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General Double Extension Drawer Slides Query Resources. Veneer Equip. Repeat for both sides. On the very first try, you can have perfect sliding drawers - without all the hassles and head scratching. The ball bearing slide is a telescopic precision full extension slide with cushioned in and out stops and positive hold-in detent. The Hettich KA ball bearing 12" drawer slides are a telescopic precision Everbilt Full Extension Undermount Drawer Slides Version full extension drawer slide with cushioned in and out stops and positive hold-in detent. The center member has a channel to allow clearance for a pan head screw to be used to attach the cabinet member to the cabinet.

I'd go with the over extension slides. I'd make a mockup of the double drawer slide with the wood blocks to see if it works and how cheesy it Ferrari Full Extension Undermount Drawer Slides Soft Close Model looks first, though. I'd be willing to bet that trying to make something will cost more than the Chambelan slides, but the research will help out future ideas, perhaps. Overtravel Slides & Runners For exclusive discounts on overtravel drawer slides from top brands, rely on the experts at WWHardware. Our Everbilt Full Extension Drawer Slides List overextension drawer slides are an ideal choice for applications requiring the most access to storage space (e.g., file cabinets, kitchen cabinet, and more). Full extension drawer slides can be used for a variety of applications. Kitchen cabinets, dresser drawers, and even some industrial appliances use drawer slides. Whether for home or commercial use, the right type of drawer slide can make a big difference. OVIS has a great selection to find the perfect drawer slide for your application.

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