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Then I added a twisted wire to the previously drilled holes for a hanger. Your lt exterior paint does more than keep the place looking pretty. Close Privacy Do it yourself garden signs english This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. This article contains incorrect information. You can DIY this planter that doubles as a bird bath in just a couple of hours.

There are some wonderful ways to upcycle tin cans and their lids! Tutorial: creativegreenliving. Fuse beads are a fun craft and you can use that craft to make your own fuse bead plant markers for the garden.

This is a wonderful project for the kids to help you with. They will have a blast creating garden markers and you will have all of the markers that you need without spending a small fortune.

You can get fuse beads at any hobby or craft store, or Walmart has them pretty cheap. Tutorial: falling-apples. If you tend to buy frozen orange juice — or any other type of frozen juice for that matter — you can turn the lids into the most gorgeous plant markers with a little bling.

You will need one end for each marker and then some random jewelry making supplies. These are gorgeous in herb or flower gardens. Tutorial: inmyownstyle.

These little wooden garden markers are made from an old upcycled door trim, although you could use just about any old wood that you have laying around. If you have boards left over from other projects or old cabinets or doors that you are looking to put to good use again, you can use those, as well. I love how rustic this looks and how easy it is to create these gorgeous wooden plant markers. Tutorial: michelemademe. I really love this idea of using old silver spoons to create custom plant markers.

Once you have enough spoons on hand, you just create your markers with paint or by using Mod Podge and old magazines and stick them right into the ground or in your pots.

Tutorial: themagiconions. If you have boys then you probably have an entire bag of marbles. My boys loved marbles when they were younger, so I always had several on hand. Tutorial: woojr. You can buy these adorable little rock garden markers at any store that sells garden supplies, but they are not cheap.

Plus, you never know if they have the actual plant marker that you need. An easier way is to just make them yourself. This is so simple and it saves you a bundle over buying those rock markers already done. You can make some amazing things with DIY rock and pebble crafts.

Tutorial: lubirdbaby. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this project of painting wooden blocks to turn them into the most adorable garden markers. These are super easy and are such a fun project to do with the kids. Tutorial: notjustahousewife. You can get a bag or a box of plastic knives for about a dollar at the Dollar Store and have plenty to create a marker for all of your veggies or herbs.

Tutorial: aptgarden. You can make the most adorable plant markers for your garden out of old plastic spoons. This is a great idea for post party cleanup. Just wash those used plastic spoons and recycle them into garden markers. Plus, kids are going to love helping with this one and it is a really simple and really inexpensive project.

Tutorial: pinandpaper. Do you have cats? Or dogs? If you do then you likely have had to replace at least one mini blind in your home. Cats and dogs love digging at the blinds to get to the window, tearing them up in the process.

Instead of throwing out that mini blind, turn those broken pieces into plant markers for your garden. This is super easy and gives you a wonderful way to upcycle those broken mini blinds that you would otherwise just throw out. Tutorial: instructables. If you have an old Scrabble game that is missing some of its tiles, you can use those remaining ones to create the most adorable garden markers for your plants.

There are some wonderful ways to upcycle old board games and this is one of them. This is a wonderful way to repurpose old board games. Tutorial: 5dollardinners. You can go out into the yard and gather up some twigs and sticks to get the job done. This is a wonderful project and it just shows you that there are some wonderful stick and twig projects. You will need pruners to pull some of the bark off of your sticks and then the rest is really easy. Tutorial: homeroad. I love finding new uses for old things.

Take this upcycled glass bottle plant marker idea. This is so easy and it is a wonderful way to use up those old wine bottles or any other glass bottle that you may have on hand. There are so many wonderful ways to upcycle glass bottles! I love how simple this is and it really gives a unique look to your herb or vegetable garden.

Tutorial: dailypea. You will need something for the actual marking, like scrap boards and they hang from the hangers. This is such a creative idea and really looks gorgeous. You could use these in your herb or veggie garden or use them to mark the flowers in your flower garden so that you know which ones are perennials and which ones are annuals. You can find so many amazing ways to repurpose old hangers! Tutorial: atthepicketfence. I love the idea of using wooden spoons as plant markers.

Not only is this a really easy…not to mention really cheap…method of marking your plants, the wooden spoons have such a nice rustic look to them. How to Weatherproof Outdoor Wooden Signs. Written by Doityourself Staff.

To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. Rebecca Hollada. What You'll Need. Wood putty.

Putty knife. Water-repellent preservative. Wood sealer. Plastic edge caps. What is Particle Board? How to Paint a Rain Gutter. Related Posts Moved: questions for outdoor electrical box. Read More. Sealing an outdoor box. I recently installed some weatherproof outdoor outlets and a junction box. How best to weatherproof vintage outdoor plywood sign? I picked up a really cool outdoor vintage hand painted plywood sign 2' X Weatherproof clamp connectors?

For outdoor weatherproof boxes - Do they make a weather proof equivalent fo Related Posts How best to weatherproof vintage outdoor plywood sign? Re-wiring outdoor sign. I will be re-wiring a lighted outdoor sign soon. The sign is essentially For channel nuts in unistrut for exterior applications that see snow, rain Wondering about best products for painting a treated plywood porch step.

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