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NEVER press fit a dowel pin into a blind hole, because you can't pull them out, you need to knock it out. Log In. Keep up to metrci get email updates Stay tuned for the latest conpany news. When you have one voltage 5V from a USB connection for instanceand you need to power dowel pin hole tolerance chart metric component at a lesser voltage 3. Dowel pins are useful for locating a part into a repeatable, fixed position. Should these design guideline be inadequate, reference piin charts given within the Hole - Shaft tolerance pages.

They are often used to align parts that need to be more precise than simply lining up screws, as screw holes generally are used for fastening, and not precise alignment. However, pinned joints are not as precise as kinematic couplings, which are used for more precision and repeatability in the optics field and other high tolerance applications. Pinned joints usually consist on a press fit side and a slip fit side. The holes for the press fit side are circular, and the holes for the slip fit side are usually a circular hole paired with a slotted hole.

The reason for the slotted hole, as opposed to a similarly sized circular hole, is to account for the concentricity tolerance. While the slip fit tolerance allows for the size of the dowel pin, the slot allows for misalignment.

This can also be done with a diamond shaped pin if two circular holes are preferred. Again, the diamond shape simply allows for misalignment of the second pin. A chart below is provided for metric dowel pin sizes. Standard dowel pin sizes coming soon! After the mating components are assembled the first time, one should note assembly orientation for repeat assembly of mating dowel pins.

It is optimal to design for one configuration assembly fool - proof. See bottom of page for application illustrations. Dowel Pin "D" Diameter. Slip Fit Hole Design. Membership Register Login. Copyright Notice. Dowel Pin - are stainless steel , , etc.. Application - These fits are for location or alignment applications between two components.

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