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Nov 26,  · When you measure your ceiling, be sure to measure the wood board width, as well as the wood board depth (the depth will be your spacer!between the boards you install). Then divide your space that you want to add boards to and you will get the number of boards you will need to purchase. Use a stud finder on the ceiling to locate ceiling joists. Mark on ceiling the positions where the beam is to be fixed using chalk lines. Use can also use painter’s tape strips. Step 3- Fixing the Blocks in Ceiling: Fix the 2x4 wood block on the line marks made on the ceiling, about 4 feet apart. Use a power drill and masonry drill bit to drill into ceiling. Oct 16,  · Reclaimed wood is super popular now (especially in our area thanks a lot Fixer Upper) thus it is in high demand and very expensive. So a few weeks ago, Adam and I were sitting around talking about what our next project was going to be, and we decided to forget old barn wood and just do the ceiling with new stuff.

With completely pre-finished wood ceiling planks, there was no need to sand, stain or seal – it is truly an out-of-the box solution. Compare that to the multiple priming, sanding and varnishing steps for a raw wood ceiling, or to the many priming and painting steps required for a drywall ceiling. Once the MDF planks are up, the project is done. Installing the coffered ceiling kit yourself will require at least 2 people and a reasonable knowledge of carpentry. With a custom ceiling, you should hire a professional to do the work to ensure that everything turns out properly. After all, when spending the money on a coffered ceiling for the home, you want it to look as good as possible. Adding a wood ceiling to a room can add a touch of warmth and old-world charm to your home. Wood is a great choice because it’s reasonably priced and comes in many varieties. Here are a few tips to help you choose your wood ceiling. Reasons to Reconsider. Wood may sound like a great idea, but what if your home stays more humid than most?

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