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For more on central dust collection, see WOOD magazine, Issue 43, June , ppg. Air and wood particles moving through the dust collection system quickly build up static electricity charges in any nonconductive hose or piping (hose or piping not made of metal). Meet The Dust Right 4" Dust Collection System. The versatile Dust Right 4" Dust Collection System makes it easy to connect dust collection to every machine in your shop and makes cleanup a breeze. The 4" quick change handle is the centerpiece of the system. One end connects to any 4" dust hose and the other end connects to 4" Dust Right. Even if you can't develop an intricate dust collection system like this, there are many simple ways to improve your dust collector's output. Whether it’s a broom and dustpan or a state-of-the-art central collection system, every woodworker I know has some kind of strategy for dealing with wood .

Sawdust (or wood shavings) is a by-product or waste product of woodworking operations such as sawing, sanding, milling, planing, and www.Small Woodworking Shop Storage Ideas is composed of small chippings of wood. These operations can be performed by woodworking machinery, portable power tools or by use of hand tools. Next, find the diameter for your system’s main and branch ducts. The speed of air movement through a dust-collection system is critical. For systems carrying woodshop dust and chips, engineers recommend minimum air velocity of 4, FPM in Woodworking Dust Collection Systems Canada 5th branch lines (that’s about a 45 mph breeze) and 3, FPM in the main www.Small Woodworking Shop Storage Ideas speed of the air moving in the system may exceed these figures, but. Aug 15,  · A mini-cyclone Yet another “trash can” Woodworking Dust Collection System Design 10 pre-separator, this pre-separator is quite different from the drop box shown on page Instead of using an internal baffle to “knock down” heavy chips, this pre-separator uses a combination of PVC pipe and fittings and a round trash can to create sort of a .

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