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Email me at. Thus, the set includes all the necessary tools for making your woodturning job perfect and easier. The relatively small radius of the Easy Finisher's cutter makes it hard to get perfectly smooth curves, I always end up with slight ridges and depressions. You can easily rely on this set if you are a woodturner. Back when the Easy Rougher was the only tool they had, Craig sent David one as a "thank you" for all his hard work. Pros Made from stainless steel Durable and lasts lifetime Beautiful lathe handle tool Comfortable grip and sharp edge.

Turns a Bowl Carbide Woodturning Tools Reviews Login With Easy Wood Tools Enjoy how easy it is to turn a bowl using our Easy Chuck and our turning tools, and have fun. Tracey Malady Turns Jerry Glaser Woodturning Tools Review a Bowl With Easy Wood Tools. Published: May 1, Easy Wood Tools. Beautiful, well-designed tools that truly do make woodturning easy. Highland Woodworking carries the full line of Easy Wood Tools except for the David Marks Limited Edition models. Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa carries the Ci1 Easy Rougher David Marks Limited Edition with the extra-long bubinga handle). Woodturning has always fascinated me. May 18,  · Large Rougher There is a whole group of Easy Wood Tools. The one I used for this review was the large roughing tool. It comes from the factory with a solid steel shaft and a substantial beautifully shaped and finished wooden handle.

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