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Many of these easy DIY woodwork projects aren’t just decorative; they can be really functional, too. So go ahead and get your woodworking tools ready, and start taking each easy wood project for beginners at a time. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to build or make woodworking projects that you can share with others. Many woodworkers also sell a piece of furniture or product for a good price. 32 Easy DIY Wood Planters. Each of these DIY pallet and wood planter boxes are easy to make and can be completed in one weekend. Just ground up some old wood or pallets you have lying around and soon you’ll be a do-it-yourself expert! This list of DIY planters has projects for outdoor spaces of every shape and size. If you have a tiny yard or small stoop, try one of the hanging or mounted planter projects to save on space. For a larger yard or deck, check out the planters that can hold an entire garden’s worth of vegetables or flowers. Whether you want a planter that is rustic, chic, or sunny. It was really easy to make, and super cheap also. The concrete stepping stones were only 99 cents each. Then I used two 2″ x 2″ x 8′ pieces of wood, and those were under $2 each. I had the screws and scrap wood on hand to make the bottom inside support (where the plant sits) for the planter, so the only other thing I had to purchase was the concrete adhesive, which was just over $7 for a tube. So the supplies I purchased to make two planters came to just around $ Can’t beat that!  (I just kept my plant in the plastic pot that it came in and set it inside the planter. If you actually want to fill this with dirt and plant the plant directly in the planter, you’ll need to line it with landscape cloth first.).

Both the front and back yard in our new house need a lot eaasy work. In order to work with what we have, I decided to build a sweet little DIY wood planter box for both the backyard and front steps.

I picked up all my supplies at my local Home Depot. You'll need some two 1 x 6 boards and one 2 x 3 board to make this 16 inch planter box. I had to go during the week sans hubby, so trying to find the correct wood and check that they weren't warped - all the time trying to keep my toddler happy - was a bit of a challenge. Luckily, the folks that work at the Home Depot are super awesome and helpful! Plus, you can make them in half an hour, which is great, if, like me, you have to get gmh your work done during naptime!

Take 3 of the 1x6 boards and line them up along one of the 2 x 3's. Nail into place. Then attach another 2 x 3 to the end and wodo, nail into place:. I used pennies to space out the boards but it's up to your whether you want a tight fit or a little gap.

Then apply a stain of your choice or keep easy diy wood planter gmbh natural and seal with a Spar Varnish which will di weather resistance. You'll notice there's no bottom to this planter - it's more like a sleeve. By all means, flip it over and add one! Personally, I like to just pop pots easy diy wood planter gmbh there and since no one will see the bottom, it works just fine!

The stain is the color Provincial. It's a perfect warm brown, and the same color we used on our hardwood floors! The easy diy wood planter gmbh box adds easy diy wood planter gmbh perfect amount of rustic, farmhouse charm our front steps. Aren't the hydrangeas simply stunning, too? Of course my DIY wood planter box doesn't only look great on the front steps. I built a second one and created a little area for myself in the backyard.

This would be perfect if you had a patio or a deck, too! It's a great first DIY that adds some serious curb appeal! My goal is for you and your family to LOVE the home you live in. Table of Contents hide.

Apr 09,  · Wooden planters look the best for the garden or the terrace. They fit with the green atmosphere and make the garden even more beautiful. That is why you should start making some of these wooden planters. They are very easy to make and cheap too. You can make them out of old drawers, pallets or old wooden chair. Also it will be very awesome if. Step 1: Make 4 panels for each planter box. Start by gluing (use exterior wood glue)the plywood strips to the panels following the dimensions in planter box plans below. Use large Spring Metal Clamps to hold the strips in place until the glue dries. You can Easy Diy Wood Planter Us also weigh them on . Jan 15,  · By Easy Diy Woodworking Gifts Quickbooks the way, this DIY wood planter box was so easy to build that even if you’ve never cut a scrap of wood in your life, it will turn out great for you! Plus, you can make them in half an hour, which is great, if, like me, you have to get all your work done during naptime!

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