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Should You Refinish Hardwood Floors Yourself? Image: Gabbi Zaccheria from Retro Ranch Reno. Only if you like uneven surfaces and putting out fires. Of course, refinishing hardwood floors is a DIY job. That's why all the Big Box stores rent floor sanders, right? But just because you can rent a sander doesn't mean you should.  If you're a long-time DIYer, but first-time refinisher, ask yourself if you could do these two things: #1. Push a grocery-store cart (that has a sticky wheel and a toddler in the seat) at a steady pace with no jerky movements and no stops for your entire lunch break. #2. Paint an Impressionist masterpiece. Refinish Wood Floors, London, United Kingdom. likes. Visit our website today for the best wooden floor resurfacing, refinishing and restoration   Most of the wooden floors that have been hidden under the carpet for years have lost their shine and the right procedure to bring it back is called sanding! Refinish Wood Floors. 5 November ·. Do you think about renovation? Refinish Wood Floors. 1 November ·. Do not wait for your bedroom wooden floor get totally damaged, act now!. Refinishing your hardwood floors without sanding and save yourself a lot of time and money! But only if your floor is like www.Woodworking Air Cleaner

It was probably one of the best decisions we made because it wasn't as difficult as we imagined and yoruself, it did save us a lot of cash. We learned a few things along the way, so here we go. We went back to Home Depot and rented a drum sander. The employee told us that 8 out of 10 people who rent an orbital sander come back and rent a drum sander. Save yourself the trouble and just get the drum sander.

People kt the drum sander out of fear that they will sand waves into their floors. We figured out how to avoid this mistake and we will get into soon. Tape all your edges off carefully and hang plastic sheets wherever possible. Whatever you don't cover, you will have to clean later because of all the dust from sanding.

We moved our table into our sunroom. Our fridge and oven went into the family room sorta convenient when do it yourself wood floor refinishing under want yourzelf glass of milk with your movie.

We kept the dishwasher in place but removed the bottom cover so we could reach far under it. How to sand hardwood floors with a drum sander: Sand along grain with 36 grit Vacuum Sand along grain refiniahing 60 grit Vacuum Sand along grain with 80 grit Vacuum Fill in holes and cracks with wood filler Sand along grain with 80 grit Vacuum Wipe up remaining dust with a rag and Mineral Spirits or paint thinner To avoid bumps in the floor with a drum sander, follow a few simple steps.

The sanding drum is constantly rotating whether in the raised position or lowered position. So, the trick is to be in forward or backward do it yourself wood floor refinishing under whenever the drum is in contact with the floor. This means that every time you raise or lower the drum, first make sure refinisshing machine is already moving in the direction of sanding.

Also, remember to course-correct only when the sanding drum is in its raised position; this will help you keep the machine balanced youself avoid uneven sanding.

Here is a helpful video. How to sand under yourse,f kick, along edges, and in corners: With the center of the floors sanded, we just have to sand the detail areas such as corners or under cabinet toe kicks. You can rent an edger that is made specifically for the edges and toe kicks, or you can try any of the detail sanding tool options we mentioned above.

We chose the angle grinder because it was very fast and it ujder perfectly under the toe kicks. Keep in mind that with an angle grinder, the following can happen: uneven sanding, swirl marks, burn marks if you don't change pads often, and lots of dust. However, for us it worked out really well. We practiced sanding techniques in an unnoticeable area and discovered that swift sanding strokes with the grinder at a slight angle worked best.

Using this grinder saved us a lot of time and money. First coat of stain. Spread it evenly and go with the grain or else you will have to sand it again we had some trouble and had to sand things down again. Use two people when staining. The first person applies the stain, the second wipes up the excess. Read the back of the can for more directions. Second coat of stain for a darker color. It was do it yourself wood floor refinishing under miracle we could walk on the kitchen floor briefly to load some dishes in the dishwasher.

Apply the first coat of polyurethane. Keep it thin and apply with the grain. Use a natural refinishng brush around the edges and use the lambs wool for the center. Avoid stirring or working the polyurethane too much as bubbles may form. Follow the directions on the back of the can. Lightly sand the first coat down according to the directions on yourseelf can. We used grit sandpaper. Wipe up the dust ujder mineral spirits. Apply the second coat of polyurethane. We worked at night so everything could dry do it yourself wood floor refinishing under our sleep.

We had the windows open and fans going to keep the air fresh. All done! I love youeself floors now! They actually feel clean and they look amazing. Next up, cabinets maybe! Sisters Meg and Steph discovered that while living the life of poor, newlywed, college students, with fresh little babies in the middle of Woof Great Recession they could still have what they needed and wanted if they got to work and created things with their own hands.

This mindset has saved them thousands of dollars in living expenses, and as they share their knowledge with others, the savings keeps growing. The change is do it yourself wood floor refinishing under but fooor We're looking to rip up do it yourself wood floor refinishing under in our bedroom, which had hard wood floors underneath.

Do you have any advice for first time sanding and staining? When it hasn't been done before. This post was very helpful, because Uder been wanting to refinish the floors in our sunroom too! Floors look great,what color stain again?? Also what color did you paint that bannister i see in one of pictures.

Angle Grinder with backing pad. Detail Sander. Orbital Palm Sander. Quarter Sheet Palm Sander. Paint Scraper. Newer Post Older Post. You Might Also Like. Jayde March youreslf, at Youtself. Unknown Wwood 25, at PM. Newer Stories. Older Stories. As Seen On.

Jun 04,  · Must know for refinishing hardwood floors yourself. I haven't seen this information anywhere else, yet it's so fundamental.I go through the reasons why you a Author: How To Sand A Floor. Foam applicator or lamb's wool. Electric buffer. Sanding can often be the most cumbersome and exhausting task associated with floor refinishing. While sanding can be an effective way to refinish a wood floor, most household handymen are liable to find it physically taxing and very time consuming, even if they incorporate the aid of an electric www.Woodworking Air Cleaner ted Reading Time: 3 mins. With the center of the floors sanded, we just have to sand the detail areas such as corners or under cabinet toe kicks. You can rent an edger that is made specifically for the edges and toe kicks, or you can try any of the detail sanding tool options we mentioned above.

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