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Be safe, have fun, and learn something while you are at it. This is what my current hose holder looked like. If you are not comfortable with others having even a glimpse of your hose holder, there is no need to worry. You want to keep it handy, but at the same time, you need to keep it away from the eyes of if visitors and guests. Find an appropriate place and hook the wooden stand in it. Just as we discussed earlier about a reel with flowers on top of the hose reel, in this case, we do it yourself garden hose holder with a lantern do it yourself garden hose holder with on top. All you need to do is to simply install i bracket on the wall, and hang your hose on it.

A little bit of time with hubbie and his drill and the holes were made. The hole was rough where the holes had been drilled. We carefully removed the duct tape and smoothed the hole with some emery paper.

A metal file would work too. We had to reinforce the side hole, so that it would not rip my hose apart. A trip to a local car and motorcycle salvage yard was just the thing to save money. My husband knows the owner so it did not cost us anything. It is amazing how resourceful my husband can be at times! Some plastic gas tubing from the fuel line of a motorcycle did the trick nicely. It needed a cut with a razor blade all along the length of the fuel line. The fuel line tubing fit over the hole, and some glue keeps it in place quite nicely.

The plastic protect my hose from the sharp edges in the back and looks good too. All that was left to be done now was to remove the old hose holder from the wall, position my galavanized tub and snake my Flexogen Garden hose through the hole and wind the hose into the tub.

It fits perfectly, and the positioning of the tub allows the side of the house to support the lid of the tub open while I water. The opening is quite large and this makes it easy for the hose to be curled up each time when it is not being used.

Over time, the galvanized tub will weather with a nice patina. It adds a lovely decorative accent to my front garden bed and gives our modest house some much needed curb appeal. How do you store your hose? Do you hide it, display it, or leave it like a snake on your lawn? I have done all three, and I love my hidden hose the most!

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I just love the part where you used the fuel line to cover the edges of the hose hole. It's so creative, and it just looks great that way! Caddy reels are ideal for gardens that go round the house with spots that are hard to reach with regular sprinklers. If you find yourself in a situation where you need a reel with wheels to transport your hose about, worry no more, look into this guide on how to assemble a garden hose candy reel with wheels.

Transforming your garden into a beautiful place is not far-fetched with this high end looking hose reel. With just an inexpensive hose post fastened to the ground, spray paint and a couple of hardware and you will be on your way to an amazing looking hose. According to family-handyman, beginners will have no trouble bringing this thoughtful hose reel idea to life. If you prefer this DIY guide, you will have to set your work table in an open space outside because you will do a lot of sanding and spray painting.

However practical it might seem, be ready to spend a little on supplies. However, if you consider the cost of the fancy ready-made hose reel, an easy DIY hose reel like this is a cost-effective option,.

Most gardeners attest to the fact that acquiring a good garden hose reel is a step in the right direction towards a well-watered garden. No matter how big or small your garden is, a hose reel for is an essential equipment you need Do It Yourself Garden Hose Holder Do to have. Unarguably one of the best designs in this DIY series, this garden hose reel also features a lamp holder at the top. There are a thousand and one ideas your design artistry can come to life using this guide as a base.

Just as we discussed earlier about a reel with flowers on top of the hose reel, in this case, we have a lantern holder on top. Follow this DIY garden hose reel to curb great appeal to your home and garden. For a more refined look, rather than taking the lazy approach by simply screwing the hose reel to the post, make some personal designs that ensure the hose reel gets noticed a mile away. This DIY might not be the easiest there is. You will need a little bit of woodworking knowledge to pull it off.

We are aware wall-mounted garden hose reel are the most popular type seen in gardens and patios but their simplicity can be taken advantaged of to create eye-catching designs that are functional and practical. These types are easy to install and construct. Check out the hose reel fitted with reindeer horns for more design ideas. The old tub can be used as a storage, which keeps the hose protected for a long time. By drilling a hole behind the washtub, one can take the long hose out in a much efficient manner.

You will be able to take out the hose from the rear side, and use it in whichever style you want to use it. In case there is a lack of space in your house, opt for this idea. All you need to do is to simply install the bracket on the wall, and hang your hose on it. This DIY hose hanger will not only look extremely neat and clean but will also turn out to be modern and chic. If you have chosen a wooden holder, you can color them in whichever manner you want. For those having budget constraints, the fire pit is the most fantastic idea to opt for.

This do-it-yourself plan will take merely an hour. In the end, you will end up with an extremely good looking and convenient way to keep your hose in one place. All you need to do is to take a big sized wheel made of tube and cut it half from upside down. Along the tube, place the hose and keep it there for as long as you want. To add some flavor to it, you can color it peculiarly. Your hose holder made by yourself should be easy to make and have pleasant results. For that matter, opt for those material items which you can work with, efficiently.

This means that if you are new in the DIY creativity, choose wood over metal as the primary material. This is because wood is easier to work with, you can mold it in whichever manner you want the hose holder to look like. Choosing wood as the primary ingredient of your do-it-yourself project, you will be able to paint it easily. Placing a quirky hose holder in the garden would make the garden appear pleasant. In case you are still confused about how to create your DIY hose holder , do not worry.

This space will let you know about the kind of items you need for this project. All the steps are well aware of the way you need to go about it. Following this project will offer you an easy and convenient way to Do It Yourself Indoor Vegetable Garden Ltd create your hose holder and place it in the garden. You will be able to have most of these items without any kind of annoyance or vexation. Take the wooden post and cut it in half. As the original post is 8 feet long, cutting it in half will leave it in two pieces, with each having a length of 4 feet.

Keep the wooden post straight and brace it. This will keep it stationary at one place, without causing the nuisance of it moving while you are working.

You need to attach the stacked wooden pieces using the glue. However, make sure to go ahead with the next step only when this glue is dried up well. Now you need to drill a hole right in the middle of the stacked wooden pieces. Place the screw in this hole using your right hand. The face of the wood that needs to be kept in front of the viewer is what you need to decide now.

On the backside of it, attach the mount and adjust it on the wall. Use your pencil to mark a position on the wood to ensure that the screws are placed in the right places. Now comes the most exciting part: painting. Take the spray paint, preferably rust in color, and paint the entire item with it. Attach the newly made garden hose holder on it tightly. Wrap the hose around the newly made hose holder.

Make sure that the paint of the hose holder has dried up completely before you put the hose around it. There are many ways to hide the garden hose, but the most convenient one is sure to create a DIY hose box.

As you will be able to close the box quickly, the hose will not be visible, and no one will be able to see it.

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