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Just scanning I missed so much detail. And jig or not. If it helps, my router table is built into the wing of my table saw. Well they must have dowel holes with router network so, but holess became obvious that was not the case. Nice jig setup, and very impressive results! LeoP43 3 years ago. Great idea, but what type router bit did you use.

What a disappointment! Maybe it was me, and maybe it was the jig. It just never worked for me the way I thought it should. The holes in the rails just would never match up with the holes in the stilcs. They'd be a bit too far jpart or too close together. And jig or not. Twenty years later, I'm using a plunge router with my shop-made doweling jig with far better results.

Alter a bit of setup, 1 can knock out whole sets of dowel-jointed face frames, with all the holes aligned, square, and perfectly and consistently positioned. The trick is a template that has several holes bored in it.

The workpieces are clamped beneath the template. You use a plunge router fitted with a guide bushing to bore the dowel holes. They both should line up exactly every time as long as they are drilled properly. Press to mark the center positions of the holes in the end panel. There are a few jigs out there that might work — the Dow'l Simp'l jig, Woodpecker's MT Doweling jig, or you could make a homemade jig. Personally, I use pocket screws or a dado and rabbet setup.

A biscuit joiner, Festool's Domino or a horizontal mortiser could also be used for greater accuracy. It works just as good or better and your panels line up real good. Hood Cabinetry. Also you might try pocket hole screws. That would be my most earnest suggestion after 40 years in the business.

Much easier to use and align. This will perfectly line up the vertical. Then adjust the horizontal depending on the thickness of the bulkhead.

The drill forcing the hole from one size to the other? Router bit does the cutting in a router table, which the block is clamped over.

Table saw is just to dimension the dowel blanks. This system allows the woodworker to use the wood stock that matches the rest of the project. An aside, there is a tool company that allows a woodworker to make threads on dowels in the same manner. This is well taught, Thank you. I felt the same because the video hadn't loaded when I scrolled past..

Introduction: Make Accurate Dowels. More by the author:. About: Hobbyist woodworker, working out of a 2 car garage. Lots of tutorials posted on youtube. More About TheWoodKnight ». You will need Wood - hardwood, softwood, heck even plywood will do if you laminate.

The router bit needs to be raised up to the height of the outfeed hole. Don't force it through, you'll feel it go through or not if you've made mistakes. On the other side should be your accurate sized dowel! Participated in the Epilog Challenge 9 View Contest.

Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Incredible Wooden Spirals by rschoenm in Woodworking. Telescope Setting Circles by instgct in Science. Reply Upvote. TheWoodKnight seamster Reply 3 years ago. If it helps, my router table is built into the wing of my table saw ;. PaulR 3 years ago. Leonardned 3 years ago. TheWoodKnight Leonardned Reply 3 years ago.

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