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Welcome to Rooted Revival! I got the whole plan in my head for do it yourself garden cloche us chicken clohe and fabric staples. But you have a tree gro. Year-Round Cold Frame. I have had it bottled in a cool place for 2 weeks now. Build the frame two upside down V shapes connected by a support at the top, just like a tent. As the crop becomes established, the cloche is easily moved to another bed to protect the next planting.

Read all recent posts. Soon it will be time to drag the outdoor furniture. You want to build a house. But you have a tree gro. We could all use a touch of nature in our indoor s. Unlike so many homeowners who aim to tame and tamp. Sarah Raven sarahravensgarden has been gardenin. Follow on Instagram. This cloche is a good size for a small salad garden, and can also be set on a patio to provide shelter for potted plants and flats of seedlings.

You can use the cloche to start flats of seedlings; it will hold four 11x21" starter flats and still have room for 12 to 15 one-quart pots for larger seedlings, such as tomatoes. Once the seedlings are planted, protect them by setting the cloche over them.

As the crop becomes established, the cloche is easily moved to another bed to protect the next planting. Once all starters are well established, set the cloche over any crop which needs additional warmth or protection - the inside height will accommodate most crops even at maturity. Warmth-loving crops, like peppers, can remain under the cloche all season, extending the harvest well into fall. Cedar is a naturally rot-resistant wood which will last many years outdoors. The construction is lightweight but strong - it can be picked up and moved by holding the center post, or by using Do It Yourself Cement Garden Edging Journey the handles at the ends.

The plastic sheeting will need replacing after about 4 years. Eartheasy's cloche is designed with the simplest construction methods. It can even be built entirely using hand tools. I dragged it down to the kitchen garden and cut it into lengths with my long handled pruners. The lengths were the width of my fleece plus an extra cm so that each hoop could be firmly anchored in the ground. I also cut the ends of each hoop at a 45 degree angle so it would be easier to press them into the earth.

I marked the correct depth with a piece of insulating tape on the pipe. The fleeces need pegs to keep them in position so I used the hooks that hold the waterbutt drip watering system in place during the summer.

Update when it got windy the hooks failed to anchor the sides of the fleece. I was delighted to find a pack of plastic netting pegs that are perfect. You can buy them online here. I actually prefer the look of my cloches to the commercially produced ones. You can see that the are much more capacious than the standard cloche in the photo. In fact the water pipe is so sturdy we are thinking of making two enormous hoops and setting them at right angles to make a fruit cage or summer house.

Most people seemed to recommend getting the water pipe from Screwfix. You can buy fleece by the meter from Harrod Horticultural and a bit more expensive at Dobies. I discovered that fleece is available in two grades 17g and 30g Do It Yourself Garden Water Features 2020 for really arctic conditions. Now where did I put my Christmas list? We bought a while ago plastic corners that would hold polythene piping.

We made a frame for the corners to sit on. The kit also had a straight bit that you were able to put in the middle if the length. The instructions said Instructions for a Grow Frame Kit.

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