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Popular Articles. In our case we made 5 for the entry and 3 for the bathroom. Wlod is possible to place 9 plates on a inch long rack. It will take only a few hours to make a wooden plate rack, if you have the right tools and materials. Read More. You should take into consideration your time and experience constraints.

Safety gloves. Wooden dowels. Piece of wood. Drill press. Band saw with a band saw table, along with fence and clamps.

Wooden Pull Toy. How to Repair a Broken Leaf Rake. Building a Table - Assembly. Tapping on a Drill Press. Related Posts Crown molding jig. Read More. Remove Broken Dowel. Best way to remove broken dowel from chair. The dowel is sheared off. Expansion Vessel change on Worcester 28 i junior. How to use a depth stop with a Forstner drill bit. Cutting a Straight line with a Jig Saw.

I put in a new 10 tpi blade, Consistent diameter wooden dowel rods. Does anyone knows where I might find a very consistent diameter and roundne This simple DIY wooden poster hanger might be the perfect solution for you. Head over to The Crafted Blog to find out exactly how to make your own.

Make your way over to By Brittany Goldwyn to find out where to buy the materials and how to stain correctly. Give your space a decorative boost with these super unique DIY wooden tea light holders. Wooden dowels are layered on top of one another to create a textural base for the block-shaped tea light holder. Head over to Curbly to find out how to make your own set of these candle holders. Give your table some serious pizzazz with this colorful wooden test tube vase.

Fill up an empty wall with this classy shelf made out of leather straps and a piece of raw wood. Head over to Burkatron to find out how to create your own wooden shelf. Make your own handy desk organizer to keep track of notes, writing utensils and electronics. Just grab some wood and paint and head over to BobVila. And you can customize the size and colors to fit your space. Do your kids love to create artwork for you, but you struggle to find space to display it? This adorable clothespin display board is the perfect way to show off their drawings and paintings.

Make your way over to Historias De Casa to find out how to make one yourself. Head over to your local craft store to buy some wood beads and gold chain to get started. Check out the instructions and more photos over at Moms and Crafters. Show off all of your pretty Instagram photos by printing and displaying them with a few of these chic wood and wire displays.

Just twist the wire around in a spiral to clip the photo in place. Head over to The Blondielocks to find out exactly how to make one. Dress up a set of plain wooden blocks with a variety of adhesive contact paper with different patterns. Are you in need of a place to keep your wine bottles organized? This might be just the project for you. This floor mirror is mounted right to a large piece of plywood, and small shelves are added to one side to create a handy spot to stash accessories and perfume.

The result is a simple, classy organizer that will add some style to your bedroom. Check out the tutorial here. Store all of your rings or earrings, too on this gorgeous birch wood ring holder. Head over to Dwell Beautiful to find out how to make your own. Make your way over to The Merry Thought to find out how to make a wood notepad of your very own. Head over to Sustain My Craft Habit to find out how to make one of these racks yourself.

This lovely, rustic triangular shelf makes for a unique wall decoration, and looks even better as a set of two or three. Make your way over to Well Made Heart to find out how to make this piece. Check out the full tutorial over at The Merry Thought. Thanks for featuring my hexagon shelf! I LOVE wood projects and want to make all of these! What a great list of inspiration. Your email address will not be published.

Check out these beautiful projects and get a lot more ideas for your DIY project. Sign up. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Find more ideas. Once the glue has cured, twist the toggle onto the end of the bolt connected to the wooden dowel hook.

Push the toggle and bolt through your pre-drilled wall hole and wait until you hear the click of the toggle spring opening in the wall. This is also important because the toggle will grip the inside of the wall and make it sturdy. Start twisting the dowel to tighten the toggle and be sure to give it some tension. It should start to tighten as you twist the dowel. Head on over to my instagram to watch the step-by-step process in my highlights. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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