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Come craft with Christina as she creates a "mockramé" wire hanging basket with rope and wooden been accents- using items easily found at your local dollar st. Learn to weave a basket out of paper. Paper, Patience and Time is what you require. A very unusual paper decoration. It is very www.Small Woodworking Shop Storage Ideas ok: http://www. Making DIY garden projects for an inviting outdoor space is fun. I love to sit outside in the evening, especially when the weather is good. This time of the year is ideal for outdoor activities. So, today I am sharing easy to construct garden projects that anyone can .

Bougainvillea is a tropical vine with beautiful flowers and evergreen leaves. With a bit of pruning, bougainvillea can be trained as a bush, a climbing vine, a tree, a bonsai or to trail over the sides of a hanging basket. Learn how to quickly install a Yard Drain or French Drain. How to tips including - irrigation repair, control wires, discharge with pop ups, connections and. Oct 20,  · Create a basket from GARDEN HOSES! Fill it with fun gardening items like gardening gloves, sprayer nozzles, gardening tools and seed packets like this cute herb set. Even throw in a live plant if you want! Photo via Pinterest. Here’s a tutorial I found to make the BASKET from garden hoses.

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