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Compresses To. Smith likes this. That's a fair bit of kit, and lots of ways to solve this. Maximum Pressure. Metal interlocked strips create a rigid, durable hose that stays strong under high temperatures.

If the dust producing machine has no extraction port, this adaptor can be attached using the four screw holes in the flange, allowing a suitable hose to be connected to Festool Dust Hose Adapter 4k it. The adaptor can also be used to connect directly to a " diameter extraction system and . I was looking at 3" and 4" hoses when this one poped up. I read over the spec's and missed that the hose measures /4 in. OD and 1 in. ID. It is flexable and will work but all of my adapters are needed as well as Dust Extraction Hose Adapter Ios the ones that came with the kit. My recommendation is go for it if you want a small dust Dust Deputy Hose Adapter 10 collector hose/5(12). Jul 01,  · The rather basic mitre saw hood has two hoses that T into one - the machine's outlet is connected plus an open ended hose that's cable tied to the machine just in front of the blade to catch more dust - it works but like all mitre saw dust collection isn't brilliant - btu at least a lot of the dust is contained within the box and can be.

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