick. Atrium Health added new restrictions for visitors. Restaurants were closed to COVID; takeout and delivery became extremely popular with local restaurants that remained open. American Legion celebrated its st birthday nationwide.

Cleveland County Potato Project collected food for those in need. KM Spring Litter Sweep kicks-off. City of KM broadcast its city council meeting on Facebook Live for the first time. Fifteen Kings Mountain and Gastonia residents were quarantined at Ft. YMCA offered daycare for essential workers. The Easter Bunny visited Kings Mountain on the back of a fire truck. Citizens begin gardening as a pastime and to grow difficult to find items.

Local hardware stores see a booming business. Porch sitting becomes more popular. People hid various stuffed zoo animals for the children to find.

Governor announced a plan to reopen NC. Educator Beverly Owens used a desktop 3D printer to make facemasks for healthcare providers. Schools continued remote learning for the rest of the school year.

May - High school seniors received caps and gowns in drive-thru. Cleveland Pines reported 5 Coronavirus cases. Mauney Library offered curbside pickup. KM ranked 1 as healthiest home market in US. First Presbyterian held services in the garden beside the Joy Theater. Governor opened NC for business with limitations. KMHS senior players were honored in a drive-thru event. City of KM had no tax increases in their new budget.

Veronet Vineyards and Winery reopened using social distancing. Windows at Mauney Memorial Library were refurbished. Absentee Balloting was announced as an option for November primary.

Red, White, and Boom will feature fireworks only. DAR holds national conference online. Kings Mountain rebrands itself. KMHS Class of holds drive-thru graduation ceremony.

YMCA moved many activities outdoors. Cleveland County Potato Project received 40, pounds of potatoes. Clean Sweep hauled away 88, pounds of yard waste. COVID numbers doubled every two-weeks for three weeks. KM cancelled its fireworks show and held a virtual event and also honored the Class of Face masks were now required in public per Gov.

Kings Mountain Coronavirus cases continue to climb. Six local sites failed swim guide results for the Broad River. Gangoo retired after 41 years in KM. Latinos for Freedom Back the Blue and provide lunches for local police. Betsy Wells served as a Democratic National Delegate.

Levi Keever was introduced as a Future Firefighter. City distributed 15, masks. Delta Kappa Gamma installed new officers. Wayne King served as a Republican National Delegate. Commander Keith Morrow retired from the Navy. Senior Center requests donations of food for older adults.

Battle of Kings Mountain commemoration went virtual. Future firefighter Grady Hooper was introduced. Alliance Bank and Trust moved to Shelby Road. DAR celebrated Constitution Week. Christy Adkins took over as Main Street Director. Advent Academy held its ribbon cutting. Library hosted virtual book fair. KMHS basketball over years old, football should turn in Second positive case of rabies reported in the county.

Potato Project harvested 3, pounds of potatoes. KM Hospital to celebrate 70th anniversary in March October — President Trump held a campaign rally in Gastonia at the airport. Wilcox new minister at First Presbyterian Church. Strong showing by voters in early voting. Neisler fabrics were featured in Indianapolis race car. Delta Tau recognized future teachers. Shelters welcome those in need. KM area voters go to polls Tuesday. Helen Bullock turned DAR celebrated Day of Service..

November — Greg Putnam recognized by city for doing the right thing. City approved incentive grants and zoning petitions. Sixty-three percent of Kings Mountain voters have cast their ballots. King Mountain had cases of Coronavirus with 29 deaths, of which 23 were living in nursing homes.

Republicans won big in Cleveland County. City council approved sale of alcohol before noon on Sunday. Patriots park got a landscape facelift. Fourth and fifth cases of rabies reported. Jones Tennis Building completes best athletic facility in the state. Jalen Roberts received Eagle Scout rank. NCDOT paving project continued through town. Work continued near Exit 5. December 19 was Wreaths Across America Day.

Shelby and Gastonia DMV now offers instant title services. Feed the Children on Dec. Christmas in Kings Mountain began Dec. Murphy Toy Run a success. Nutcracker performed with limited seating. Governor Cooper tightened mask restrictions and enforcement.

December — Home for Christmas back in Kings Mountain. Here comes Santa Claus. City presented streetscape plan. Benestar Brands purchased property in KM. On Dec. Santa visited Kings Mountain. Library renovations ongoing. Work at E. Kings Street continues. Floyd inspires others on a journey to a healthier life. Sisters shared holiday warmth with Y-kids. Huggins welcomed you to Revolution Brewhouse. Shop local for Christmas. Officer Tyler Herndon killed in the line of duty.

Santa visited with children just in time for Christmas. Meadowbrook Road water project approved. Tyler Herndon laid to rest as community mourns. City grapples with mural ordinance.

Student boarders start KM Christmas tradition in Atrium KM to get Moderna vaccine. City council continues decision on rezoning for Catawba Village. DSS taking applications for assistance January 6, Issue Cleveland County Department of Social Services is now taking applications from individuals who need financial assistance with paying their heating bills.

For more information on the program and eligibility, visit www. There is not a cap on the number of people who can be helped. However, the emergency assistance fund for heating and cooling has a limited amount of money. The number of people served will be determined by the number of people who are eligible and how much is needed per household.

The emergency financial assistance for heating and cooling is a federally funded program. This program provides a total payment to the utility company on behalf of the person who has applied and determined to meet eligibility requirements.

This program provides financial assistance for the portion of the bill that covers heating. The purpose of this program is to resolve the financial crisis caused by the heating bill. If the total utility bill has fees associated with other utilities trash, water, sewer , that portion of the bill must be paid before the applicant can receive financial assistance for heating, or else the crisis that the household is facing will not be resolved.

Holly police officer Officer Herndon who lost his life in the line of duty on December 11, All monies collected will be given to the Herndon family in honor of their son. Tables were filled with gift bags packed with goodies for the first 50 guests.

There were games, crafts, and activities for the entire family. Some folks just came by to reminisce and take a walk down memory lane. Photo books were placed on tables, with images of young children, now grown, spanning a half century.

Games of life-size Jenga, corn hole, and a cake walk kept kids and their parents busy. Crafts filled tables as young and old gathered to create items to take home. Cupcakes and refreshments filled tables.

Santa even dropped by for a quick visit before Christmas. One grandmother shared that her grandson had terrible separation anxiety and could not stand to be away from his immediate family. We often leave and he never even realizes we are gone.

Everything we do, from birth to age five prepares them for that. They had just completed construction of a new home on Cansler Street and decided to open a daycare in their basement. They had three children: Cindy, David, and Jeff. Jeff was just a year old. Eventually, the Bolin's business outgrew their space, so they moved the daycare back to their house on Ramseur Street. The 74 Bypass took their property, and they needed a new location.

Now Jeff and Kelly own the daycare. When asked the secret to their chili, he replied, "It is so simple…" Kelly quickly interrupted, saying, "The chili recipe is a highly classified secret," and they both laugh. Over the past several years, Executive Producer and Host Carl White has visited much of the Carolinas and has gathered and shared some amazing stories. The show focuses on the inspiring and positive things that people do. They visit individuals and communities that have pulled together to accomplish extraordinary things.

The power of a well told story is amazing and has the potential of doing a lot of good. It is this idea that drives the creativity of our programming.

Looking for the good and advancement in a journey makes life a bit better and gives hope for a brighter tomorrow for all of us. We love looking at our history, our today and our future, as they are all part of our reality.

Catawa Village diagram. See larger image inside. The planned name for the development is Catawba Village. In the prior meeting held the Tuesday before, it was determined that the application was not complete, specifically Article Mayor Neisler invited the public to speak in favor of the project and two people spoke. Leonard Fletcher, an engineer in Shelby spoke first. Wallace Cheves was a liar and a cheat. He has paid me every month and he has done everything he said he would do. He is not in that part of the development.

It will be the nicest place in Shelby or Kings Mountain. Low-rent is not what it is intended to be. These are high quality luxury apartments. It could be for young professionals working in Charlotte, Gastonia, or Greenville. With the housing you have now, there is a whole market sector that is missing. This housing can also be used for young professionals coming to the area. Dale Greene was the first of seven to speak against the rezoning.

He urged city council to table the item. My fear is that we will be looking at subsidized housing again. You are my representatives and I feel like I have no representation. I hope you will, at least, table this matter. He alluded to the term Market Based Housing. There is no such thing in the real estate market.

Maner brought up several good points, asking if the city wanted to provide dormitory housing for the casino, if public money would be involved, will the project be subsidized in any way, and what could be done if the developer sold it after completion, could it be turned into Section 8 housing. Maner also pointed out that a similar situation had occurred across from the hospital. When his estate sold, the property became what it is now. Someone died in a shooting there last year.

You ask developers all over the state and the county. You put this in an area, it hurts things that go in around it. It will cost the city far more than whatever money it gets out of it in utilities and taxes.

So, stop it or table it, please. At 49, he grew-up and continues to live in the Dixon Community. Consider those who make a home there and have lived there for their whole life. This is a major thing, and I would love to have you knock it down. After the citizen comment portion of the meeting ended, city council discussed the importance of Conditional District zoning. The developer must follow those conditions and they are site specific. In other words, those conditions are tied to the land, even if the land changes ownership.

Mayor, I think we are acting a little hastily. We are in a position where we can pick and choose. I think we have to be really careful about what we do down there near the casino. I agree with Mr. Hinson and Billy.

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