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Designing Your Dust Collection System There are five simple steps to designing an effective and efficient dust collection system. 1. Draw a floor plan of your shop 2. Determine Duct Velocity (FPM) 3. Determine Diameter and CFM of each Branch 4. Determine Diameter and CFM of Main Duct 5. Figure System Resistance (SP - Static Pressure)File Size: KB. Designing Your Dust Collection System. There are two phases to designing your dust collection system: The first phase is sizing your duct work for adequate volume and velocity of flow for the type of dust you will be creating; and the second phase is computing the static pressure (SP) of your system to determine the size and power of your dust collection www.Woodwork Project For 8 Year on: Yellow Pine St. NW, Minneapolis, , MN. May 27,  · System Design Variables For a dust collection system to function ade-quately engineers must design and operate the system to maintain the (4) key design parameters of CFM, FPM, Vacuum Pressure and Air to Cloth Ratio (or A/C). Changes to any of these key sys-tem parameters will result in systemwide perform-ance www.Woodwork Project For 8 Year Size: 1MB.

Oct 28,  · Mini Cyclone Dust Collector This is the Dust Deputy, much more affordable than my Clear Vue. I’ve used both and there isn’t any real difference in quality. Start with a Shop Vac. For years, the heart of my dust collection has been this large, 16 gallon shop vac. If you do nothing else about dust collection, I recommend at least using a shop. How to Design A Dust. Collection System. Clamp together ducting. Easy & fast to install, just clamp together, no rivets, screws or welding needed. Adaptable to your existing ductwork. Local dealer support. Leak-tight laser welded seams, instead of lock-form or spiral duct - which badly leaksFile Size: KB. Dust removal systems, which are working with a geometrically simple slot in a vacuum tube are very inefficient as soon as higher web speeds are reached. This small vacuum force cannot break the boundary layer. Only an aerodynamic nozzle, which is mounted closely above a backup roll to the substrate surface can generate a forceful enough Dust Removal System Design Keys high.

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